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Gleb Oleinik, CBD Journalist.
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Leonard Haberman, MD & Chemist.
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The Bottom Line

Arizona’s PureKana is one of the most popular American CBD brands. It offers a wide product range, including oils, topicals, gummies, pet treats, beverage enhancers, oral sprays, bath bombs, toothpicks, vape pens, transdermal patches, and capsules.

The company does a lot of things right, such as using organic, USA grown hemp, offering multiple potencies and flavors, and providing third party lab test results.

However, PureKana is lacking in some areas to be considered a leading brand. For example, third party tests show that some of its products contain significantly more CBD than advertised (20% and up), which means they’re not always that accurate. Some of its products, such as the toothpicks, are also quite gimmicky.

In addition, PureKana’s products lack QR codes and don’t always clearly state what type of CBD extract is used.

Regarding prices, PureKana is fairly average. Depending on which strength you buy, PureKana’s CBD oils, capsules, vape pens, and gummies cost $0.08–0.18 per mg of CBD. These prices are either below, at, or slightly above the average for these product types, so they’re quite reasonable.

Similarly, the company’s topicals cost $0.09–0.27 per mg, which is also reasonable when compared to other topical CBD products on the market.

Some products seem a tad expensive when counted by the price per mg, such as the bath bombs and dog treats, but that’s to be expected because of the small product size. This means a bigger portion of the cost goes towards the packaging and non-CBD ingredients.

Overall, PureKana is a decent option when it comes to CBD, but not quite top tier.

Pros: Cons:
  • Many product categories
  • Full-spectrum, broad spectrum, and CBD isolate formulas available
  • Multiple potencies and flavor choices
  • High quality hemp source and extraction process
  • Extensive third party testing
  • Free shipping
  • Lacks third party tests for residual solvents
  • Lacks vape juice and isolate powder
  • Some products are gimmicky or contain too little CBD
  • Can provide more potency options for some products
  • Average prices ($0.08–1.20 per mg of CBD)
  • Website has some small errors, such as displaying only four out of five bath bomb scents on the dropdown menu



Hemp Source
Hemp Source-United States
CBD Extract Method
CBD Extract Method-CO2
Worldwide Shipping
Worldwide Shipping-United States
Money Back Guarantee
Money Back Guarantee-
Military Veteran Discount
Military Veteran Discount:
Price Range
Price Range-$11 - $390
Offers Tastes
Offers Tastes-
Price mg/CBD
Price mg/CBD:$0.06 - $2.2
CBD Strength
CBD Strength-
Gummies & Edibles-500 - 500 mg |
Pets - Tinctures-250 - 500 mg |
Creams & Topicals-25 - 2000 mg |
Pets - Edibles-25 - 50 mg |
Capsules-300 - 1200 mg |
Tinctures & Drops-300 - 5000 mg |
Other-39 - 250 mg |
Extract Types
Extract Types-Isolate, Full Spectrum
Consumption Method
Consumption Method-Tinctures & Drops, Capsules, Gummies & Edibles, Vapes & Liquids, Creams & Topicals, Pets - Edibles, Other, Pets - Tinctures
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Table of Contents

About The Company

Founded in 2017, PureKana is based in Scottsdale, Arizona. It is undoubtedly one of the most popular CBD brands in the country, with thousands of satisfied customer reviews.

The company’s lineup includes CBD oil tinctures, softgels, gummies, topicals, pet treats, vape pens, and less common products such as beverage enhancers, oral sprays, bath bombs, and even CBD toothpicks.

The product pages and product labels come with details such as total CBD content and concentration, dosage, usage instructions, and other useful info such as the company’s extraction method. Each product page also notes that PureKana’s products contain less than 0.03% of THC and provides a link to third party test reports.

However, there are some small errors and missing info. For example, some products don’t clearly explain which type of CBD extract is used.

PureKana also offers a FAQ page, a blog tailored to CBD education, and comprehensive contact information. Having said that, we were disappointed by the lack of information about the company itself. PureKana’s about page presents generic statements without any details such as who founded the company, why, and what makes it different from other brands.

Manufacturing Process

PureKana sources their hemp from organic hemp cultivated in Kentucky, which is one of the top three states in the country for hemp farming.

These plants are extracted with CO2, the industry gold standard method for creating CBD rich hemp extracts. Next, the extracts are processed into whole-plant full spectrum or broad spectrum extracts, or pure CBD (isolate).

Most American CBD brands use a similar hemp source and methods, so this manufacturing process is fairly standard.

All of PureKana’s products undergo extensive testing by Ace Analytical Laboratory, an independent lab located in Nevada. They’re tested for potency, terpenes, pesticides, heavy metals, microbials, and other contaminants. The results of these tests are posted directly on each product page.

We compared the stated CBD levels of the products we received with their third party lab results to see if they were accurately labeled. Most of the products fell within the 10% level of accepted variance suggested by experts, meaning they contained slightly more or less CBD than advertised.

However, some products were less accurate:

  • The dog treats contained 20% more CBD in total (30 mg versus the stated 25 mg)
  • The topical cream contained 1750 mg instead of 1500 mg: a difference of 16.7%
  • The softgel capsules contained 38.5 mg of CBD each instead of the advertised 25 mg

All in all, it’s better to have products that contain more CBD than less. Furthermore, a difference of 5 mg for the dog treats can also be understandable because it’s such a low concentration product. However, we still expect a high quality brand to offer products that are fairly accurate (within 10% of the stated CBD amount), so PureKana loses some quality points here.

Range of Products

PureKana has a fairly wide range of products that includes sublingual tinctures, topicals, pet treats, toothpicks, gummies, capsules, bath bombs, vape pens, oral sprays, and beverage enhancers.

These products are made with one of three CBD extract types:

  • Full spectrum, which contains all of hemp’s cannabinoids, terpenes, and other beneficial compounds
  • Broad spectrum, which is same as full spectrum but contains zero THC
  • CBD isolate, a pure form of CBD

They’re also available in a wide variety of flavors and CBD potencies so it’s easy for everyone to find something that fits their preferences.

Here’s a detailed breakdown of PuraKana’s products:

  • Tinctures: Full spectrum tinctures with a potency of 10–83 mg/ml. Available in 30 ml bottles with a total of 300–5000 mg of CBD dissolved in coconut MCT oil. Multiple flavor options: natural, mint, citrus, fruity pebbz, and vanilla.

Mint Full-Spectrum CBD Oil
Mint Full-Spectrum CBD Oil
CBD Amount Range
From 0.93 mg/ml
Price Range
$54 - $139
Price Per Mg CBD
$0.14 - $0.18
THC Concentration
< 0.02%
CBD Per Serving
7.5 mg - 25 mg
Time to Impact
Offers Tastes
Additional Information
Non-GMO, Organic, Pesticide Free, Vegan, Gluten Free, CO2
Extract Types
Full Spectrum
Overal Bottle Volume Range
From 30 ml

Product Name Size (ml) CBD Content CBD Potency (mg/ml) Price Price per Mg Flavors
PureKana CBD Oil 1 oz (30 ml) 300 mg 10 mg/ml $54 $0.18 Natural, Citrus, Fruity Pebbz, Mint, Vanilla
600 mg 20 mg/ml $92 $0.15 Natural, Citrus, Fruity Pebbz, Mint, Vanilla
1000 mg 33 mg/ml $139 $0.14 Natural, Citrus, Fruity Pebbz, Mint, Vanilla
2 oz (60 ml) 2500 mg 41.7 mg/ml $249 $0.10 Natural
5000 mg 83 mg/ml $390 $0.08 Natural
  • CBD Topicals: PureKana offers a topical ointment, menthol roll-on, cream, and transdermal patches. The ointment, roll-on, and cream are made with pure CBD isolate and contain other beneficial skincare and pain relieving ingredients such as olive oil, vitamin E, shea butter, and menthol. They have a potency of 6–15 mg/ml with a total of 600–1500 mg CBD in each container. Meanwhile, the patches are made with broad spectrum hemp extract and contain 60 mg per patch.

Product Name

Size (ml) CBD Content CBD Potency (mg/ml) Price Price per Mg
PureKana Topical CBD Ointment 3.4 oz (100 ml) 600 mg 6 mg/ml $80 $0.13
PureKana Muscle Menthol Roll-On 3 oz (88 ml) 600 mg 6.8 mg/ml $80 $0.13
PureKana Topical CBD Cream 3.4 oz (100 ml) 1500 mg 15 mg/ml $129 $0.09
PureKana CBD Transdermal Patches 1 patch 60 mg 60 mg $17.99 $0.30
3 patches 180 mg 60 mg $48.99 $0.27
  • CBD Capsules: Full spectrum gelatin softgel capsules with 25 mg of CBD and 30 softgels (750 mg CBD) per jar.
Product Name Capsule Count Total CBD Content CBD Potency (mg/capsule) Price Price per Mg
PureKana CBD Capsules 30 softgels 750 mg 25 mg $83 $0.11
  • Toothpicks: Ten toothpicks containing 250 mg CBD per container or 25 mg of pure CBD isolate per piece. Available in 10 flavors: Caramel Apple, Strawberry Limeade, Tropical Mint, Mountain Berry, Churro, Pink Lemonade, Blue Raspberry, Orange Buzz, Cinnamint, Lemon Lime.
Product Name Toothpick Count Total CBD Content CBD Potency (mg/toothpick) Price Price per Mg
PureKana Pure Picks 10 250 mg 25 mg $20 $0.08
  • CBD Gummies: Fruit flavored gummies containing 25 mg of pure CBD isolate each. Twenty pieces per jar for a total of 500 mg CBD.
Product Name Gummy Count Total CBD Content CBD Potency (mg/gummy) Price Price per Mg Flavors
PureKana CBD Vegan Gummies 20 gummies 500 mg 25 mg $40 $0.08 Various fruits
  • Bath Bombs: There are five scents of bath bombs offered which all contain 25 mg of pure CBD. Bath bombs are priced at $11.99. They are formulated with standard bath bomb ingredients such as baking soda and coconut oil.
Product Name Size CBD Content Price Price per Mg Scents
PureKana CBD Bath Bomb 1 bath bomb 25 mg $11.99 $0.48 Midnight rose, cucumber, almond & coconut, activated charcoal, eucalyptus
  • Pet Treats: CBD isolate, gluten free dog treats for small dogs (1 mg of CBD per treat) and large dogs (2.5 mg of CBD pet treat). Available in three flavors: steak & sweet potato, peanut butter & pumpkin, and blueberry & chicken.
Product Name Treat Count Total CBD Content CBD Potency (mg/treat) Price Price per Mg Flavors
PureKana Hemp Dog Treats (Small Dog) 25 25 mg 1 mg $29.99 $1.2 steak & sweet potato, peanut butter & pumpkin, blueberry & chicken
PureKana Hemp Dog Treats (Large Dog) 25 50 mg 2.5 mg $34.99 $0.7
  • Vape pens: Disposable CBD vape pens containing 200 mg of pure CBD in a 0.5 ml volume. Available in blue raz, watermelon mint, mint, and blood orange flavors.
Product Name Size (ml) CBD Content CBD Potency (mg/ml) Price Price per Mg Flavors
PureKana CBD Vape Pen 0.5 ml 200 mg 400 mg/ml $35 $0.18 Blue raz, watermelon mint, mint, blood orange
  • Beverage enhancers: CBD infused beverage enhancers designed to be added to other drinks to either enhance sleep or energy. Formulated with additional sleep supporting or energy boosting ingredients such as passionflower and caffeine.
Product Name Size (ml) CBD Content CBD Potency (mg/ml) Price Price per Mg
PureKana Mixed Berry (Sleep) CBD Beverage Enhancer 60 ml 120 mg 2 mg/ml $23 $0.19
PureKana Citrus (Energy) CBD Beverage Enhancer 60 ml 39 mg 0.65 mg/ml $23 $0.59
  • Oral spray: Oral CBD spray containing 180 mg of pure CBD in a 13.5 ml container. Formulated with liposomal vitamin D complex and peppermint flavor.
Product Name Size (ml) CBD Content CBD Potency (mg/ml) Price Price per Mg
PureKana CBD Oral spray 13.5 ml 180 mg 13.3 mg/ml $25 $0.14

On the whole, PureKana has a wide product range that provides all of the most popular CBD product categories as well as some less common ones, such as toothpicks and oral sprays. However, their toothpicks seem like a gimmicky product.

Special Deals

PureKana offers 3-pack bundle deals for most of its popular products which affords the consumer additional savings. The company also provides a 25% discount to veterans and has coupon deals that can reduce the order price by as much as 30%.

Buying Experience

It was a simple and easy going process to add products to the cart and check out as the website is well designed and easy to use. Shipping was free and took only a few days which was great as well.

The website has a customer service email and a link to “contact us”, a customer service page to leave a message, and two phone numbers listed.

They did get back to us via email and answered the phone but only during the daytime and after a few calls. We asked a few simple questions about using products for pain and what they would recommend, and also about vegan friendly products, to which they responded that some of their products contain gelatin.

Products Reviewed

We reviewed nine of PureKana’s products: the CBD oil tincture, topical menthol roll-on, gummies, oral spray, transdermal patch, eucalyptus bath bomb, energy beverage enhancer, dental picks, and dog treats.

We liked the taste, look, and feel of PureKana’s products, and most of them seemed to work well as a source of CBD. However, a few products either seemed gimmicky or contained too little CBD or other active ingredients to provide significant effects.

Fruity Pebbz CBD Oil Tincture

PureKana’s main offering is its CBD oil. These 30 ml tinctures are made with full spectrum hemp extract so they contain all of hemp’s cannabinoids, terpenes, and other beneficial compounds.

We received the 300 mg, fruity pebbz flavored version, which had a potency of 10 mg/ml. It contained standard CBD tincture ingredients: hemp oil extract, coconut MCT oil, and flavoring. As expected, the tincture had a very pleasant, fruity flavor.

All in all, we liked this tincture, but think the price is too high. At $0.18 per mg of CBD, its price is above the average for CBD tinctures.

Topical Muscle CBD Relief Menthol Roll On

PureKana says its menthol roll-on is intended to help with sore muscles and is especially helpful for athletes. It contains 600 mg of pure CBD isolate in a 3 oz (88 ml) container, which gives it a potency of about 6.8 mg/ml.

The other major ingredient is menthol, the cooling pain reliever widely used in topical products, in addition to other ingredients that may help relieve pain and inflammation, such as camphor and capsicum.

We used this product for a few days. It was quite easy to apply and had a pleasant smell. Although we liked the cooling effect, this roll-on left a burning feeling after the coling wore off.

As for the price, this roll-on costs $0.13, which is a fairly good price for a topical. All in all, we think some people may find this product useful, although it may be too weak to support its claims.

CBD Gummies

PureKana’s gummies are vegan friendly and are made with organic ingredients. Like most gummies they’re formulated with pure CBD and contain 25 mg per piece with 20 gummies per bottle.

We enjoyed their fruity flavor and think these gummies work great for people who want to use CBD in a tasty, convenient form. As suggested by PureKana, these gummies are also great for those who want to use CBD on the go.

PureKana’s gummies cost $0.08 per mg of CBD, which is cheaper than most CBD gummies. Overall, we think this is one of the company’s best products.

Oral CBD Spray

Oral sprays were one of the more unique CBD products, so we were curious to try this product. PureKana’s spray contains 180 mg of full spectrum CBD in a 13.5 ml container. It also includes a liposomal vitamin D complex which may provide additional health benefits.

To use, you simply spray into the mouth and don’t even need to worry about holding any oil under the tongue. We enjoyed the peppermint taste of this product as well as its ease of use. We also felt like it made it easier to fall asleep.

As for the price, the spray is quite affordable at $0.14 per mg of CBD. All in all, we were pleasantly surprised by this alternative to standard CBD tinctures.

Transdermal CBD Patch

Transdermal CBD patches are one of the most interesting ways to apply CBD.

However, the central issue with this method of using CBD is its effectiveness. Although companies claim their patches can deliver CBD to the bloodstream, there isn’t enough evidence to suggest this actually happens, and they might only work at the site of application.

In any case, PureKana’s patch contains 60 mg of full spectrum CBD, which is a fairly high dose. Unfortunately, we didn’t really feel that much when using the patch.

This patch costs $17.99 or $0.3 per mg of CBD, which is fairly expensive.

Eucalyptus Bath Bomb

Bath bombs are another novel way to use CBD. PureKana’s bombs contain 25 mg of CBD, which is considered a fairly low dose. They’re formulated with typical ingredients you’ll see in most bath bombs, such as baking soda, sea salt, coconut oil, and shea butter.

We got the company’s eucalyptus bath bomb, one out of five possible scents. In our experience, this product was pleasant to use. However, it’s hard to say how much of this was the CBD or the other ingredients.

In any case, this product seemed to live up to its claims of enhancing relaxation. However, the price was a little high, $0.48 per mg of CBD, which is above average for bath bombs.

CBD Beverage Enhancer Citrus Energy

PureKana’s CBD beverage enhancer is another unique product that we don’t see offered by many other companies.

We purchased the company’s energy enhancer, which contains 39 mg of full spectrum CBD as well as caffeine, taurine, and vitamin B6, ingredients commonly used in energy drinks and other energy boosting products.

As instructed, we added this 2 oz (60 ml) product to our drink of choice, which was water. The drink felt similar to coffee and we enjoyed the citrus taste. PureKana’s energy enhancer costs $0.59 per mg of CBD, which is a fairly high price.

All in all, this product contains very little CBD for an expensive price.

CBD Toothpicks

CBD infused toothpicks sound like a gimmicky product without much benefit, so we didn’t expect much from them. PureKana’s picks contain 25 mg of CBD each and come in a pack of 10.

They also contain extract of spilanthes, a Brazilian plant known to numb the gums, which seems like a good fit for toothpicks.

We purchased the pink lemonade flavored version. Since the whole toothpick is covered in the active ingredients, it’s rather difficult to use without putting the entire toothpick into your mouth. We used it for a few minutes and threw it away.

These toothpicks cost $20 or $0.08 per mg of CBD. They did taste good but we don’t think they’re worth buying.

Hemp Dog Treats

The last PureKana product we tried was the hemp dog treats. We bought the small dog version, which was flavored with steak & sweet potato. These treats contain 1 mg of pure CBD each, with 25 pieces per bag for a total of 25 mg CBD.

They’re made with natural, dairy, soy, and gluten free ingredients, such as organic coconut oil, vitamin E, and oat flour.

Our pup liked these treats quite a bit. The treats cost $1.2 per mg of CBD, which is quite expensive. However, we do think they’re a decent option for a nutritious treat with potential health benefits for your dog.

About The Authors
Gleb Oleinik
Gleb Oleinik
CBD Journalist
Gleb Oleinik is a freelance health writer and Journalist from Vancouver, Canada. He’s read thousands of research studies about various supplement ingredients, enabling him to translate complex health information into simple language. Gleb specializes in CBD and has personally tried and reviewed dozens of CBD products. He’s knowledgeable about the ins and outs of the CBD industry as well as the science and research behind this popular natural remedy.
Leonard Haberman
Leonard Haberman
MD & Chemist
Dr. Leonard Haberman is a physician and chemist who has been involved in solving chemical and medical problems for 43 years. He graduated from New York University as a dual major in chemistry and biology and went on to obtain a PhD in chemistry from the University of Minnesota where his focus was synthetic methods. He spent 18 years with the Shell organization, working in a mixture of technical and business roles. He returned to the university in 2005, graduating with an MD degree in 2009. He has published in the open literature and in the proprietary literature of the Shell organization. He holds two patents and currently works as a consultant, assisting clients with projects within the disciplines of medicine and chemistry that have potential business applications.

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Great site and Great ProductProduct Family:Tinctures & DropsProducts Used:CBD 300mg and 600mg Tinctures
While shopping around for a GOOD company or site to buy high quality CBD from, a friend turned me onto Pure Kana. I was looking for something for my anxiety and nerves that have started to affect me again with the rise of covid19. So i checked it out.. The site is easy to navigate. The product information leaves no questions.. I started out with buying the Mint flavore 300mg bottles of oil .. I was trying CBD for the first time so i started low. I got the product in about a week and tried it the same day it arrived. I havent had an anxiety attact since i started on this. I recommend it to friends all the time. If your looking for something to replace prescription meds for anxiety i highly recommend asking your doctor about starting CBD. Its worked wonders for myself and friends i have that use it ..
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