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Heather Allman, CBD Journalist.
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Leonard Haberman, MD & Chemist.
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The Bottom Line

My review of Kat’s Naturals is excellent. They are a premium CBD brand based on the quality of their hemp, the impressive accuracy of their third party lab test results, their complete transparency throughout the website, and the sheer variety of CBD products and potencies offered. In light of these benefits to the consumer, Kat’s Naturals has a higher price point than other comparable brands in the market.

Kat’s Naturals promotes general CBD and specific product knowledge on every webpage and by including their self written “Consumer’s Guide: The ABC’s to CBD” with each order. They publish the quality, potency, and all other pertinent triple third party lab results for each product directly on the matching product page online under the “Test Results” link. Before purchase, a Kat’s Naturals customer knows the precise potency for each desired product, which offers buyers quality assurance right from the start.

They carry a wider range of CBD potencies and more delivery methods than comparable brands, offering full spectrum, broad spectrum, and isolate products from 20 mg to 10,000 mg. Their product catalog includes CBD edibles, topicals, inhalers, tinctures, skincare, professional strength, bulk, and pet products.

Their prices range from $12 up to $299.99, which equals a moderate $.03 price per mg of CBD for their Naked tincture and a $.09 price point average for their professional strength CBD. They have a $.22 price per mg of CBD average for their topical products. Their highest price point is $1.20 per mg of CBD for the 10 mg Fhenix face mask. Kat’s Naturals does have higher than average priced CBD products compared to other premium brands. They offer free shipping with no minimum purchase, however, and a 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee on all products.

The accuracy variances for these Kat’s Naturals products are all well below the 10% variance allowed. A few products were not tested for standard residuals, solvents, pesticides, heavy metals, or other foreign contaminants so a few of the Kat’s Naturals products in this order did not show the results for standard CBD product tests.

Pros: Cons:
  • State of Tennessee and GMP certified
  • Certified vegan by Vegan.org and Leaping Bunny
  • Organic non-GMO hemp
  • Veterans, disability, fixed income discounts
  • Donate some profits to the veteran transition program: Atlanta Organization Operation Rally
  • Subscription savings
  • Travel packs and sample size products available
  • Tricky to find “Connect” link to customer service
  • No centralized complete product page for easy reference
  • Dropdown product menus are hard to navigate
  • Inadequate testing for contaminants


Hemp Source
Hemp Source-United States
CBD Extract Method
CBD Extract Method-CO2
Worldwide Shipping
Worldwide Shipping-United States
Price Range
Price Range:$5.99 - $299.99
Money Back Guarantee
Money Back Guarantee-
Military Veteran Discount
Military Veteran Discount-
Offers Tastes
Offers Tastes-
Price mg/CBD
Price mg/CBD-$0.02 - $0.18
Extract Types
Extract Types-Full Spectrum, Isolate
Consumption Method
Consumption Method:Tinctures & Drops, Creams & Topicals, Gummies, Capsules
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About the Company

Established in 2016, Kat’s Naturals is an active member of the Hemp Industries Association and firmly believes that CBD products should “Revive the mind and body,” which is their tagline. They publish the quality, potency, and all other pertinent third party lab results for their CBD products on an easily accessible page online, as well as on each corresponding product page. Using hemp, sustainably sourced essential oils, and sustainable farming methods for the plants, Kat’s Naturals creates one of the most healthy, organic and vegan friendly CBD product lines on the market. They claim to work every day to become the most sustainable company possible. Kat’s Naturals reduces packaging and materials, while still offering some of the best pure CBD remedies on the market.

Community is the center of this small company, and Kat’s Naturals stays active in the local community and chamber of commerce, also volunteering at local events. This engaged presence in the local community is a symbol of their immense gratitude for those around them, and is exemplified in the company’s goal: to give back as much as possible.

In addition, they offer a flexible work schedule to their employees that puts balance and family first. Determined to create the best culture possible, Kat’s Naturals encourages creativity, collaboration, and solution driven problem solving within their teams, according to the company.


The Kat’s Naturals website contains comprehensive information concerning how their products are sourced and formulated. The company clearly explains the difference between products formulated with full spectrum, broad spectrum, and isolate CBD. Customers of this brand will immediately notice that official lab results are visible on every product page online, and are available for download. They also publish all third party test results for all products in their centralized “Certificate of Analysis” hub webpage.

Independent CBD testing is another important quality and safety control measure to ensure what is on the label in terms of CBD and THC content matches what is in the contents of each final product a customer receives. Kat’s Naturals triple tests their product line for CBD potency, overall cannabinoid content, and terpene profile, as well as for heavy metals, microbes, pathogens such as E.coli, and any residual solvents leftover from the extraction procedure and distillation process.

Several of their products, the Restore tincture, the pet tincture, and the professional strength topical cream, were tested for CBD and THC potency and terpene profiles; however, there were no readily available lab results concerning possible contaminants. Each of these categories is important for determining the potency, efficacy and safety of CBD products, and Kat’s Naturals, even with triple lab testing, has some room for improvement in this area, in my opinion.

Concerning recommended CBD dosage, Kat’s Naturals openly notes that several variables can influence the amount of CBD that should be taken, as seen on the website page below:

They go further on the website to cite that scientific studies recommend users increase their CBD serving size every 3 to 4 weeks to properly gauge the effects and write down how each CBD serving size and product works for them personally.


This company practices the best techniques at all five stages of their CBD product creation process; harvest, extraction, distillation, purification and potency testing, and publish extensive information online about each step. Their CBD oil is sourced from organic hemp, complete with a broad spectrum or full spectrum of cannabinoids for maximizing the entourage effect. During harvest, Kat’s Naturals use three multi-generational Southeastern farms to cultivate their American grown organic hemp to guarantee plants are tended to with the utmost care.

The test results posted online were easy to match exactly to the batch numbers on my product labels, using the convenient “Certificate of Analysis” hub on each corresponding product page online. Likewise, customers can use the scannable QR code on the inside of each product box or package.

As far as the lab results for the 20 mg dark chocolate bar, I found that this product had 1.62 mg of CBD per serving (1 square), or a 2.8% variance. This is nominally less than the CBD 20 mg total stated on the label. The product contained 19.4 mg of CBD, which is well under the acceptable 10% variance. There was 0% THC. This product passed testing for microbes, chemicals, and all other contaminants.

The lab report for my batch of their 750 mg tincture had a 2.53% variance in CBD with 769 mg, and a THC level below the legal 0.3% allowed. Their Fhenix face mask from the skincare line was labeled at 10 mg. The lab reports showed a 1% variance in CBD content. That’s a quantity of 10.1 mg CBD and a total of 0% THC. Both the face mask and the peppermint tincture were also well below the 10% variance allowed, and all products in the order tested under the legal 0.3% THC limit, as clearly advertised on the labels,including the full spectrum tincture.


Kat’s Naturals was founded in 2016 by Kat Merryfield, an educated herbalist and nutritionist who used her experience crafting natural farm fresh goods to develop these soothing CBD remedies. The company team believes in contributing to the greater good. Kat’s husband, Brian, a 13 year military veteran, joined the company and was,–thanks to CBD, able to get his life back, according to their website. Since the opening of Kat’s Naturals, this company has worked tirelessly to help veterans and their families enhance their quality of life by donating products to veterans and profits to veteran transition programs.

At Kat’s Naturals, they seek to make a positive impact every day. They are conscious of the need for natural healing in communities around the world, and try to create positive experiences by offering therapeutic and organic CBD products. They formulate, manufacture, package, and ship their organic CBD in a vegan and GMP certified facility, which is also authorized by the Tennessee State Department of Commerce. This company is dedicated to making a positive impact by formulating the best CBD products and are strongly committed to crafting high quality remedies by sourcing the best ingredients, equipment, and facilities.

They also work with a skilled and passionate team, vendors, retail partners, and farmers to deliver organic CBD products that are formulated with diligence to guarantee their products. According to the company, their hand picked team packages their organic, certified vegan CBD products and utilizes some of the most sustainable business practices found in the current marketplace. Kat’s Naturals also claims to be continually aware of the environment that their plants are in at all times, so that they can assure users that their CBD products are natural, organic, non-GMO and wholesome.

Manufacturing Process

They are a legal, authorized grower of premium organic hemp that contains pure, high quality hemp oil. Kat’s Naturals sources top quality hemp from farms in the Southeastern United States, and they use their proprietary, certified organic phytocannabinoid rich (PCR) hemp to ensure their CBD products are more effective than products marketed by other comparable premium quality CBD brands. They use a consistently clean CO2 extraction process for all of their products, witnessed in the absence of ethyl alcohol on labels and lab reports and the purity results.They are GMP certified.

During distillation, they triple distill their CBD oils to remove earthy or grassy undertones and to maximize the concentration of each dose of CBD, according to the website. Concerning purification, their soils, plants, and doses are examined throughout the entire cultivation process by testing for pesticides, chemicals, terpenes, and the cannabinoid profile.

All of Kat’s Naturals CBD products are formulated with organic MCT oil as the carrier. Medium Chain Triglycerides are a type of easily digestible saturated fatty acids scientifically known to allow maximum bioavailability in the body. They have certified vegan facilities and products, in addition to being organic. All of their products carry an expiration date on the label or container to ensure freshness.

Range of Products

They offer a premium quality line of full spectrum, broad spectrum, and isolate CBD, available in tinctures, chocolate edibles, vapes, capsules, and topicals, along with skincare, professional strength, and pet CBD products. The vegan, organic tinctures offered by Kat’s Naturals contain only a few simple ingredients, including organic MCT oil, and are offered in a variety of potencies, sizes, and CBD formulations.

All of their products ensure maximum bioavailability through CO2 extraction, which is the cleanest extraction method recognized in the industry. According to the company website, customers can be assured that Kat’s Naturals exceeds industry standards in this department by utilizing all natural, organic plant product ingredients to manufacture all of their CBD products, from start to finish.

This additional quality assurance can be confirmed by viewing any of their lab reports posted as “Test Results” throughout the company website, as no contaminants were detected in any of the product samples or batches. Kat’s Naturals products all contain under the legal 0.3% THC limit, and the required FDA disclaimer appears on every webpage.

THC Free CBD Sublingual Tincture

Kat’s Naturals sources from U.S. organic hemp growers in the Southeast who commit to sustainable farming methods, per the company website. All products are also 100% vegan. These broad spectrum tinctures have no artificial flavors or sweeteners. CBD tinctures may help promote a sense of calm allowing the user to better manage daily stress, according to the company’s suggested uses. The label on the 300, 500, or 1500 mg tinctures suggests a 1 ml dose, and the products come in 5 ml, 15 ml, or 30 ml sizes. However, there are no measuring marks on the dropper.

  • Naked Tincture

This is their strongest THC free sublingual tincture that does not contain peppermint oil with 1500 mg of CBD. It is hypoallergenic and enriched with omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, as well as vitamins A and E during formulation.

  • Relax Tincture

The company suggests this 300 mg tincture for use by customers who want to wind down and relax. This tincture includes hops and wild orange essential oil, and, according to the company, supports healthy immune function and encourages relaxation.

  • Metabolize Tincture

This contains CBD, CBG, and humulene. This 500 mg, CO2 extracted, THC free tincture gives you a boost of energy through CO2 extraction, according to the company.

  • Heal Tincture

This 1500 mg tincture’s suggested use by the company is to help promote clear breathing and healthy respiratory function., CBD is aided by the inclusion of their natural peppermint oil during formulation.

Full Spectrum CBD Sublingual Tincture

These full spectrum tinctures contain less than the legal limit of 0.3% THC, and are offered in peppermint or natural flavors. These come in 5 ml, 15 ml, and 30 ml sizes, so customers can judge the effectiveness of the product before purchasing a larger amount. Supercritical CO2 extraction is used to obtain the CBD for all of these organic, certified vegan tinctures.

  • Restore Tincture

This potent peppermint flavored 1500 mg CBD tincture is recommended for use by the company sublingually, orally, or topically. It is offered in convenient 5 ml, 15 ml, or 30 ml sizes. This full spectrum tincture is 100% organic and certified vegan. It contains CBD formulated with coconut derived MCT oil and sustainably sourced, organic peppermint essential oil.

Suggested uses by Kat’s Naturals include promoting therapeutic healing and physical restoration, while the blended organic peppermint oil scientifically encourages clear breathing, healthy respiratory function, and digestive health.

  • Balance Tincture

This 750 mg full spectrum formula has menthol and various terpenes, such as eucalyptol, to encourage hormonal balance, according to the product page. Supercritical CO2 extraction is used to obtain the CBD, and the tincture is recommended for oral, sublingual, or topical use.

CBD Creams & Topicals

All of Kat’s Naturals topical products are infused with essential oils, and vitamins, with a suggested use by the company consisting of adding them to your everyday routine to alleviate pain and inflammation.

  • Capsaicin CBD Cream, 350 mg

This CBD cream with capsaicin is excellent at improving circulation in the body. It may be used pre or post-workout, according to the company. This capsaicin cream includes essential oils like ginger, black pepper, and juniper.

  • Arnica CBD Cream, 350 mg

CBD cream with Arnica contains 350 mg of CBD and sustainably sourced essential oils, such as lavender and lemongrass. It may help relieve aches and pains in your hips, joints, and muscles, according to the company. It is formulated with emu oil for improved absorption into the body.

  • Professional Strength CBD Cream, 600 mg

This potent remedy includes 600 mg of CBD to help uplift your body and promote comfort, according to the company. Kat’s Naturals further claims that “seven researchers discovered that CBD may help relieve symptoms of arthritis, reduce pain, and improve mobility,” per a recent study.

  • Skin Serum, 350 mg

Packed with organic nutrients, their 350 mg Skin Serum helps decrease signs of irritation, bacteria, and fatigue, while rejuvenating the skin, according to the company.

Professional Strength CBD

There are many differences between Kat’s Naturals’ Professional Strength CBD Sublingual and other CBD oils on the market. The key differences lie in the price, ease of procurement, community support programs, ingredients, and reliability, according to the company website .

  • CBD Cream

Using their patented Uno-Dose dial up, click design to ensure 1 ml precise dosing, this professional strength, targeted relief cream is a potent 600 mg. One click of this cream equals 1 ml of CBD. Suggested use by the company is for soothing aches and pains, and they claim that the higher level of CBD will help uplift your body and promote comfort. This topical product was not tested for heavy metals, microbes, solvents, or other residues, however. A 0% level of THC was detected.

  • CBD Capsules

This 600 mg bottle contains 30 capsules with 20 mg each, The recommended serving size is 1 capsule per day. These powerful CBD capsules are formulated with other natural, organic ingredients to provide vital nutrients to the body through oral use. With the addition of growth cell oligopeptide, these CO2 extracted capsules offer a CBD absorption rate that approaches 100%, according to the company. These organic capsules also include BCAAs, providing essential amino acids, and are certified vegan.

  • CBD Isolate Tincture

Per the company website, this professional strength CBD sublingual product can help users to obtain long lasting and professional relief without traditional prescription prices. Offered in their highest potencies at 5,000 mg and 10,000 mg of CBD, this sublingual or oral product is the highest strength solution offered by Kat’s Naturals.This tincture is a hybrid of their Heal and Professional Strength CBD products and is offered in 50 ml and 100 ml bottles.

CBD Skin Care

This varied CBD infused skin care line lets users experience the soothing benefits of hemp, essential oils, and other natural ingredients. Kat’s Naturals are formulated with active ingredients that have a wide range of therapeutic benefits, according to both the company and related scientific research on various ingredients. This organic beauty product line consists of 5 products, and can help combat aging, enhance skin rejuvenation, and promote healthier skin, according to the company.

  • Skin Serum

Includes Vitamins A, C, and E. Suggested uses are nourishing skin, massage treatments, removing makeup, and enhancing intimacy.

  • Phenix Anti-Fatigue Cream

Packed with botanical stem cells, according to the company. Suggested uses are to smooth skin and reduce signs of aging.

  • Phenix Daytime Replenishing Cream

Formulated to help shield your skin from pollutants, according to the website. Includes various extracts and stem cells.

  • Phenix Nighttime Repair Cream

Suggested uses by the company are to help repair, moisturize, and lift skin during sleep.

  • Phenix Face Mask

This all natural cellulose sheet mask contains essential oils, and the suggested use is to brighten and restore the appearance of skin.

CBD Pet Care

Help your pet experience relief and a better quality of life with CBD pet care products. Formulated with the guidance of a holistic veterinarian, their Master Herbalist created all of the CBD products in this line with high quality ingredients that your pet needs. Give the gift of relief to your furry family member, is their tagline for this pet line. These 150 mg, 300 mg, and 1500 mg tinctures are labeled with a suggested 1 ml dose at a time, and it comes in a 30 ml size. There are no measuring marks on the dropper. Suggested uses are as follows, per the company website

  • CBD Tincture and Topical

Hypoallergenic and allergen free for all pets, especially for pets with sensitivity needs.

  • Rally CBD Tincture

For your pet’s digestive and urinary tracts, according to the company.

  • Comfort CBD Tincture

Full spectrum CBD tincture specially formulated for larger pets by the company.

  • Mend CBD Tincture

Designed for your pet’s ear pain, according to the website.

Hemp Chocolates & Edibles

This 20 mg edible chocolate suggests a 1 square dose, and comes with 12 doses per package. There is approximately 1.66 mg of CBD per square. These hemp chocolates and edibles contain organic, all natural ingredients. According to the company, multiple cannabinoids blended with other nutrients can help ensure a beneficial experience for those who don’t want to hold CBD oil underneath their tongue, or sublingually. With these edible products, customers can ingest CBD and experience relief in a way that’s comfortable and tasty.

  • Dark Chocolate Bar

With this product, the company says customers can enjoy the potent benefits of decarboxylated hemp blended with 70% organic cocoa in this 20 mg dark chocolate bar. Suggested users by the company are to give digestive, immune and emotional health a boost. This product is lactose free, paleo, vegan friendly, and is packed with cannabinoids such as CBD, CBDA, CBCA, CBDV, CBG, and trace amounts of THC.

  • White Chocolate with Peppermint Bar

This 20 mg bar is composed of decarboxylated hemp blended with organic, premium peppermint flavored white chocolate. Designed to give your digestive, immune and emotional health a boost, according to the company, this bar is a tasty and potent hemp edible.

  • Activated Hemp Bulk Chocolate

Activated Hemp is a full spectrum, pure hemp plant product that is organic and provides the full benefits of the hemp plant through the entourage effect, per the corresponding product page. Suggested use by the company is for use in making different hemp edibles, such as smoothies, granola, and baked goods.

CBD Inhalers

This liquid is organic, certified vegan and contains Kat’s Naturals CBD oil which has been supercritical CO2 extracted. According to the company, their 1500 mg CBD inhaler pens or 300 mg cartridges filled with their e-liquid are convenient and easy to use. CBD inhaler pens are small and can be carried easily in a customer’s personal belongings.

Inhaling e-liquid through a CBD inhaler gives customers the opportunity to experience more immediate relief. The company explains that with their inhalers, customers will most likely experience a quick onset time, but a shorter duration of relief.

No specific suggested uses are listed on the company’s product page. Other organic, natural, certified vegan ingredients included with their premium CBD oil are vegetable glycerin and vegetable based propylene glycol which is used to alleviate consumer hesitancy to try inhaler products.


  • Athlete’s Bundle

Savings of 25% on 1500 mg Restore tincture + 600 mg professional strength topical cream

  • Beautiful Skin Bundle

Savings of 25% on Phenix Daytime + Nighttime + Eye creams + Pfenix face mask

  • Bestsellers Bundle

Savings of 25% on 1500 mg Heal tincture + 350 mg CBD cream

Discounts and Samples

  • Disability, Fixed Income, Veteran discounts

Discount code is emailed to the customer after proof is submitted online.

  • SUBSCRIBE AND SAVE plans available

Customers can choose to subscribe to any Kat’s Naturals CBD products for a savings of 25%. They offer regular shipments with their convenient “subscription” option for customers. Buyers can choose the right time frame for their ongoing shipments, ranging from a shipment every 6 weeks or bi-monthly or monthly.

  • Travel Packs and/or Sample Sizes

Available in most product lines.

Buying Experience

The ordering process was a bit difficult on the Kat’s Naturals website. There is an easy to navigate main menu, but several sub menus appear with other brand lines, and many CBD products appear several times on the website in different subsections. It does make the ordering process a bit cumbersome and the website is difficult to navigate, unless you know exactly what you are looking for.

Each product page provides comprehensive product information for each item in that category, as well as suggested uses. All of the third party lab results for the CBD product line, as mentioned earlier, are posted under the “Test Results” link on each corresponding product page, as well as on the central “Certificate of Analysis” hub link on the main website.

If consumer questions arise, Kat’s Naturals customer service team is available to answer questions 9 to 5 on weekdays about orders, or savings. Customer support was contacted using their online “Connect” form concerning the exact CBD potency of several skincare products. They replied within 1 business day with the information requested and informed me that there was 250 mg in both the daytime and nighttime skincare creams. In addition, you can talk to a live person when you call their toll free phone number.

All orders get free shipping regardless of order size. The order was processed in about 2 days before being shipped via Priority Mail. Most orders will ship the same or next business day from the time of processing. A shipping confirmation email with a tracking number was received to follow its progress. From the main menu online, customers can track their orders, reorder, and keep personal information up to date with these handy links:

The order arrived in a white box within 4 business days of placing it online, and the plain package received was discreet. Others would not be able to see the CBD company name on the outside of the white Priority Mail package.

The products were securely packaged and the package contained individually boxed items. The edibles were wrapped in light resistant, silver bubble wrap with a mini cold pack inside to prevent melting. Kat’s Naturals CBD products are all packaged in nearly opaque, glass and plastic containers.

Products Reviewed

THC Free Pet Tincture, 300 mg, 30 ml

This product was not tested for contaminants, such as solvents, microbials, and residues, and had a 0% THC level. The lack of comprehensive testing is uncomfortable for a pet owner with a sensitive furry friend, although the product is formulated by veterinarians. It is unflavored with all natural, certified vegan ingredients, obtained using CO2 extraction. It is a light amber color and has a thinner viscosity than the Restore oil; however, the oil is not as greasy as many other comparable pet tinctures.

According to the company, you can use this product as a topical or oral remedy. On the website, they suggest to use it topically. Customers apply the product to the back of a pet’s neck in order for the CBD to be absorbed through the skin. If pet owners want to use this product orally, the company advises that a few drops should be administered in your pet’s lower gum line, between the lip and teeth. You can also add this 300 mg organic tincture to your pet’s food, according to the company.

Full Spectrum Restore Tincture, 1500 mg, 15 ml

This potent 1500 mg full spectrum tincture was refreshingly minty with no aftertaste. It is a dark dark amber to mid-brown color with a thicker viscosity than their THC free tinctures. The natural mint flavor was not overpowering or artificial tasting. The dropper, however, has no marked measuring lines, so relying on the company’s claim that 1 dropper = 1 ml of CBD; there are 15 servings in this 15 ml bottle.

Professional Strength Full Spectrum Cannabidiol Cream, 600 mg, 40 ml

This topical cream has a potent 600 mg of CBD. It is orange in color, thick in viscosity but still creamy. It dispenses through six holes on the top of the container and applies easily to the skin, using a hands free method. The company’s suggested uses are to massage desired amounts where needed, focusing mostly on inflamed areas of the body.

According to the website, Kat’s Naturals advises customers to repeat use every 2 to 4 hours for maximum relief. This product is certified organic and is for external use only. This product contains Emu oil, which has been scientifically proven to help the body with absorption, and they use their patented cold press method to add organic avocado oil, almond butter, and Arnica. Then, they use their steam distilled method to add lavender, frankincense, and lemongrass organic, essential oils obtained using a CO2 extraction process.

Dark Chocolate Hemp Bar, 20 mg, 12 squares/servings

This delicious 20 mg CBD chocolate product passed testing for all contaminants, solvents, and residues. It looks exactly like a traditional candy bar, with an outer wrapper that only says 70% dark chocolate on it, and a foil inner liner that covers the bar. There are 12 squares total per bar and a serving size is 1 square, as recommended by the company, which delivers approximately 1.66 mg of CBD to the customer. It was a creamy chocolate and dissolved easily in your mouth. The company does say these are safe for children to eat as well, and the lab report confirms a 0% THC level.

PFenix Skin Care Face Mask, 10 mg, 25 g

This 10 mg CBD face mask has a separate 2 part application, to the bottom and top of your face, which makes placement on the skin much easier for the user when compared to trying to apply one large mask all at once. If you’ve ever used a traditional beauty face mask, then you understand how the 2 part method is helpful. This product uses CO2 extracted CBD.

It is a nearly opaque product that smells a bit savory, like rosemary and licorice. It was easy to remove from the waxy backing and applied very smoothly and evenly on my face. It left my skin soft and smooth to the touch, and smelling fresh. It was clean, with no residue upon removal. This product passed testing for all contaminants, solvents, and residues, and had a 0% THC level.

THC Free CBD Cream Travel Packet, 23.3 mg, 5 ml, (350 mg total in 15 individual packets)

This travel sized packet of CBD Cream with Arnica contains 23.3 mg of CBD, organic lavender and other essential oils. It smells fantastic and not herbal at all. It is a light yellow to light green in appearance and easy to apply using a small amount. There is no greasy residue and the skin where it was applied feels smoother almost immediately. There are at least 2 servings in each 5 ml packet that is formulated with emu oil for maximum absorption into the body through application to the skin.

While accurately tested for potency and terpenes, this product was not tested for solvents, heavy metals, microbials, E.coli, and other residues. According to their posted third party lab results, this cream had a 0% level of THC.

About The Authors
Heather Allman
Heather Allman
CBD Journalist
Heather Allman has worked in the higher education, reviewing, writing, and public speaking industries for over two decades. After earning her Bachelor and Master of Arts in English Education, she taught for 13 years at the University of West Florida in both the English and Communication Arts Departments. She also holds a Cannabis Fundamentals Certification from Green-Flower. From her current home in Pensacola, Florida, Heather works as a freelance U.S. Cannabis Journalist for the Cannabis Law Report and CBD World News, among others. She has educated and advocated for cannabis and CBD use on television, radio, and several podcasts. In May 2020, Heather was selected by the National Cannabis Information Project to be the Medical Cannabis Patient Speaker for their media briefing on "Cannabis Industry Response to COVID-19, as covered by Forbes and Bloomberg. She is a member of the National Association of Cannabis Businesses, where she holds a seat on their Sustainability National Standards Board.
Leonard Haberman
Leonard Haberman
MD & Chemist
Dr. Leonard Haberman is a physician and chemist who has been involved in solving chemical and medical problems for 43 years. He graduated from New York University as a dual major in chemistry and biology and went on to obtain a PhD in chemistry from the University of Minnesota where his focus was synthetic methods. He spent 18 years with the Shell organization, working in a mixture of technical and business roles. He returned to the university in 2005, graduating with an MD degree in 2009. He has published in the open literature and in the proprietary literature of the Shell organization. He holds two patents and currently works as a consultant, assisting clients with projects within the disciplines of medicine and chemistry that have potential business applications.

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