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Stephanie Nichols, Naturopathic Physician.
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Leonard Haberman, MD & Chemist.
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The Bottom Line

Premium Jane is a CBD company that focuses on creating high caliber CBD. In addition, they strive to help their customers to better understand all the potential benefits of using CBD. Unfortunately, there is not a lot of information available about the members of the company or when it was founded. Their CBD products have, however, received high reviews on their website, with a 4.5-5 star average.  

Premium Jane states that they adhere to high standards for their farming practices, but do not go into great detail. They also have a third-party lab test their products to assess the amount of CBD, the presence of THC, along with microbial levels, solvents, and other contaminants. Unfortunately, when comparing the lab results to what is on the label, we found an 18% variance in the CBD level. This variance indicates that there is quite a bit less CBD in their products than advertised. 

They state that they use non-GMO hemp, and their hemp is farmed in the USA within strain specific climates. They use CO2 extraction and manufacture full spectrum CBD with less than 0.2% THC, and CBD isolate with 0% THC. Also, they subject their products to third party testing and their products have received high ratings on their website.

The product range of Premium Jane is decent. They offer edibles, tinctures, bath products, and capsules. They have a handful of options for each. We have certainly seen a wide range of products with other companies. Some of their products are made with full spectrum CBD, while others are made with CBD isolate. For some products, the product page does not indicate which type of CBD they use. 

Lastly, Premium Janes prices are higher than average. Typically, we see CBD tinctures range from $0.05 to $0.10 per mg of CBD. Premium Jane’s CBD product prices are $0.07 to $0.26 per mg of CBD. The average price is thus $0.12 per mg of CBD.

Pros: Cons:
  • Decent product range
  • Less than 0.2% THC
  • Hemp grown on USA Farms
  • High product ratings on their website
  • Large variations on third-party test results
  • Higher in price than average
  • Not much information about who is behind the company


Hemp Source
Hemp Source-United States
CBD Extract Method
CBD Extract Method-CO2
Worldwide Shipping
Worldwide Shipping-United States
Price Range
Price Range:$10.99 - $275
CBD Strength
CBD Strength-
Creams & Topicals 200 - 1500 mg
Pets - Edibles 150 - 150 mg
Capsules 750 - 1200 mg
Other 50 - 50 mg
Pets - Tinctures 250 - 250 mg
Tinctures & Drops 300 - 5000 mg
Gummies 750 - 1500 mg
Money Back Guarantee
Money Back Guarantee-
Military Veteran Discount
Military Veteran Discount-
Offers Tastes
Offers Tastes-
Price mg/CBD
Price mg/CBD-$0.04 - $0.22
Extract Types
Extract Types-Full Spectrum, Isolate
Consumption Method
Consumption Method:Tinctures & Drops, Creams & Topicals, Gummies, Capsules, Pets - Tinctures, Pets - Edibles, Other
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Table of Contents

About the Company

Premium Jane’s mission is to not only provide high- uality and pure CBD products to its consumers but to help educate the public on the potential benefits of using CBD. The Premium Jane team is multidisciplinary and includes members from each specialty required for CBD product creation. Their team includes experts in each field, such as agricultural professionals, chemists, biologists, and marketers. The team devotes its efforts to bringing you CBD products that exceed your standards. They are located in Scottsdale, Arizona. If you wish to contact Premium Jane, you can find a variety of contact details on their contact page which provides a phone number where you can speak with someone between 11 and 8 pm EST, an email address, a direct message contact box and their address. They have made easy customer contact a high priority at their company.

The majority of information about who is behind the company is located on their” About Us” page. Although they mention that their team is made up of a number of experts in their fields, they do not indicate that there are any physicians, Ph.D.’s, or other types of healthcare professionals on their team. In addition, they do not show who their actual team members are or provide bios on any of their specific team members. In short, there is not a lot of information available concerning who is behind the company. Their website did not mention when Premium Jane was founded, and when looking online in search of an answer, we came up empty handed.

As far as Premium Jane’s reputation in the industry, they seem to be highly regarded as a high quality CBD company. The reviews of their products on their website average between 4.5-5 stars and other CBD review sites have given Premium Jane high ratings overall. However, they have not listed any awards or recognitions in magazines or on their website. Premium Jane may be a fairly new company that is currently building its reputation.

The FAQ page has a number of questions and answers about what CBD is, how it works in the body, how it is different from marijuana, and other general information about CBD. It also explains a bit about their growing practices and CBD extraction method (CO2 extraction) as well as their shipping and returns policy. They state that their products arrive between 3 to -9 business days after an order is placed, and they offer money back returns within 30 days. There is more information about their return and refund policies on the “Returns & Refunds” page, which is found at the bottom of the website. Here they state that they accept returns within 30 days, regardless of if the product has been opened or not. They will provide a full refund; however, return shipping fees are the customers’ responsibility.

Their products are found under the “Shop” tab. They state that all of their CBD products are from “organic, non-GMO, domestically grown hemp that’s planted and cultivated in U.S. soil.” All of their products are third party tested and non-GMO, as well as organic. However, they do not carry a USDA organic certification seal. Each product page has information about the product itself, including how many mg of CBD are in each serving as well as the total amount of CBD in each product container. The product page also lists all of the ingredients, how many servings there are per container, the directions concerning how to use the product, and the amount of THC (less than 0.2% THC). The product page also offers quick links to FAQs, shipping and returns, as well as the third party test results. The product page also discussed a bit about their farming practices (USA farming) as well as their extraction method, which uses CO2 .

Their third party test results report the CBD concentration of the product being tested, the amount of THC found in the product, terpene levels, as well as the presence of pesticides, microbial contaminants, heavy metals, solvents, and mycotoxins. Every report is labeled with a batch number as well as a picture of the product being tested. When comparing the results from analysis of the 750mg Premium CBD Gummy Bears, which are supposed to contain 750mg of CBD per bottle, the lab results showed that there was 618.750mg of CBD in the bottle. This means there is 132mg less CBD than advertised, which represents an 18% variance. This is higher than the accepted 10% variance standard. The lab results also showed that there was 0.00% THC, which is below 0.2% advertised.

Overall, we were not able to find out a lot about who is behind Premium Jane. However, they do have a lot of information on their contact page, product page, and FAQ page. Unfortunately, their third party lab results demonstrated an 18% variance in CBD, with 132mg less CBD per bottle than what was stated on the label. For Transparency, Accuracy & Reputation, we give Premium Jane a 6.

Manufacturing Process

The manufacturing process at Premium Jane starts with the selection of their hemp plants. They grow a Cannabis sativa hemp, which has been bred to create strains of the plant that produce high levels of CBD and naturally very low levels of THC. They state that their hemp comes from a “controlled, regulated industrial hemp supply that is consistently tested for the presence of microbes, pesticides, solvents, heavy metals, and chemical fertilizers.” However, there are no more details surrounding their hemp growing process on their “About” page. On their “FAQ” page, they state that they grow and harvest their hemp organically from farms in the USA. They do not mention the states where they grow or harvest plants or explicitly state if their farms are licensed/registered hemp farms. In addition, they do not have a USDA organic stamp on their products. They do mention that their growing practices include the selection of “strain-specific microclimates,” which likely means they control the temperature of their growing environments to best suit the strain of hemp they are cultivating. There are no more details regarding this practice on their website. They state that their manufacturing processes adhere to USA regulations, which means they can legally sell their products in all 50 states. In general, information on the details surrounding their growing practices is somewhat lacking.

To extract CBD, they use the stalks, stems, leaves, and flowers of their industrial hemp plants which are subjected to a solvent-free CO2 extraction method. The type of CBD they produce is full spectrum CBD, which means it includes the other synergistic plant components of the hemp plan. The additional compounds include terpenes, flavonoids, fatty acids, and other cannabinoids. Full spectrum CBD also includes some THC, however, to be legal, it must be less than 0.3% if the product is to be sold in the USA. Premium Jane third party tests all batches of their CBD products, testing for CBD levels, THC levels, pesticides, solvents, microbes, and other contaminants. The results are available for each product and are easily found under the “Labsheet” tab. This is a vital component for CBD companies as CBD is not currently regulated by the FDA. Having an independent body test the purity and quality of the product gives consumers assurance that the product they are using is safe and contains what it says it does.

When assessing the third- arty lab results for the 750mg Premium CBD Gummy Bears, we did find an 18% variance from the stated CBD level. There was 618.750mg of CBD in the bottle, not 750mg, as listed on the label. This variance is higher than the accepted 10% variance standard. However, the results showed 0.00% THC, which is below 0.2% level advertised.

Range of Products

Premium Jane offers a decent range of CBD products, including CBD oils, capsules, edibles, topicals, and bath products. They do not offer vape products, pet CBD, or CBD enhanced coffees or teas at this time.

CBD Oil Tinctures

Premium Jane’s CBD oils are all 30ml in size and have 40 servings per container. They offer three different potencies: 1000mg of CBD, 600mg of CBD, and 300mg of CBD per bottle. Their CBD oils come in three flavors: mint chocolate, mint, and citrus. They also have an unflavored option. The CBD oil is CO2 extracted and full spectrum with a guarantee of less than 0.2% THC concentration. They state that the CBD is organic but it does not appear to be USDA-certified. Premium Jane products are non-GMO, and sourced from Oregon farms. This is the only place they mention their farms are in Oregon. Other ingredients include MCT oil, terpenes, and natural flavors. They recommend taking their CBD “once or twice daily. Place 1/2 of the dropper under the tongue, wait 60-90 seconds, and then swallow.” They do not explicitly state what health concerns the CBD oil tincture may address. To titrate the desired amount of CBD, there are various lines on the dropper. The third party test results are available under the “Labsheet” tab on the product page.

CBD Amount
Price mg/CBD
1000 mg
33.33 mg/ml
3000 mg
50 mg/ml
300 mg
10 mg/ml
5000 mg
83.33 mg/ml
600 mg
20 mg/ml

CBD Capsules

Premium Jane has one CBD capsule product option, which is a bottle containing 30 capsules with 25mg of CBD per capsule. In total, there are 750mg of CBD in each bottle. The capsules are free from artificial flavorings, and deliver CO2 extracted, full spectrum CBD. They contain purified water, gelatin, glycerin, and hemp seed oil. Because the capsules are manufactured from gelatin, they are not suitable for vegans or vegetarians. Premium Jane notes they have added an ingredient blend to help with absorption. They recommend starting with one capsule on an empty stomach with the option of increasing to two capsules. They do not state what the capsules should be used for; therefore, it is up to the consumer to decide.

CBD Amount
Price mg/CBD
1200 mg
40 mg/unit
750 mg
25 mg/unit

CBD Gummies

Premium Jane’s CBD Gummies differ from their other products in that they are made with CO2 extracted CBD isolate, not full spectrum CBD. This means that the CBD is 100% THC free and does not contain the other synergistic plant constituents, which produce the “entourage effect”. The other plant constituents include other cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, etc. Each bottle contains 30 gummies and 25mg of CBD per gummy, for a total of 750mg per bottle. They state that a serving size is two gummies, however, they also say that the bottle contains 30 servings. Given that there are 30 gummies per bottle, this would mean that there are 15 servings per bottle. The gummies flavored using a mixed berry extract. Other ingredients include organic glucose syrup [wheat] organic cane sugar, pectin, citric acid, ascorbic acid, natural flavors, natural colors [concentrated organic apple] organic carrot, organic pumpkin, and organic black currant. As you can see, there are wheat products in the gummies, which means people who are gluten intolerant or are affected by celiac disease should not use these gummies. However, these gummies are vegan as they do not contain any gelatin.

CBD Amount
Price mg/CBD
1500 mg
25 mg/unit
750 mg
25 mg/unit

CBD Bath Bombs

Currently, Premium Jane offers one CBD bath product, CBD bath bombs. Each 5oz bath bomb contains 50mg of “hemp-based phytochemical extract”. It is unclear whether this is CBD isolate, full spectrum CBD, or something different altogether. Under the “ingredients” section for their bath bombs, it says “N/A.” This is a bit confusing as it does not state what other ingredients are in the bath bomb, including coloring agents or the ingredients that make up the bath bomb itself. People with sensitive skin or other sensitivity should, therefore, use caution with these bath bombs as there may be ingredients present to which they react. The bath bombs come in five different varieties: lavender, jasmine, raspberry, eucalyptus and almond coconut. They recommend that the bath bombs be used for relaxation by dropping the entire CBD Bath Bomb in a tub of warm water and allowing it to dissolve, which could last up to 45 minutes.

CBD Topicals

In terms of topical CBD products, Premium Jane has CBD facial cleansers and CBD salves. There are two options for their CBD cleansers: oil control and charcoal. Each bottle contains 100mL of cleanserwith 200mg of CBD. However, they do not mention if it is CBD isolate or full spectrum. They state that both are for use daily. It is unclear how many servings are in each container as it depends on how much product is dispensed with each use as well as each person’s preference on how much cleanser they like to use.

The CBD salves are available in two forms, a 2oz, 750mg CBD bottle which contains eucalyptus infused salve and a 2oz, 1500mg CBD bottle, which is cocoa butter infused. Both products contain full spectrum CBD that was CO2 extracted. They do not say what conditions this CBD salve is useful for but encourage customers to read reviews where people state when the salve has helped. This is likely because CBD is not FDA approved. Companies cannot make claims about what conditions may respond to CBD administration. Their intended use is “As a topical ointment, take a small amount and rub in completely over problem areas. Repeat as many times as needed.” The salve itself is jojoba oil based and contains argan oil, grape seed oil, and emu oil among other ingredients. The cocoa butter product mentions cocoa butter as its primary ingredient.

CBD Amount
Price mg/CBD
200 mg
2 mg/ml
300 mg
6 mg/ml
300 mg
6 mg/ml
200 mg
4 mg/ml
200 mg
2 mg/ml
200 mg
6.67 mg/ml
1500 mg
25 mg/ml
750 mg
12.5 mg/ml

Discounts & Savings

While they do not offer samples of their products,Premium Jane does offer some discounts. For example, by entering your email into a pop-up box, you can receive 15% off your first purchase as well as a CBD crash course. Unlike other CBD companies, they do not seem to offer veteran or permanent disability discounts.

To save on your Premium Jane purchases, you have the option to buy in bulk. The bulk buying options include:

750mg CBD Capsules 3-Pack

Bulk Price: $191

Regular Price: $225

Savings: $34 (15% off)

1000mg CBD Tincture (Citrus) 3-Pack

Bulk Price: $319

Regular Price: $375

Savings: $56 (15% off)

750mg CBD Gummies 3-Pack

Bulk Price: $140

Regular Price: $165

Savings: $25 (15% off)

300mg CBD Tincture (Mint or Citrus) 3-Pack

Bulk Price: $122

Regular Price: $144

Savings: $22 (15% off)

750mg CBD Topical Salve (Eucalyptus) 3-Pack

Bulk Price: $191

Regular Price: $225

Savings: $34 (15% off)

As you can see, buying using their “Bulk” option, which is a 3-pack of the product, saves you 15% on your purchase. This is a good option for regular CBD users who know they like the product and buy Premium Jane CBD products regularly.

Buying Experience

Shopping on the Premium Jane website is very intuitive. On the top menu of the page, you will find all of the categories of products they offer as well as a “shop” tab which is where you will find the bulk CBD and bath bombs. After clicking on the product category, you will see all of the product options they offer. You can see some information about the product, such as the amount of CBD per bottle, size of the product, the price, a picture of the product, and the star rating. You can easily add it directly to your cart here, or click on the product for more information.

On the product page, you will have access to more information about the product, such as the ingredients and suggested use, third-party lab results, and an in-depth description. At the bottom of the product page, there are related products for your perusal.

After adding the products you wish to purchase to your cart, you can access your cart by clicking the top right-hand corner shopping cart. Once in the cart, you can see the items you have selected as well as the number of each item you wish to purchase. They offer free shipping on all orders. At the bottom of this page, you will find items that people also purchased. You can check out as a guest or login in if you have made an account with Premium Jane.

The final checkout page is where you enter your billing and shipping information. There is an optional “route protection” you can add to your purchase, which protects your order from loss, damage, or theft. Orders are said to arrive between 3-9 business days.

They allow returns within 30 days of your purchase. To request a return, you have to contact them via phone or email. Keep in mind, the shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer with any return or exchange.

The product arrived in a small cardboard box that had a shipping label, but no other identifying factors such as the name of the company or what was inside. Inside, there are biodegradable packing peanuts that dissolve once you run them under water, as well as an invoice and the product itself.

We emailed them to ask what shipping courier they used, as well as if they provide shipping. We messaged them a few hours before their customer service hours, so we expected to wait at least a few hours for their response. We received a confirmation email shortly after, which indicated that they received our question and would be back to us within 72 hours. They responded via email in about one day. They let us know that they use USPS to ship, and provide a tracking number through email once you complete your purchase. Their response was informative, professional, and relatively prompt.

Products Reviewed

We received one product to review from Premium Jane – their 1000mg Premium CBD Oil – Natural.

1000mg Premium CBD Oil – Natural

Premium Jane 1000mg Natural Tincture Full Spectrum CBD Oil – 1 oz / 30mL

Overall Score
Product Review
66out of 100
$124 $0.12 mg/CBD
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Score Breakdown
Quality Assurance
Hemp Quality
Extract Type
Additional ingredients
CBD Amount Score IconTotal CBD 1000 mg
Available Bottle Sizes Score IconBottle Size 30 ml
Potency Score IconPotency33.33 mg/ml

This CBD oil is made with CO2 extracted full-spectrum CBD. The product comes in a small cardboard blue and white box, which is labeled with the product name, size, suggested use, and ingredients.

The supplement facts are on the back of the box, which lists the number of calories (8 cal), total fat (1g), and ingredients for each serving. The serving size is ½ a dropperful, which is 0.75ml and contains 25mg of full-spectrum CBD. Each 30ml bottle has 40 servings. The ingredients include hemp-derived CBD extract and coconut MCT oil.

The directions for use are listed on the box and read, “As a dietary supplement, take once or twice daily. Place ½ of the dropper in the mouth, wait 60-90 seconds, then swallow.” They do not list what specifically this product is intended for.

Unlike many other CBD companies, there is no QR code or batch number on their products. This means that we cannot confirm whether or not the third-party lab results they have on their website for this product are actually from the product we have in our hands. When comparing the only third-party lab results available, they revealed that there is 0mg of THC and 850.278mg of CBD per bottle. This means that there is about 150mg less CBD than advertised, which works out to a 15% variance, which is higher than the acceptable 10%. The product passed for microbials, however, pesticides, heavy metals, solvents, and mycotoxins were labeled as “not tested.” It looks like Premium Jane is not testing all parameters available.

Inside the box, you will find the CBD oil in a glass bottle with a child-proof dropper, which has lines to measure the amount of CBD you are dispensing. The label on the bottle has all of the same information as the product box. The oil itself is mostly clear with a slight yellow tint. It is on the thinner side in terms of consistency and has almost no smell. The taste is mild, with a very slight earthy taste.

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Stephanie Nichols
Naturopathic Physician
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Leonard Haberman
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