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The Bottom Line

Provacan is one of the pioneers in the business. It is the brainchild of one of the leading names in the industry as well as the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, which is the epicenter of CBD research. It is also the daughter company of CiiTech, a business that has collaborated with Professor Raphael Mechoulam, the father of CBD research.
The company is committed to providing the highest quality products. It uses a full spectrum CBD formula that contains other beneficial phytocannabinoids. These ingredients help potentiate the beneficial effects of CBD. The unique formulas offered by Provacan are the result of years of their research.
They use the highest quality CO2 extraction method and use Phytovista, the UK’s leading 3rd party CBD testing provider. This way they provide unmatched transparency and ensure the highest quality.
The range of products marketed by Provacan is truly unmatched. I have several years of experience in this field and I have never seen any company offer such a huge range. They offer oils, edibles, gummies, e-liquids, capsules, isolates, and tons of topical options. All of this shows how well thought out their products are and they know what they are doing.
The prices of their products and price per mg CBD is quite reasonable and comparable to other CBD products in the market. They provide discounts and multiple bundle options, which makes buying more affordable. You will also get a discount when you buy in bulk.
Their customer support is unmatched. I got a reply when I asked a question. When buying through them I felt a personal connection and felt as if I am a part of a big family.

Pros: Cons:
  • The company uses the highest quality CO2 extraction process.
  • The range of products is truly unmatched.
  • The customer support is friendly and robust.
  • The prices are comparable to other brands and they offer discounts, bulk buying options, and bundle buying options.
  • They source their hemp from within Europe and acquire it in small batches to ensure quality.
  • This brand is the brainchild of leading names in the CBD industry including CiiTech, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and Professor Raphael Mechoulam.
  • They don’t supply outside the EU and UK.
  • The 3rd party test reports show the CBD concentrations in their products are somewhat less than advertised. The variance is between 8 and 15 percent.
  • The refund policy is quite strict.
  • The hemp source is not entirely clear. The website states their hemp comes from Europe but does not state the exact name or location of the providers
  • The 3rd party testing reports do not address the presence or absence of residues or contaminants.


Hemp Source
Hemp Source-European Union
CBD Extract Method
CBD Extract Method-CO2
Worldwide Shipping
Worldwide Shipping-United States
Money Back Guarantee
Money Back Guarantee-
Military Veteran Discount
Military Veteran Discount:
Price Range
Price Range-$8.99 - $149.99
Offers Tastes
Offers Tastes-
Price mg/CBD
Price mg/CBD:$0.02 - $1
CBD Strength
CBD Strength-
Other-10 - 50 mg |
Capsules-180 - 2880 mg |
Isolate-1000 - 5000 mg |
Creams & Topicals-50 - 900 mg |
Tinctures & Drops-300 - 2500 mg |
Vapes & Liquids-30 - 600 mg |
Gummies & Edibles-100 - 500 mg |
Extract Types
Extract Types-Full Spectrum
Consumption Method
Consumption Method-Tinctures & Drops, Creams & Topicals, Gummies & Edibles, Vapes & Liquids, Capsules, Isolate, Other
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Table of Contents

About the company

Provacan is perhaps the most distinguished CBD provider across Europe and the UK.

The company has a splendid history. Provacan is the brand of the CBD giant CiiTech. CiiTech is an Israel based CBD research and development, manufacturing, and distribution company. It is also the parent company to other CBD brands such as Huggs and Impact.

What sets Provacan and CiiTech apart from other CBD providers is its unique research collaborations with the biggest names in the industry. CiiTech has partnered with the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, which is the epicenter of CBD research.

More importantly, CiiTech has collaborated with Professor Raphael Mechoulam, who is considered the ‘father of CBD research’. Professor Mechoulam has more than 50 years of experience and more than 100 publications in the area of CBD research.

What stands out for Provacan is its transparency and level of detail you will find on their website. Going through the website, you will find all the information you could possibly need on the product pages and FAQs section. The product descriptions outline all important features such as product strength, constituents, mode of use, strength per dose, refund policy, and so on.

Their association with CiiTech and Professor Mechoulam is enough to prove the authentic, transparent, and robust nature of their products. Still, Provacan goes to extra lengths to prove its authenticity. It has received Cannabis Trades Association UK compliance certification as well as kosher certification.

They use hemp grown in Europe, which complies with European growth and quality standards. Also, they use the most efficient CO2 extraction method to extract their CBD oil.

The products are third party tested. However, when analyzing the third party testing reports, I noticed that the quantity of CBD mentioned in the product labs was higher than what was noted in third party analyses. However, the difference between the two was still less than 10 percent for most of the products. For instance, the 600 mg CBD oil’s actual CBD content as per the third party analysis report was only 560.70 mg, a difference of 8 percent.

They use a full spectrum CBD that contains a multitude of other ingredients besides CBD. These ingredients potentiate CBD’s health effects. This is called the entourage effect.

However, the company currently markets its products only in the EU, UK, and Ireland. It does not ship outside this region.

Manufacturing process

The key to getting the best CBD product depends on three factors:

  • Acquiring the highest quality hemp
  • Effective CBD extraction process (CO2 extraction)
  • Unbiased 3rd party lab testing

1. Provacan Sources its Hemp From European Growers

The hemp for the Provacan CBD is sourced in small batches and comes from Europe. It enables the company to control the quality of the product, unlike other vendors that source their hemp in bulk from other countries. Also, sourcing hemp from European growers means their hemp growth process has to comply with the European standards.

However, the website does not state the name of the provider.

2. Provacan Uses the CO2 Extraction Method

When it comes to CBD extraction from hemp, companies use two extraction methods:

  • Solvent based extraction method
  • CO2 extraction method

The CO2 extraction method is superior as it uses CO2 gas as the primary solvent. After the extraction has been performed from the hemp source, the CO2 escapes leaving behind a pure product without solvent residue.

Provacan uses the CO2 extraction method for obtaining its full spectrum CBD from the hemp plant. This means the CBD extract is pure, more potent, and free of any solvent residues or other impurities.

However, the website itself doesn’t mention the manufacturing process in detail.

3. 3rd-Party Testing Report for Provacan

I had to contact customer support to get the third party lab results. I received a response from customer support within 2 working days and they sent me the report.

The 3rd party testing was done by Phytovista laboratories, which is one of the UK’s leading CBD and hemp testing facilities.

Here is what I inferred from the report:

  • CBD Dose Was Lower Than Advertised

The concentration of CBD in the actual products was somewhat lower than advertised on the website.

For instance, for 600 mg CBD oil, the actual CBD dose, as per the analysis report, was 560.70 mg. The difference of quantity was 8 percent in this case, which is acceptable.

However, the dose was quite variable across the product range. For example, for 300 mg CBD oil, the report showed the actual CBD dose was 265.89. The difference here is 12 percent which exceeds the industry standard of 10%.

  • Residues Not Mentioned

The analysis did not mention anything about the general cleanliness of the product. It did not mention the presence or absence of any solvent residues, E. Coli, yeasts, etc.

  • THC Concentration Within Permissible Limits

Across the product range, the THC concentration was within permissible limits (less than 0.2 percent).

To sum up, Provacan acquires the highest quality hemp, uses the cutting edge CBD extraction processes, and each batch is cross checked by an independent 3rd party assessor to ensure the quality of their product.

Range of Products

1. Provacan Offer a Wide Variety of Products

I was pleasantly amazed to see such a vast variety of products. The products include oils, capsules, gummies, edibles, topics, isolates, and vaping liquids.

Also, these products are available in a wide range of concentrations ranging from low concentration CBD products to highly potent products.

2. Provacan Offers Products at Reduced Price in Bulk and Combination

What’s more interesting is that products are available in bulk and in different combinations as well. These bulk and combination products offer variety and can save you money as well.

More detail on it is in the next sections.

3. Products Use a Full Spectrum CBD Extract

What makes Provacan special is the fact that it uses a full spectrum CBD extract. In addition to CBD, the products contain other potent ingredients including CBDv (cannabidivarin), CBG (cannabigerol), CBDa (cannabidiolic Acid), etc.

Here are some potential health benefits of these phytocannabinoids.

Phytocannabinoid Health Benefits
CBDv (Cannabidivarin) (1) Beneficial in autism, ADHD, seizure disorders, inflammatory disorders, nausea, and has anti-oxidant potential
CBG (Cannabigerol) (2) Helpful in treating glaucoma, reduces inflammation in inflammatory bowel syndrome, inhibits the growth of colorectal cancer, reduces chemotherapy induced weight loss, has neuroprotective properties, and might help with involuntary bladder contraction
CBDa (Cannabidiolic Acid) (3) The potential benefits include anti-inflammatory properties, helps against nausea and vomiting, reduces pain, and can improve the levels of serotonin in the brain.

In addition to having positive health effects of their own, these ingredients potentiate the health benefits of CBD. This is called the entourage effect.

Here is an in-depth analysis of the range of Provacan products.

CBD Oils

CBD Amount Range
15 mg/ml - 20 mg/ml
Price Range
£24.99 - £129.99
Price Per Mg CBD
£0.05 - £0.08
THC Concentration
< 0.3%
CBD Per Serving
Time to Impact
Offers Tastes
Additional Information
Non-GMO, Kosher, Vegan, CO2
Extract Types
Full Spectrum
Overal Bottle Volume Range
From 10 ml

Provacan offers CBD oils with varying levels of potency. The CBD oils are available in a range from 300 mg, 600 mg, 1,200 mg and 2,400 mg,as well as in a 2,500 mg CBD paste.

Each bottle contains 10 ml liquid and has 200 drops in total. Recommended daily use is 1-2 drops twice a day. The instructions for using the oil are mentioned on each product bottle.

You may want to start with a lower dose of CBD oil and move up to a higher dose depending on the response.

Provacan uses the CO2 extraction method to get its full spectrum CBD oil.

The oils contain a wide variety of phytocannabinoids. These compounds represent a significant proportion of each Provacan product.

There are no available taste options. Oils are vegan and non-GMO.

Here is a table summarizing the details of different Provacan CBD oils.

Product Name Size (mL) Potency Price* Price CBD Per mg
Provacan CBD Oil 300 mg 10 mL 1.5 mg per drop $ 29.73 $ 0.099
Provacan CBD Oil 600 mg 10 mL 3 mg per drop $ 47.59 $ 0.079
Provacan CBD Oil 1,200 mg 10 mL 6 mg per drop $ 83.31 $ 0.069
Provacan CBD Oil 2,400 mg 10 mL 12 mg per drop $ 142.80 $ 0.60
Provacan CBD Paste 2,500 mg** 5 mL 100 mg per application $ 154.70 $ 0.061

*Pound to USD conversion as of 24/3/20

** 2500 mg CBD paste is 5 ml and each serving is 0.2 ml and contains a total of 25 servings. Recommended daily use is 1-2 applications per day.

What’s interesting about Provacan CBD oils is the extravagant content of other phytocannabinoids.

Here is a breakdown of different phytocannabinoids found in Provacan CBD oils.

300 mg CBD oil 600 mg CBD oil 1,200 mg CBD oil 2,400 mg CBD oil 2,500 mg paste
CBD 300 mg (3 %) 600mg (6 %) 1200mg (12 %) 2400mg (24 %) 2500mg (50.0 %)
CBDv (Cannabidivarin) 60mg (0.6 %) 120mg (1.2 %) 220mg (2.2 %) 484mg (4.8 %)
CBG (Cannabigerol) 10mg (0.1 %) 35mg (0.35 % 60mg (0.6 %) 77mg (0.7 %)
CBDa (Cannabidiolic Acid) <3mg (0.03 %) 9.7mg (0.1%) 18mg (0.18 %) 9mg (0.009 %)

CBD Capsules

You may want to consider capsules instead of oils or tinctures if you find it difficult to swallow oils or you don’t like their aftertaste. The capsules are easy to swallow and don’t leave an aftertaste.

Here is a breakdown based on the concentration and price.

Product Name Number of capsules Potency Price* Price CBD Per mg
Provacan 180 mg CBD capsules 30 6 mg/ capsule $ 23.76 $ 0.13
Provacan 720 mg CBD capsules 30 24 mg/ capsule $ 59.41 $ 0.083
Provacan 2,880 mg CBD capsules 30 96 mg/ capsule $ 178.26 $ 0.062

*Pound to USD conversion as of 24/3/20

CBD Edible Lozenges

Provacan offers a variety of CBD edible lozenges as well.

While other companies have come up with a variety of CBD edibles, Provacan has chosen lozenges as its preferred edible. The reason behind is quite clever.

The problem with other edibles is that they go into your gut and most of their active constituents are either destroyed by your gut enzymes or are never properly absorbed.

Lozenges, on the other hand, are different. The sublingual route is the best route for CBD absorption as the CBD gets into your bloodstream directly without having to go through the digestive tract.

Each pack costs $23.75 and $0.48/mg CBD.

CBD Gummies

Let’s face it. Most of CBD products leave a horrible aftertaste.

Provacan’s mixed fruit flavored gummies can solve this problem.

Here is the price analysis for this product.

Product Name Number of gummies Potency Price* Price CBD Per mg
Provacan 100 mg CBD gummies 10 10 mg/ gummy $ 15.44 $ 0.15
Provacan 500 mg CBD gummies 10 50 mg/ gummy $ 59.41 $ 0.12

*Pound to USD conversion as of 24/3/20

CBD e-Liquids

Provacan’s e-liquid range features 10 ml bottles of e-liquid. The available strengths are 30 mg, 300 mg, and 600 mg.

You will inhale 175 puffs per ml of the CBD liquid. Each bottle of Provacan CBD e-liquid contains 10 ml liquid. This equates to 1,750 puffs per bottle. For a 600 mg Provacan e-liquid bottle, this would provide 0.34 mg per puff. This is an approximate calculation. The exact dose is difficult to assess as it depends on the consumers choices. If you are using the liquid by itself you get the full dosage. If you are using the CBD liquid in combination with other liquids, you will receive a smaller quantity of CBD.

These e-liquids are vegan, nicotine free, and contain less than 0.05 percent THC.

The price analysis is as follows.

Product Name Size (mL) Potency Price* Price CBD Per mg
Provacan 30 mg CBD eliquid 10 0.017 mg/ puff $ 10.68 $ 0.36
Provacan 300 mg CBD eliquid 10 0.17 mg/ puff $ 29.70 $ 0.099
Provacan 600 mg CBD eliquid 10 0.34 mg/ puff $ 47.53 $ 0.079

*Pound to USD conversion as of 24/3/20

CBD Vapes

Provacan offers unique day and night time vapepods.

Each vapepod contains a vaping pen pre-loaded with a 0.5 ml CBD oil cartridge containing 250 mg of CBD oil infused with other terpenes.

The daytime vapepod includes terpenes like ocimene, beta-caryophyllene, and beta-pinene, among others. These ingredients are supposed to enhance focus and energy.

The nighttime vapepod includes ingredients like myrcene, linalool, and allo-ocimene. These ingredients are included to promote relaxation at night.

To use it, just insert the cartridge into the pen until you hear a magnetic click. Inhale one to two puffs at a given time.

The price is $ 59.41 and $ 0.23/ mg CBD.

CBD Isolate

Provacan CBD isolate is available in 1 gram and 5 gram sizes.

The price analysis is as follows.

Product Name Size (g) Potency Price* Price CBD Per mg
Provacan 1,000 mg isolate 1 1,000 mg/ gram $ 29.79 $ 0.030
Provacan 5,000 mg isolate 5 1,000 mg/ gram $ 106.95 $ 0.021

*Pound to USD conversion as of 24/3/20

CBD Topicals

Provacan also offers one of the largest varieties of CBD topicals.

Here is a detailed description of these products.

Product CBD concentration Intended Use Price *
Provacan CBD after sun gel (100 ml) 50 mg Meant to moisturize the skin and reduce UV-ray exposure when going out in the sun $ 30.89
Provacan CBD baby soft cream (100 ml) 100 mg Enriched with CBD, omega oils, and vitamin E. Meant to make the skin supple, smooth, especially for sensitive skin $ 35.64
Provacan CBD cocoa butter balm (30 ml) 900 mg Contains cocoa butter and beeswax. Meant to improve skin texture and moisture the skin. $ 89.13
Provacan CBD blemish control gel (15 ml) 100 mg Contains CBD, aloe vera, and tea tree oil. Meant to reduce facial redness and swelling. $ 27.32
Provacan CBD Lip Balm 135 mg This stick contains 135 mg of CBD and is free of additives like parabens, dyes, and artificial scents. Meant to nourish and moisturize dry and cracked lips. $ 12.02
Provacan CBD shampoo (200 ml) 200 mg This shampoo contains CBD and omega oils. It is meant to nourish and strengthen the hair. It is suitable for all hair types, as per the manufacturer. $ 30.07
Provacan CBD SPF 30 sun screen (100 ml) 50 mg Contains CBD, phytocannabinoids, and other phytochemicals. Protects the skin against UV damage. $ 34.88
Provacan CBD age control eye cream (15 ml) 100 mg It contains ingredients like CBD, vitamin C, aloe vera, collagen boosting ingredients, zinc, etc. Meant to be applied around the eyes to reduce the visible signs of aging. Not to be used inside the eyes or to be consumed orally. $ 30.07
Provacan CBD balm (30 ml) 300 mg Includes CBD, coconut oil, beeswax shea and cocoa butter, grapeseed oil, Madagascar vanilla, essential rosemary oil. Meant to improve skin radiance and texture. $ 42.10
Provacan CBD bath salt (50 g) 10 mg It contains CBD and salts from the Himalaya region and the dead sea. It makes the bath more relaxing. $ 12.02
Provacan CBD massage oil (30 ml) 40 mg It contains CBD, eucalyptus oil, ginger root, and rice bran oil. Suitable for skin massage. It improves skin quality and reduces muscle soreness. $ 21.64

*Pound to USD conversion as of 24/3/20

Offers/ Bundles

Another amazing thing about Provacan is that the company offers price reductions when you buy in bulk or combination.

For example, 300 mg CBD bulk balm includes three balms at a reduced price of £89.22, while the original price is £104.97.

Similarly, a useful combination of 300 mg CBD oil, 720 mg capsules, and 300 mg balm would otherwise cost £109.97 but when bought together, it will cost you £93.47. You get a 15 percent discount this way.

Amid the Coronavirus pandemic, they offered another 10 percent discount on all purchases. I got this email after my purchase.

Also, they have an exclusive Facebook page. You will get an invite to join this page once you have purchased a product. The Facebook page highlights some exclusive offers for the group members.

Unfortunately, they don’t offer free samples anymore.

Buying Experience

I bought a couple of products from the Provacan website.

Buying through the website was straightforward and went smoothly.

My total came out to £102.93. I applied a discount code and got a 15 percent discount. This is where things got a little annoying.

They offer free shipping only when the order is £100 or more, which is quite a hefty sum when compared to other vendors.

After the discount, my subtotal was £87.49. I had to choose between a £5.99 1st class next day delivery and a 4.99 2nd class delivery within two working days. I chose 1st class delivery.

I got this email confirming my order.

After that, I got another email telling me about my order number and tracking number.

They offer a 30 day return policy. The products, however, should be unused and unopened to qualify for a refund. You can read the terms and conditions here.

While I was waiting for the products, I got another email telling me how to use their CBD oil. This was quite useful, especially if you are new to using CBD oils. This is what the email said.

I ordered on the 15th of March (Sunday) and got the order on the 17th (Tuesday).

After I had received the products, I got a follow-up email inviting me to a private Facebook group where the Provacan community can chat and see some exclusive deals.

I got the products in a bubble wrap. It was not a fancy packing, as I had seen with some of my other CBD orders. This is what it looked like.

I also got a dispatch note summarizing the details of my purchase and a QR code. I thought the QR code would lead me to the 3rd party lab testing report but it ended up doing nothing.

I contacted customer support to get the 3rd party report. There are a couple of ways you can contact the support group. You can email them at You can also call them at 00448445674343. You can also go to the contact us page of their website and reach them through that page.

I chose to email them and got a reply within two days. I asked them for their 3rd party testing report. They sent me the report for a few of their products.

Each batch of products you order has a batch number on it. You can ask for the lab reports for each of these products by contacting the support team.

I asked them a couple of additional questions about their hemp source and who they use to source their hemp. I am still waiting for their reply.

Overall, the buying experience was excellent. The customer support was amazing. What I noticed was their tendency to make a personal connection with their customers.

Products Reviewed

Here is what I ordered:

  1. 300 mg CBD oil
  2. Blackcurrant CBD lozenges
  3. 1,000 mg CBD isolate
  4. 100 mg mixed fruit gummies
  5. 180 mg CBD capsules

Let’s review these items individually.

Provacan CBD oil

I ordered a 300 mg CBD oil.

Provacan offers CBD oils ranging between 300 and 2,400 mg per package. The price for a 300 mg (10 ml) CBD oil is $ 29.73.

Each bottle contains 10 ml or approximately 200 drops of the oil and each drop delivers 1.5 mg of CBD.

The CBD oil is full spectrum and contains other phytocannabinoids including CBDv, CBG, and CBDa.

Provacan uses the CO2 extraction method to extract CBD oil from hemp. The THC concentration is less than 0.03% THC.

Each product description page is extremely detailed. You will find all the information you need about the product. This includes the product images, product formulation, method of use, FAQs, an ingredients list, and reviews as well.

The CBD oil comes in a 10 ml bottle with a dropper. The recommended daily dose is one to two drops twice a day under the tongue.

The instructions are written on the product label.

I used the oil and found it to be smooth and somewhat bitter, which you would expect with any other CBD product. However, it did not leave any strong aftertaste.

Here are some images of the oil. The instructions on the box were somewhat difficult to read but they were legible on the product bottle.

Blackcurrant CBD lozenges

Provacan offers a range of flavor options for these lozenges to make them more palatable. The flavor options include:

  • Honey and lemon
  • Blackcurrant
  • Peppermint
  • Orange

These lozenges are non-GMO, vegan, and sugar free. Instead of sugar, they use isomalt as the main carbohydrate source. It is a complex plan -based starch and does not cause a massive increase in your blood sugar levels, unlike ordinary table sugar.

Each bottle contains 25 lozenges and each contains 2 mg of CBD. Other phytocannabinoids include CBDv (Cannabidivarin), CBG (Cannabigerol), CBC (Cannabichromene), and BCP (ß-caryophyllene).

The daily intake should not exceed more than 10 lozenges. Consumers are instructed to keep each lozenge under your tongue and let it dissolve for one to two minutes.

Again, the product page on the website is extremely descriptive and contains all the information that you need.

Each pack costs $23.75 and $0.48/mg CBD.

1,000 mg CBD isolate

The available strengths are 1,000 mg and 5,000 mg. You can learn more on the product page.

The idea behind these isolates is to offer high doses of CBD in a small quantity of powder. You can use CBD isolate powder in a variety of ways. You can eat it raw, add it to the e-liquid blend or consume it in any other way you want.

This product contains 0 percent THC.

You can customize the dose according to your needs. Try to keep the dose between 100 to 200 mg per day.

100 mg mixed fruit gummies

These gummies are vegan, non-GMO, and don’t leave a bad aftertaste.

You can learn about them on their product page.

These gummies taste good. On the downside, they are high in simple sugars like glucose. Each serving (two gummies) supply 8.6 grams of sugar, 6.6 grams of which is a simple sugar.

The recommended daily dose is 20 mg (two gummies) and the manufacturer has advised against consuming more than the recommended daily dose.

180 mg CBD capsules

Provacan also offers CBD capsules. Each bottle contains 30 capsules. The available quantities are 180 mg, 720 mg, and 2,880 mg.

The capsules are vegan and non-GMO. However, there are no taste options.

The manufacturer’s recommended daily dose is one to two capsules per day and not to exceed 200 mg per day.

You should start with a lower dose and gradually increase the dose depending on the response. Take these capsules either on an empty stomach or 30 minutes after food.

Learn more about them on their product page.


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