CBD topicals market report
CBD Topicals Market Report – Less than 1 in 4 CBD topicals contain the amount of CBD labeled
Out of 40 tested topical products, 31 (77.5%) contained the wrong amount of CBD; The amount of CBD found in the products ranged from 12% to 99% versus what was on the label.
Quality vs Potency
CBD: Breaking Down the Importance of Quality Vs. Strength
There are many factors to consider when choosing the right CBD product. However, the two most important ones are quality and strength. Whether you’re buying a CBD oil, capsules, or something else, you want to find a product that’s of high quality and has the right strength for your needs.
Safe CBD
How do you know your CBD is safe?
For any drug or supplement, there may be side effects and there may be risks—the key is to determine what those side effects and risks ARE, if they are worth the benefits, can any side effects be made less risky AND if you can buy one product that is safer or of higher quality than another.
Report summary
Leafreport’s Independent Testing of CBD Beverages Finds Labeling Discrepancies: 54% of products contained less CBD than advertised
We tested 22 CBD beverages from 20 well-known brands. The results were quite surprising, and unfortunately, not in a good way. Keep reading for our detailed report.
Accuracy Test
How Accurate are Your CBD Labels? Independent Test Results from CBD Brands
This article reports on the accuracy of labels from some of the most popular CBD companies. We had Canalysis analyze samples, provide us with a Certificate of Analysis (a COA) and compared the results to what the labels stated.
How to read a COA
Let’s “Dig Into” a Real COA: How to Read a CBD Certificate of Analysis (COA) Video Guide
In this detailed video guide, the experts from Canalysis Laboratories show us step-by-step how to read CBD third party lab reports (AKA Certificate of Analysis or COA) , and how to interpret them in the most effective way possible.
What is a CBD Certificate of Analysis (COA) and Why is it Important to You?
A Certificate of Analysis (COA) AKA independent 3rd party testing is a scientific document and isn’t always the easiest thing to read for non-scientists. We interviewed the head of “Canalysis Laboratories” and the result is a detailed video guide on how 3rd party testing are done and how to get the important information out of the document and how to understand what is important in that document.
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