Leafreport Study Finds That Over Half of Tested CBD Teas & Coffees Had Inaccurate CBD Levels
Out of 29 CBD tea and coffee products sent for independent testing, 15 (52%) contained the wrong amount of CBD
CBD for Pets Survey: What Do Pet Owners Really Think about Pet CBD Products?
Leafreport recently carried out a comprehensive survey of 1448 pet owners. 50% reported using CBD for their cat or dog–the major reason is a vet recommendation, and 44% gave their pet CBD to help ease their anxiety or stress. What else have we discovered?
CBD price report
CBD Pricing: New Leafreport Research Reveals a Massive 4718% Price Difference Between the Cheapest and Most Expensive CBD Brands
Here are our findings of what distinguishes the priciest and cheapest products, where popular CBD brands fall on the price spectrum, and whether price discrepancies correlate to product quality
Delta 8 THC Products Market Report
New Leafreport Research Reveals More Than 50% of Delta-8 THC Hemp-Derived Products Tested Had Illegal Levels of Delta-9 THC
Out of 38 tested products, 68% contained the wrong amount of Delta-8. More than 50% also had illegal (over 0.3%) levels of Delta-9 THC.
CBD for pets report
Leafreport Releases Findings From Pet CBD Report Showing 56% of Products Have Inaccurate Label Claims
Out of 55 tested pet products, 31 products contained the wrong amount of CBD. Many also contained no THC despite being labeled as full-spectrum CBD
The Current State of CBD Transparency
CBD Buyer Beware: Leafreport Decided to Uncover Which CBD Brands are Testing, and Which are Not
1 out of 4 products was NOT tested for microbial content, pesticides, or heavy metals
CBD topicals market report
CBD Topicals Market Report – Less than 1 in 4 CBD topicals contain the amount of CBD labeled
Out of 40 tested topical products, 31 (77.5%) contained the wrong amount of CBD; The amount of CBD found in the products ranged from 12% to 99% versus what was on the label.
CBD Edibles Market Report
CBD Edibles Market Report: Only 1 in 4 CBD edibles contain the labeled amount of CBD; 63% of edibles contained more CBD than advertised
In this report, we extend our research to CBD edibles, a large category that includes gummies, chocolate, and other edible products infused with CBD. We tested a total of 40 products from 21 brands. Here’s what we found.
Price Report
CBD Pricing: Why did prices drop in 2020? Does price equate to quality? Who are the most and least expensive within each category?
Our in-house statisticians took a comprehensive look at the major CBD brands on the market, the discrepancies in their prices as compared to last year, and what these discrepancies say about how CBD prices, quality, and trends in the industry overall.
Report summary
Leafreport’s Independent Testing of CBD Beverages Finds Labeling Discrepancies: 54% of products contained less CBD than advertised
We tested 22 CBD beverages from 20 well-known brands. The results were quite surprising, and unfortunately, not in a good way. Keep reading for our detailed report.
CBD Industry Report
Market Report: CBD Industry Has Come a Long Way in Improving The Quality and Accuracy of its Products
Leafreport partnered with Las Vegas’ Canalysis Laboratories to put dozens of CBD products from various brands to the test. Our goal was simple: check if these products contain as much CBD as the company says they do.
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