The Best Cannabidiol (CBD) Brands for Women

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Janelle Lassalle, Cannabis Journalist.
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best cbd for women

More women are using Cannabidiol (CBD) now than ever. Why’s that? CBD’s unique properties have helped it explode in popularity, particularly its ability to be used in a number of different applications. You can now use a CBD tincture to fight off cramps, apply a transdermal CBD patch directly to sore areas, use CBD topicals on stretch marks…the possibilities are endless.

Women aren’t just CBD fans, either. They’re also rapidly becoming CBD entrepreneurs. Many of them are even going as far as to create CBD brands with product lines catered towards women.

Looking to support a woman owned brand? We’ve rounded up our favorite 7 CBD brands for women below. Check ‘em out and be merry:

Best CBD Flower: Goodekind

Best flower

Goodekind is a woman and minority owned brand that focuses on high quality, smokable hemp. The hemp flower Goodekind sources is fresh, terpene rich and consciously sourced. It retains a lovely flavor and aroma and smokes beautifully. You can find other CBD products here including a top notch broad spectrum CBD vape cartridge and some CBD tincture.

All products are third party lab tested. Goodekind even takes the rare step of having full terpene profiles available in their lab results so you know exactly what you’re getting.

This brand is also here to support other women, too. Goodekind is committed to sourcing 100% from women or BIPOC owned farms by 2022.


Best CBD Topicals: Moon Mother Hemp

Best topical

Moon Mother Hemp’s packaging is a thing of beauty. Their aesthetic features clean, minimalistic packaging offset with magenta and dark green hues. It’s the kind of CBD brand you’d want to gift to a friend immediately just because it’s so lovely; in fact they even have a few unique bundles available for exactly that purpose.

Moon Mother is also woman owned and USDA-certified organic. They focus on full spectrum products, which is a huge win in our book. You can find CBD beauty products, CBD topicals like massage oils, full spectrum CBD tinctures and CBD bath salts on their site, too.

The topicals Moon Mother offers are extensive. You can purchase one of several different kinds of CBD skin balms tailored to a unique purpose. There’s a “dream” balm, a skin health balm and a muscle balm, too.


For Your CBD Obsessed BFF: Kat’s Naturals

For your bff

Kat’s Naturals was founded by Katherine Merryfield. Merryfield began looking into CBD in 2015 to help her husband with PTSD. She began selling her own CBD oil at local farmer’s markets not long after, and the rest is history.

Today Kat’s Naturals offers a wide range of CBD products for women. They have their own line of skin care products, called Fhenix, which features CBD anti-aging skincare products. You can also get your hands on other items like CBD tinctures available as isolate, full or broad spectrum; CBD topicals like creams and serums and potent CBD capsules.

Kat’s also has a limited edition “Kat’s Craft Collection” line that makes for a perfect gift.

Learn more by reading our Kat’s Naturals Review.


Best CBD Skincare/Beauty Products: Her Royal Hempress

Her Royal Hempress is a woman owned CBD brand focused on providing hemp derived CBD skincare such as CBD anti-aging serums, body oils and muscle rubs. Each product features what is presumably The Royal Hempress herself on the cover surrounded with lush plants. They’re beautiful to look at, and add a touch of class to an otherwise crowded bathroom.

Products are cruelty free, vegan, GMO free and paraben free, with all ingredients sourced from farmers who use organic growing practices. There are no artificial fragrances used here, either, making Her Royal Hempress a great fit for queens with sensitive skin.


For That Time of The Month: Moon + Leaf

For that time

What are you supposed to do when it’s that time of the month? Whip out a bottle of Moon + Leaf’s “Go With The Flow Period” CBD tincture. This handy concoction pairs non-GMO, full spectrum CBD oil with other natural ingredients like Valerian root to minimize inflammation and pain associated with cramps. It’s extremely effective, especially when coupled with their Cramp Salve-ation CBD topical cream.

Made up by a team of women and “+1 Man”, Moon + Leaf’s About Us page inspires hope. It’s a visual relief from the monotonous, conventional “About Us” pages that don’t have one woman present. It’s a sign that women, just as much as men, are viable contenders in this space.


For CBD Isolate Fans: Martha Stewart CBD

For isolate fans

Martha recently launched her own line of CBD products under Canopy Growth. The line features CBD gummies, softgels, “confections” and tinctures. Product packaging is simple and botanical. Flavors, on the other hand, decidedly learn gourmet. A humble “Citrus Medley” sampler, for instance, includes Persian Lime and Black Raspberry gummies.

All of the products here are made with CBD isolate, which is a handy option for those worried about drug testing. You can also get large sets of gummies with 15 different flavors inside that make for great gifts, especially for your CBD-curious mom or nana.

Learn more by reading our Martha Stewart Review.


Best CBD For Intimacy: Foria

Best for intimacy

One of the most prominent brands creating CBD products geared towards women is Foria. Foria utilizes broad spectrum CBD sourced from USDA organic-certified grown hemp. They also use 100% plant-based ingredients (no synthetics!), all-organic and pesticide free ingredients, and have 3rd party lab testing available.

The end result is a line of top notch CBD products for every ailment.

Foria has CBD topicals like your basic salves, CBD bath salts (with cacao!), gelcaps and tinctures as well as a whole line of intimacy products. The Intimacy Collection features suppositories, Arousal Oil, CBD tonics and even CBD intimacy vape pens.

In other words: if you’re looking to get in touch with your inner goddess Foria has your back.

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