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Bottom line

Alpinols is a Swiss CBD provider with over 25 years of experience in the industry. Their growing practices are Suisse certified. They grow their hemp in their field and in a controlled environment, which gives them the best quality hemp. 

They use the CO2 extraction method for extracting CBD oil from the hemp plant. They use internal and 3rd party testing to ensure their products are pure and potent. They also offer a variety of full spectrum and broad spectrum oils with varying strengths. 

However, their website is not thorough and a lot of important information such as the amount of CBD in a given product is not provided. The product labels are also not descriptive and quite confusing at times as they don’t provide the product strength, method of use, whether or not the product is vegan, and so on. 

Also, Alpinols product range is quite limited. They only offer oils, pet products, and beauty products. They don’t offer capsules, edibles, vaping liquids, or isolates. The average price of their products is higher compared to competitors. Most of their products don’t have their corresponding COA given on the website. Finally, their customer support could use a lot of improvement in terms of the time they take to respond to a query. 

Pros: Cons:
  • A Swiss company with over 25 years of growing and hemp cultivating experience
  • Suisse certified organic growing practices
  • Provide a range of full spectrum and broad spectrum CBD oils
  • Free delivery
  • The website lacks detail and a lot of important information is missing
  • Product labels do not provide the consumer with inadequate details


Consumption Method
Tinctures & Drops, Creams & Topicals, Pets - Tinctures
Hemp Source
CBD Strength IconCBD Strength:
Creams & Topicals-150 - 200 mg |
Tinctures & Drops-175 - 6000 mg |
Pets - Tinctures-250 - 600 mg |
Offers Tastes
Price Per Mg CBD
€0.04 - €0.24
Military Veteran Discount
Extract Types
Broad Spectrum, Full Spectrum
Money Back Guarantee
Price Range
€17 - €219.9
Free Shipping
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Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Spain, Finland, France, United Kingdom, Greece, Croatia, Hungary, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Latvia, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Sweden, Slovenia
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Table of Contents

About the Company

Alpinols is a Swiss CBD company with over 15 years of experience in cannabis cultivation and 25 years of expertise in organic farming. Matteo, co-founder and CEO of Alipnols, explains the vision of the company as, “It is our mission to make high quality Swiss CBD accessible to everyone; for a balanced, stress free and healthy lifestyle.” The company has partnered with Tommy Chong, an American Canadian cannabis activist, to launch a new range of full spectrum CBD oils.


A lot of the product pages lack important details such as product labels, clear instructions for usage, and recommended dosage. The company uses the CO2 extraction method and tests the products internally and via third party testing. However, the website doesn’t contain a Certificate of Analysis (COA) for a lot of the products. For the products that have their COA on the website, they don’t mention the general cleanliness of the product such as the levels of solvents, residues, and E.coli.

The FAQ page is quite detailed and contains all the information you need to know about CBD and terpenes.

Quite a lot of information on the website is still not translated into English and some bits of information have discrepancies in them. For some products, the dose mentioned in the description is different than what appears on the product labels.

The company can be contacted via email, phone, Facebook, and a ‘contact us’ page on the website. They replied to our query in 5 days via email.


As mentioned, the website does not have the COA for a lot of products. However, for the ones that have a COA, the CBD and THC levels on the COA are quite similar to what is mentioned on the product labels.

Here is an example of a COA for a 1,000 mg (10%) THC free CBD oil available on the website. The COA suggests that the CBD concentration is 1,020 mg (10.2%). The variance is 2%. The THC levels were less than 0.2% but the COA did not provide results of tests for heavy metals, pesticides, and microbes.


The website states that they have been in the industry for around 25 years. They have been mainly in the Swiss market and have started entering into the UK and European markets. There are not a lot of online reviews about the company to help a consumer form a definitive opinion.

The brand holds several certifications. They are a member of the German hemp association, a member of the European industrial hemp association, and a member of best Swiss.

Manufacturing Process

The company has decades of experience in organic and hemp farming. Their cultivations are Bio Suisse certified, which is a valid certification for organic cultivation. The website describes the cultivation process in great detail.

They cultivate the hemp plant in the spring season in April. The plants grow through the summer and the best hemp leaves are handpicked in the autumn season. In addition to their farming land, they have a greenhouse where they can grow their hemp throughout the year under controlled conditions.

The company does not describe the manufacturing process in detail. The only information mentioned on their website is that they use the CO2 extraction method to derive CBD oil from the hemp plant. The website doesn’t give details on whether they use additional methods to enrich their oil with terpenes.

They test their CBD oil internally and use independent 3rd party testing to test their products for quality and accuracy. We had to ask for the COA reports for the products we ordered.

Range of Products

CBD oils are the main line of products offered by Alpinols. They also offer skin care products and a range of pet products. Finally, they offer bundle deals and discounted gift sets as well.

Alpinols CBD Oils

Alpinols offers three varieties of CBD oils.

  • Full spectrum CBD oils
  • THC free CBD oils
  • Water soluble CBD oils

Full Spectrum CBD oils

Alpinols has launched a range of full spectrum CBD oil in collaboration with Tommy Chong, who is an American Canadian actor and cannabis rights activist. The full spectrum range contains traces of THC. For instance, the 15% full spectrum CBD oil contains 0.11% THC. This is still lower than the allowed 0.3% THC level in a CBD product. These CBD oils are available as 2.5%, 10% and 30% CBD.

The oils contain hemp seed oil as the carrier oil. The 40% oil contains MCT oil as the carrier oil.

Product Name Size (mL) Potency Price* Price CBD Per mg
The legend water soluble CBD drops with turmeric and vitamin C (2.5% (250 mg) CBD oil) 10 ml 1 mg per drop $ 72.38 $ 0.290
The legend 10% full spectrum CBD oil with organic hemp oil (10% (1,000 mg) CBD oil) 10 ml 4 mg per drop $ 77.65 $ 0.078
The legend 30% full spectrum CBD oil with organic hemp oil (30% (3,000 mg) CBD oil) 10 ml 12 mg per drop $ 167.14 $ 0.056
CBD oil 40% (4000mg) Full Spectrum 10 mL 20 mg per drop $ 221.09 $ 0.055

THC Free CBD Oils- Alpinols Zero

This is the range of broad spectrum CBD oils branded as Alpinols. These products are THC free. This CBD concentration in this oil ranges between 5% and 25%. These oils contain sunflower seed oil as the carrier oil.

Product Name Size (mL) Potency Price* Price CBD Per mg
Alpinols Zero 5% THC free CBD oil (500 mg) 10 ml 2 mg per drop $ 51.33 $ 0.103
Alpinols Zero 10 % THC free CBD oil (1,000 mg) 10 ml 5 mg per drop $ 84.23 $ 0.084
Alpinols Zero 15% THC free CBD oil (1,500 mg) 10 ml 7.5 mg per drop $ 118.44 $ 0.079
Alpinols Zero 20% THC free CBD oil (2,000 mg) 10 ml 10 mg per drop $ 151.34 $ 0.076
Alpinols Zero 25% THC free CBD oil (2,500 mg) 10 ml 12.5 mg per drop $ 184.24 $ 0.074
IS THIS NAME CORRECT?im gegenteil x ALPINOLS CBD oil 12% (1,200 mg) 10 ml 6 mg per drop $ 100.02 $ 0.083

Water Soluble CBD Oil

This CBD oil is water soluble and is designed for easier consumption. You can easily add this oil to any beverage. It is one of the best CBD oil formulations for beginners.

Water soluble CBD drops 2.5% (175 mg) 10 ml 0.7 mg per drop $ 48.69 $ 0.28

Alpinols CBD Pet Tinctures

The Alpinol pet range contains CBD oils of varying strength and SOS CBD spray. These pet CBD oils are meant for anxiety, pain, nervousness, travel stress, imbalance, and loss of appetite. You can apply these oils onto the mouth, throat, paws, and skin of your pet, according to the company.

These oils are available as 3% CBD oil with or without salmon oil and as 6% CBD oil with or without salmon oil.

Product Name Size (mL) Potency Price* Price CBD Per mg
3% THC free CBD oil with salmon oil for cats (300 mg) 10 ml 1.5 mg per drop $ 42.11 $ 0.140
3% THC free CBD oil for cats (300 mg) (without salmon oil) 10 ml 1.5 mg per drop $ 42.11 $ 0.140
6% THC free CBD oil with salmon oil for dogs (600 mg) 10 ml 3 mg per drop $ 57.91 $ 0.097
6% THC free CBD oil for dogs (600 mg) (without salmon oil) 10 ml 3 mg per drop $ 57.91 $ 0.097
CBD SOS spray for animals 10 ml $ 48.69

Alpinols Skin Therapy

Alpinols also offers a variety of skincare products. These CBD infused skin care products are meant to improve skin health, texture, and have anti-aging effects. This range also contains an oil that is meant to have a soothing and calming effect.

However, none of these products have CBD concentrations mentioned on either their labels or the website. Also, the instructions for use are not quite clear.

Product Name Size (mL) Potency Price* Price CBD Per mg
The essential CBD cream- Day & Night 50 ml $ 82.99
The booster CBD serum gel 30 ml $ 59.28
The active sport gel 100 ml $ 71.13
The dreamer CBD oil 100 ml $ 42.15
CBD body lotion (150 mg) 200 ml $ 30.30 $ 0.202
CBD regeneration cream (200 mg) 50 ml $ 21.08 $ 0.105

Bundle Offers

‘Love yourself’ and ‘special moments’ are the two bundles that save you 35% and 20% respectively.

Buying Experience

Buying through the Alpinols official website is easy. The company aims to deliver the products with 2 to 3 working days and offers free shipping to the UK.

We ordered the products and got them on the 3rd working day. The items were packed in a discrete box and secured in bubble wrap. However, the pet spray had leaked during shipping.

The items came with a receipt of purchase but none of them came with additional documentation such as COA.

Customer support was contacted via the ‘contact us’ page of the website. They replied with the COA of the ordered products after 5 days. We also tried to contact them via their Facebook page but didn’t get a reply.

Products Reviewed

The legend 10% full spectrum CBD oil with organic hemp oil 10ml, 1,000 mg, 4 mg per drop

The CBD oil comes as a 10 ml bottle, contains 1,000 mg CBD, and each drop delivers 4 mg of CBD. The website is not clear about the recommended dose of this oil. The website says to keep the oil under the tongue for 60 seconds before swallowing. It only recommends to start with a ‘small’ dose of the oil and increase the dose as needed. The website does not offer a further explanation of how best to use this product.

The COA shows that the actual concentration of CBD in the 1,000 mg (10%) bottle is 1,060 mg (10.6%). The variance is 6%. Since it is a full spectrum CBD oil, the THC level tested at 0.19%,, higher than broad spectrum oils. The COA did not mention the presence or absence of contaminants, heavy metals, pesticides, and microbes.

The bottle label and the packaging does not mention bits of important information such as the recommended dose, method of use, and whether or not the product is vegan.

The oil has a bright golden color and has a thick consistency. It has an aromatic smell and an earthy flavor. The dropper doesn’t have any marks on it.

Water soluble CBD Oil, 2.5% CBD, 10 ml, 175 mg, 0.7 mg CBD per drop

The water soluble CBD oil comes in a 10 ml bottle with a dropper, contains 175 mg of CBD and delivers 0.7 mg of CBD per drop. The idea behind water soluble preparations is to increase the solubility and ease of use when the product is added to different liquid preparations. The oil is turbid, white in color and has a slightly spicy and bitter taste.

The bottle did not come with any specific details about the product, its recommended dose or method of use. Again, the website states to put the drops in a liquid of your choice and start small but does not give the specifics.

The COA shows that 2.5% (175 mg CBD) soluble oil contains 177 mg of CBD. The variance is 1%, way below the acceptable 10% variance.

CBD SOS spray for animals, 10 ml

The CBD SOS spray for pets comes as a 10 ml spray bottle. Each spray corresponds to 0.5 ml of fluid. The spray is meant to relieve anxiety, pain, and nervousness experienced by the pets. You can apply it to your pet’s paws, skin, mouth, or throat. Note this information is from the company and wasn’t tested by us.

The website and the product package does not mention the total dose of CBD in the product or the amount delivered per spray. We were unable to retrieve COA for the pet spray even after asking customer support for assistance.

The website recommends using the spray depending on the weight of your pet. It recommends using 1 spray if your pet weighs under 9 kg. The recommended dose is 2 and 3 sprays for pets weighing 10 to 24 kg and above 25 kg respectively, according to Alpinols.

The Dreamer CBD oil, 100 ml

The dreamer CBD oil comes in a 100 ml bottle. It is a soothing oil that contains a combination of jojoba oil and hemp extract. It contains a combination of vitamin E, CBD, and other antioxidants. According to Alpinols, you can use it for massage, for your skincare routine, and to improve your hair health.

The website or the product label does not state the CBD concentration. The COA says that the product contains 0.22% CBD. Since the website or the label doesn’t state the CBD concentration, it is difficult to assess whether the CBD concentration is accurate. The customer support says that the dream oil has 0.5% CBD but they didn’t mention the exact strength. If that’s the case then the variance between the product strength mentioned by the customer support and that mentioned on the COA is very high (more than 200%).

The oil has a pleasant and soothing aroma and gets absorbed quickly.

The essential CBD cream – Day & Night, 50 ml

The CBD essential cream contains a combination of CBD and Aloe Vera. The cream rejuvenates your skin, protects it from sun damage, and reverses the effects of aging, according to the company. The cream has a mild aromatic smell and gets absorbed pretty well.

The cream comes in a 50 ml bottle. The CBD concentration and the recommended method for using the cream are not very clear from the website and the product label. The COA is also not clear concerning the CBD concentration.

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Leonard Haberman
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