CBD and Motherhood

Why so many moms are incorporating CBD into their wellness routine to help them tackle the challenges that come with being a mom.
Kaitlin Domangue
Written by Kaitlin Domangue, Cannabis Writer
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CBD and Motherhood

Being a mom is one of the most incredible blessings. You get to watch a human grow right before your eyes! You spend your time trying to mold and shape them into a noble human being. But, motherhood doesn’t come without its challenges. All of a sudden, you have a human life to care for. Or, maybe multiple little human lives! Your former carefree life is gone, and it is swiftly replaced with babies crying, repetitive nursery rhymes, thousands of diaper changes per day, heartbreaking teething troubles, never-ending potty training, a severe lack of sleep, and stress. You don’t have time to yourself, and your days are spent caring for others. On top of that, you may work a full or part-time job that adds to your workload. You may be a student or have children with complex disabilities. Whatever your situation is, the pressure of motherhood is exhausting. That is why so many moms are incorporating CBD into their wellness routine to reduce stress, get a better night’s rest, and help them tackle the challenges that come with being a mom.

The CBD industry is huge, moms aren’t the only ones using the hemp-derived wellness product. Grandview Research valued the global industry at US $4.6 billion in 2018, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 22.2% from 2019 to 2025.

I’m a mom myself, and I use CBD every single day. In addition to being a mom, I am a business owner and the co-owner of my husband’s business. I also have anxiety and ulcerative colitis, a digestive condition that causes inflammation and unpleasant symptoms. Needless to say, I am busy and a lot of the time, I am very overwhelmed. CBD helps me to feel level headed, in control, and calm when things get to be too much. Also, I deal with symptoms like nausea, weight loss, and appetite suppression that CBD helps tremendously.

On behalf of LeafReport, I reached out to some moms who use CBD regularly to help them be a better version of themselves. We talked to Krystal, who owns a CBD American Shaman retail store and recently launched her own hemp company alongside her husband, STL Hemp Co., which is based in St. Louis, Missouri. We also spoke with Lindsay, a mother of two children aged 4 and 16 months. Lindsay works in software and uses CBD to help her to have a grounded, more calm state of mind. “I also find it helps relieve sore muscle post-workout,” Lindsay told me.

Krystal shared the reason she started using CBD was to cope with her grandmother’s cancer diagnosis. Krystal became her primary caregiver, and the stress became too much for her to handle. “I thought I was handling it fine from a mental perspective,” said Krystal. “But my body was like, no girl. So, I tried CBD after a friend recommended it to me. She said it worked well for her, so I gave it a try and immediately I fell in love with CBD.” Krystal loved the fact that she could get the relief she desired, without the high. “That’s perfect for me,” she said.

Krystal now only uses CBD as she needs it, but she feels like it helps her to be a more patient mother. She spoke of the pre-teen attitude that can come with parenting her 10 year old girl, and credits CBD for helping her stay calm in situations she feels like she otherwise wouldn’t be able to. Krystal also has a three year old son, and using CBD helps her to feel clear headed when they play together. “Also, to not stress over the giant messes he makes is a bonus!”, she told me. Lindsay said, “As someone who experiences anxiety, it allows me to take a few breaths and not feel so anxious.” She explains that she is less stressed out around her kids, and CBD allows her to be in a more positive frame of mind when they start to get a little wild.

Many moms may be worried about the potential stigma attached to using CBD. Will they think I am an irresponsible parent? How will I be perceived? Thankfully for Krystal, that has never been a problem. “ I honestly have never had someone criticize me for using CBD. I think with me owning CBD American Shaman, my main goal has always been to educate people about the benefits of CBD.” Krystal feels that if you’re being criticized for using CBD, the person probably isn’t very educated about what it is. That point rings true for Lindsay too, who told me “I think there are so many misconceptions about what it is and how powerful it is. My mind isn’t altered, my motor functions are not impaired.” Lindsay feels that taking CBD can be compared to having a glass of wine at night, or taking a supplement to feel your best. “Don’t judge until you’ve tried it!”, she says.

Kaitlin Domangue
Kaitlin Domangue
Cannabis Writer
Kaitlin Domangue is a cannabis copy and content writer. She has worked with dozens of amazing brands and companies to create content that drives traffic, educates consumers, and generates sales. In addition to her work with brands, she is gearing up to begin teaching other people how to be a freelance writer. She specializes in producing articles loaded with scientific evidence. Kaitlin is a wife and mother to three daughters, a Christian, and a medical cannabis patient.

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