Homemade CBD Gummies
Homemade CBD Gummies
A guide for how to make CBD gummies includes step-by-step instructions
How to Make Your Own CBD Pain Relief Balm
How to Make Your Own CBD Pain Relief Balm
CBD balms, also called CBD salves, have become popular supplemental treatments for muscle pain, inflammation, and skin conditions. Read this article to learn how to make your own CBD balm
Eco friendly CBD companies
6 CBD Brands that Give Back
With Earth Day coming up April 22nd, why not try some CBD products from socially and environmentally-conscious brands? Here’s a list of 6 CBD brands committed to giving back and that you may find are worth your support.
CBD and sports
Get an Edge on Your Workout: Is CBD the Answer?
When it comes to gaining an edge in training, CBD appears to offer a range of therapeutic benefits both before and after workouts. Is there evidence to support its use, and what do the pro athletes have to say about it?
CBD for veterans
CBD for Veterans: Can CBD Cannabinoid Help with Anxiety & PTSD In Veterans?
Almost 1 in 10 Americans is a Veteran, but the number of physical and mental health complaints that follow time in service is poorly addressed by most governments worldwide. Can CBD be an alternative for opioids for military veterans with PTSD, related depressive symptoms and pain?
CBD brands led by women
International Women’s Day – CBD brands led by women
For as long as the non-intoxicating cannabinoid CBD (cannabidiol) has been in the public eye, women have been the driving force behind its visibility and accessibility.
DIY CBD products
DIY Hemp and CBD Products
We’re going to add to the already massive and constantly growing list of amazing things to know about hemp, and that is: you can make a lot of cool DIY hemp/CBD products at home!
CBD at the workplace
CBD in the Workplace: Should I tell my employer I use CBD?
There’s no doubt that cannabidiol, or CBD, the non-psychoactive component of cannabis that has shown promise in treating issues like anxiety, pain, and more, is gaining in popularity. But while CBD may not get you high, they can still cause you problems at work.
CBD and Sex
Can CBD Enhance Sex and Romance? 
Roses are red, violets are blue, can CBD enhance romance, here’s a comprehensive review.
CBD, yoga and meditation
How CBD May Enhance your Yoga and Meditation Practice
As CBD (Cannabidiol) oil enter wider usage, it turns out there are a lot of benefits to using it to enhance meditation and yoga. If you have struggled or have been unsuccessful in establishing a meditation practice due to anxiety, restlessness, or pain, then CBD might be a great help.
Celebrities and CBD
Celebrities Who’ve Started Cannabidiol (CBD) Companies
Many celebrities have recently hopped on the CBD train, offering their own unique lines of CBD products. Each line has its own unique focus ranging from culinary to hip, edgy and millennial.
CBD and Motherhood
CBD and Motherhood
Why so many moms are incorporating CBD into their wellness routine to help them tackle the challenges that come with being a mom.
Women and CBD
Why More Women Buy CBD than Men
While CBD use is increasing somewhat across most adult demographics, one group has been particularly loyal to CBD – women.
CBD for pain
Exploring CBD pain creams: What you should know
Topical CBD products creams, lotions, and oils are one of the most approachable ways to experience the benefits of cannabis. Many people, and especially older people, have sung the praises of topical CBD for helping with many types of pain. But how exactly does something you put on your skin help relieve aches and pains?
CBD infused foods
What’s the latest in CBD-infused foods?
As such many CBD product manufacturers are producing new, infinitely more creative edibles outside the realm of traditional pot brownies. But just how does the addition of CBD to edibles affect our bodies?
Woman on cannabis
If You’re a Woman in Cannabis, Can an Accelerator Help You? The Pros and Cons.
It’s Women’s Small Business Month. And in the cannabis business, women entrepreneurs need help to prime their startups. That’s where accelerators come in
CBD in college
The Confusion Over CBD On College Campuses: Outdated Policies and the Need for Education
While the popularity of CBD has been steadily on the rise, students’ ability to access it still poses a significant challenge.
Holiday Gift Guide
CBD Holiday Gift Guide
Looking to uplift your mind and body after a challenging year? Or maybe you’ve got a special someone you’d like to take care of. Celebrate every occasion this holiday season with our favorite CBD gift ideas below.
CBD for Athletes
Why Cannabidiol (CBD) Is The Next Big Thing For Athletes
So what exactly is the link between CBD, athletes and sports, anyway? We interviewed several experts below to get to the heart of the matter including Dr. Ara, a functional sports medicine physician; Tom Jenane, a fitness expert and former personal trainer, as well as several other prominent athletes.
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