Janelle Lassalle

Janelle Lassalle

Cannabis Journalist


  • Name: Janelle Lassalle
  • Author with Leafreport since: June 2020

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  • Area of Expertise: Cannabis, Cannabidiol (CBD), ‘minor’ cannabinoids (CBG, THCV), terpenes, travel, food/drink, writing, marketing, public relations, content creation
  • Using CBD since: 2015
  • Favorite CBD product: Full spectrum tincture

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Janelle is a writer, artist and cannabis/cannabidiol (CBD) expert. Her works have appeared in a variety of top-tier publications including Forbes, Rolling Stone, BBC and VICE. She’s also the co-founder of The Full Spectrum Revolution, a cannabis publication dedicated to educational and lifestyle cannabis content. Follow her on Instagram @jenkhari.

Recent Activity

Celebrities and CBD
Celebrities Who’ve Started Cannabidiol (CBD) Companies

Many celebrities have recently hopped on the CBD train, offering their own unique lines of CBD products. Each line has its own unique focus ranging from culinary to hip, edgy and millennial.

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The Best Cannabidiol (CBD) Brands for Men

Have you spent the majority of 2020 avoiding your reflection? Don’t remember the last time you shaved or got a haircut? There, there now. Fear not, friend, for your experience may be more common than you think. Luckily for you 2020 is…*drumroll*…nearly over now! And as temperatures drop the world around us begins to slow, […]

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Hemp 101
Hemp 101: Understanding One Of Humanity’s Favorite Plants

The National Institute of Health notes that many people often use the terms ‘marijuana’, ‘cannabis’, ‘CBD’ and ‘hemp’ interchangeably. This phenomenon is, unfortunately, an all-too common one.

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The Best Cannabidiol (CBD) Brands for Women

More women are using Cannabidiol (CBD) now than ever. Why’s that? CBD’s unique properties have helped it explode in popularity, particularly its ability to be used in a number of different applications. You can now use a CBD tincture to fight off cramps, apply a transdermal CBD patch directly to sore areas, use CBD topicals […]

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CBD infused foods
What’s the latest in CBD-infused foods?

As such many CBD product manufacturers are producing new, infinitely more creative edibles outside the realm of traditional pot brownies. But just how does the addition of CBD to edibles affect our bodies?

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CBD in college
The Confusion Over CBD On College Campuses: Outdated Policies and the Need for Education

While the popularity of CBD has been steadily on the rise, students’ ability to access it still poses a significant challenge.

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Holiday Gift Guide
CBD Holiday Gift Guide

Looking to uplift your mind and body after a challenging year? Or maybe you’ve got a special someone you’d like to take care of. Celebrate every occasion this holiday season with our favorite CBD gift ideas below.

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CBD for Athletes
Why Cannabidiol (CBD) Is The Next Big Thing For Athletes

So what exactly is the link between CBD, athletes and sports, anyway? We interviewed several experts below to get to the heart of the matter including Dr. Ara, a functional sports medicine physician; Tom Jenane, a fitness expert and former personal trainer, as well as several other prominent athletes.

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CBD Drinks
CBD Beverage Producers Strive For Greater Bioavailability: Nanoemulsion explained

Despite its popularity, Cannabidiol (CBD) is still a relatively fledgling product. And while that position comes with its own unique frustrations there’s still always a silver lining to sit back and appreciate. In this case CBD’s novel nature means that we get watch brands try to innovate right before our very eyes. One area in the CBD industry that’s of great interest is CBD-infused drinks.

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Control Your Pet’s Anxiety With Cannabidiol (CBD)
Vets Who Give Their Own Pets CBD for Anxiety Weigh In On Its Effectiveness

Leaf Report talked to some top-rated veterinarians about their experience using CBD to help reduce anxious behaviors in animals. Veterinary Tricks And Tips for giving your pet CBD.

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Coronavirus and CBD
Trials and Tribulations: 11 Cannabis CEOs Share Their Insights As To How COVID-19 Has Affected Their Business

With COVID-19 cases spiking across the globe, this unique juncture in time poses especially heightened challenges for cannabis businesses

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