Provacan Night Terpene CBD VapePod with 72% CBD

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Ingredients:Cannabidiol (CBD) 72%, Cannabigerol (CBG), other minor cannabinoids, various terpenes and flavonoids: Terpinolene, Alpha Pinene, Myrcene.
⚖️Total CBD Amount:360 mg
🧴Bottle Size: 0.5 ml
📍Hemp Source:European Union
🍀THC Concentration:< 0.2%
🥽Extract Type:Full Spectrum
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Info IconNon-GMO
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Lab Results Analysis

In this section, we've analyzed the results lab results published by the brand, and checked which other cannabinoids the product contains, the amount of THC and the purity testings. We also compared the results with the values that appear on the product’s label to see the variance of the actual CBD Vs. the claimed. The acceptable variance is 10%. Learn more aboutwhat is COAandhow to analyze it

CBD Concentration per Bottle

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THC Concentration

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Heavy Metals

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Other Cannabinoids

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We consider several criteria when reviewing CBD products. Each of the below areas is given an unbiased score, which adds up to a maximum of five points:
  • Quality Assurance
    We check third-party lab test reports to see if the product’s levels of CBD, THC, and other cannabinoids match the label.
  • Hemp Quality
    We look for products made from organic, pesticide-free, sustainably grown hemp, giving extra points for USDA organic certification.
  • Extract Type
    CBD comes in three types: full, broad-spectrum, and isolate. Full-spectrum products are considered the most effective thanks to providing a full range of hemp cannabinoids and other beneficial compounds.
  • Additional ingredients
    Many CBD products contain additional cannabinoids, terpenes, and added active ingredients such as melatonin.
  • Prices
    We measure the price per mg of CBD, giving higher ratings to affordably priced products.
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