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The Bottom Line

PlusCBD Oil is one of the most experienced and respected American CBD brands. It’s an excellent choice if you’re looking for a high quality company.

PlusCBD’s lineup includes the four most popular types of CBD products: oils, capsules & softgels, gummies, and topicals. Better yet, these products come in three different formulations: Raw, Total Plant Complex, and Gold. Our only complaint is that PlusCBD lacks high potency options and some popular product categories, such as vape e-liquids.

Aside from this, the company goes above and beyond to provide high quality products. It uses premium Dutch hemp and extracts it with CO2, the most advanced method of CBD extraction.

Whereas most brands only utilize third party testing, PlusCBD also tests all of its products in its in house lab. Better yet, it posts these results publicly and makes them easy to access.

PlusCBD is also the first CBD company to achieve the FDA’s self-affirmed Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) status. On top of that, it’s certified by the U.S. Hemp Authority, yet more proof that it adheres to the highest production standards.

In terms of price, PlusCBD’s tinctures, capsules, and gummies cost anywhere from $0.08 to $0.26 per mg of CBD, which is higher than average. Its topicals are also priced higher than most similar products, with a cost of $0.12–0.56 per mg. Overall, these prices are not always cheap but still reasonable.

Pros: Cons:
  • Three full spectrum hemp formulations
  • Multiple potency, flavor, and volume options
  • High quality hemp source and extraction process
  • Extensive third party and in house testing
  • U.S. Hemp Authority certified
  • Self-affirmed GRAS
  • Free shipping on orders over $75
  • Customer support needs to be more robust. I contacted them and am still waiting for their reply.
  • Lacks high potency (30+ mg/ml) products
  • Lacks some product categories, such as vape juice
  • Not as cheap as some other leading brands ($0.08–$0.56 per mg CBD)
  • Some people may prefer American sourced hemp

Watch our interview with Plus CBD and video tour at their HQ:


Hemp Source
Hemp Source-Netherlands
CBD Extract Method
CBD Extract Method-CO2
Worldwide Shipping
Worldwide Shipping-United States
Money Back Guarantee
Money Back Guarantee-
Military Veteran Discount
Military Veteran Discount:
Price Range
Price Range-$10.99 - $119.99
Offers Tastes
Offers Tastes-
Price mg/CBD
Price mg/CBD:$0.08 - $0.44
CBD Strength
CBD Strength-
Capsules-150 - 900 mg |
Creams & Topicals-25 - 500 mg |
Tinctures & Drops-100 - 1500 mg |
Extract Types
Extract Types-Full Spectrum
Consumption Method
Consumption Method-Tinctures & Drops, Creams & Topicals, Gummies & Edibles, Capsules
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Table of contents

About the Company

Founded in 2012, California’s PlusCBD Oil is one of the pioneers of the CBD industry. It was one of the first companies to offer CBD products in the U.S. and continues to be a popular choice today.

PlusCBD’s lineup includes CBD oils, softgels, gummies, and topical products available in three distinct hemp formulations: Raw, Total Plant complex, and Gold. All products come with clear, detailed labels displaying CBD content, ingredients, usage information, and more.

Meanwhile, PlusCBD’s comprehensive website allows you to easily find information about individual products, as well as shipping, returns, and CBD education. It also provides details about the company’s history, structure, and contact info.

PlusCBD was one of the first CBD brands to utilize third party testing and has even performed clinical research studies to highlight the effectiveness of its formulas. The company also tests all of its products in an in house lab.

Better yet, PlusCBD is one of the only brands certified by the U.S. Hemp Authority. It also holds the honor of being the first company to achieve the FDA’s self-affirmed Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) status, which means its CBD hemp extracts passed rigorous studies performed by an expert panel to ensure they are safe for consumption.

As a result of its experience and dedication to quality and transparency, PlusCBD Oil is one of the most reputable and trusted CBD companies in the world.

Manufacturing Process

PlusCBD has one of the most rigorous manufacturing processes we’ve come across. Unlike most American companies, PlusCBD sources its organic, non-GMO hemp from Europe. There’s a very good reason for this: the European hemp industry is older and more developed than in the United States, which means it produces higher quality plants.

After importing the hemp, PlusCBD performs genetics testing to verify that the plants come from two certified, food-grade, low THC European hemp strains: Fedora 17 and Futura 75.

Next, it extracts the hemp with CO2, the most advanced method of CBD extraction. Then, PlusCBD makes the three types of full spectrum hemp extract used in its products: Raw, Total Plant Complex, and Gold.

Whereas most CBD brands only use third party testing, PlusCBD also tests all of its products in an in house lab. The third party tests are done by Nevada’s DB Labs, while the internal testing is performed by PlusCBD’s parent company CV Sciences.

The results of these comprehensive tests, which analyze potency, pesticide residues, contaminants, heavy metals, and solvents, are available online and can also be accessed via QR codes on your product.

We compared the stated cannabinoid levels of the products we received with their third party test results. The third party reports confirm that most of PlusCBD’s products contain accurate CBD/CBDA levels.

The only exceptions were the gummies, which contain more CBD than advertised: 6.5–6.9 mg per piece instead of 5 mg. Meanwhile, the Gold formula hemp stick and Total Plant Complex softgels contained slightly less (10-12%) CBD than shown on the label. However, this level of variance is close to the acceptable level of 10% recommended by experts.

The tests also showed safe THC levels (below 0.3%) and a lack of pesticides and other contaminants.

Range of Products

PlusCBD Oil’s product lineup includes the four most popular forms of CBD: oils, capsules, gummies, and topicals.

These products are made using CO2 extraction and come in three distinct, full spectrum formulas: Raw, Total Plant Complex, and Gold.

The Raw formula is a minimally processed hemp extract that is not heated, which helps maintain high levels of CBDA, one of the natural forms of CBD produced by the hemp plant. It also contains multiple other cannabinoids, terpenes, fatty acids, and other plant material.

The Total Plant Complex formula is a standard full spectrum extract where the CBDA is converted into CBD through gentle decarboxylation using heat.

Finally, the company’s Gold formula undergoes additional distillation to concentrate the main active ingredients: CBD and other cannabinoids, terpenes, and fatty acids. This formula has a characteristic yellow color due to the removal of chlorophyll and other plant material.

Here’s a detailed breakdown of the company’s products:

  • CBD Oil Drops: Full spectrum tinctures with a potency of 8.3–25 mg/ml. Comes in a 30 or 60 ml bottle with a total of 250–1500 mg of CBD dissolved in extra virgin olive oil. Available in Raw, Total Plant Complex, and Gold formulas and in multiple flavors.

CBD Oil Drops
CBD Oil Drops
CBD Amount Range
8 mg/ml - 25 mg/ml
Price Range
$39.95 - $145.95
Price Per Mg CBD
$0.08 - $0.11
THC Concentration
< 0.3%
CBD Per Serving
Time to Impact
Offers Tastes
Additional Information
Non-GMO, Pesticide Free, Vegan, Gluten Free, CO2
Extract Types
Full Spectrum
Overal Bottle Volume Range
30 ml - 60 ml

Product Name Size (ml) CBD Content CBD Potency (mg/ml) Price Cost per mg CBD Flavors
PlusCBD Oil Raw Drops 2 oz (60 ml) 500 mg 8.3 mg/ml $67.95 $0.14 Peppermint
PlusCBD Oil Total Plant Complex Drops 1 oz (30 ml) 300 mg 10 mg/ml $39.95 $0.13 Unsweetened
PlusCBD Oil Gold Drops 1 oz (30 ml) 250 mg 8.3 mg/ml $41.95 $0.17 Unflavored, peppermint, goji blueberry
2 oz (60 ml) 750 mg 12.5 mg/ml $89.95 $0.12
2 oz (60 ml) 1500 mg 25 mg/ml $145.95 $0.10
  • CBD Oil Spray: A spray version of the company’s Total Plant Complex tincture with a potency of 3.3 mg or 8.3 mg/ml. Comes in 30ml or 60 ml bottles with a total of 100 or 500 mg of CBD. Available in unflavored form, peppermint, and cafe mocha flavors.
Product Name Size (ml) CBD Content CBD Potency (mg/ml) Price Cost per mg CBD Flavors
PlusCBD Oil Spray 1 oz (30 ml) 100 mg 3.3 mg/ml $22.95 $0.23 Unflavored, peppermint, cafe mocha
2 oz (60 ml) 500 mg 8.3 mg/ml $67.95 $0.14
  • CBD Capsules & Softgels: Full spectrum, vegan friendly capsules and softgel caps with a potency of 5, 10, or 15 mg. Available in Raw, Total Plant Complex, and Gold formulas with 10, 15, or 60 softgels or capsules per bottle.

Product Name Capsule Count Total CBD Content CBD Potency (mg/capsule) Price Cost per mg CBD
PlusCBD Oil Raw Softgels 10 softgels 50 mg 5 mg $12.95 $0.26
30 softgels 150 mg 5 mg $29.95 $0.20
60 softgels 300 mg 5 mg $49.95 $0.17
PlusCBD Oil Total Plant Complex Softgels 10 softgels 100 mg 10 mg $14.95 $0.15
30 softgels 300 mg 10 mg $29.95 $0.10
60 softgels 600 mg 10 mg $59.95 $0.10
PlusCBD Oil Gold Softgels 10 softgels 150 mg 15 mg $19.95 $0.13
30 softgels 450 mg 15 mg $49.95 $0.11
60 softgels 900 mg 15 mg $89.95 $0.10
PlusCBD Oil Capsules 60 capsules 900 mg 15 mg $69.95 $0.08
  • CBD Gummies: Pleasant, fruit flavored gummies containing 5 mg of full spectrum CBD. Made with PlusCBD’s Gold formula with 10, 30, or 60 pieces per bottle. Available in cherry mango and citrus punch flavors.

Product Name Gummy Count Total CBD Content CBD Potency (mg/gummy) Price Cost per mg CBD Flavors
PlusCBD Oil Gummies 10 gummies 50 mg 5 mg $11.95 $0.24 Cherry Mango, Citrus Punch
30 gummies 150 mg 5 mg $29.95 $0.20 Cherry Mango, Citrus Punch
60 gummies 300 mg 5 mg $49.95 $0.17 Cherry Mango, Citrus Punch
  • CBD Topicals: CBD balm, body cream, body lotion, roll-on, and skin serum, each designed to address different issues. The balm is available in Raw or Gold formulation, while the other offerings use the gold formula. Aside from full spectrum CBD, these products also contain skincare, anti-inflammatory, and pain relieving ingredients, such as beeswax, jojoba oil, and menthol. Available in potencies of 1.8–16.7 mg/ml with a total of 25–500 mg of CBD.


Product Name Size (ml) CBD Content CBD Potency (mg/ml) Price Cost per mg CBD Scents
PlusCBD Oil Balm — Raw Formula 1.3 oz (37 ml) 50 mg CBD/CBDA 1.4 mg/ml $24.95 $0.50 N/A
PlusCBD Oil Balm — Gold Formula 1.3 oz (37 ml) 100 mg 2.7 mg/ml $39.95 $0.40 N/A
PlusCBD Oil Balm — Travel Size Raw Formula 0.42 oz (12 ml) 25 mg CBD/CBDA 2.1 mg/ml $13.95 $0.56 N/A
PlusCBD Oil Balm — Travel Size Gold Formula 0.42 oz (12 ml) 45 mg 2.1 mg/ml $18.95 $0.42 N/A
PlusCBD Oil Balm — Hemp Stick Gold Formula 1 oz (28 ml) 150 mg 5.4 mg/ml $28.95 $0.19 Botanical
PlusCBD Oil Body Cream 2.9 oz (83 ml) 150 mg 1.8 mg/ml $33.95 $0.23 Lavender
PlusCBD Oil Body Lotion 3.7 oz (105 ml) 200 mg 1.9 mg/ml $33.95 $0.23 Grapefruit, lavender
PlusCBD Oil Roll-On 1 oz (30 ml) 200 mg 6.7 mg/ml $34.95 $0.17 N/A
PlusCBD Oil Roll-On — Extra Strength 1 oz (30 ml) 500 mg 16.7 mg/ml $59.95 $0.12 N/A
PlusCBD Oil Skin Serum 1 oz (30 ml) 50 mg 1.7 mg/ml $24.95 $0.50 Lavender

Overall, while we’re impressed by the company’s product range, there are two ways it could be improved. Most importantly, PlusCBD needs to offer high potency products (30 mg/ml and higher). Also, it would be nice if the company offered CBD vape products and other less common categories such as CBD isolate powder.

Special Deals

PlusCBD has some coupon deals that can reduce your order price by as much as 20%. However, the company does not offer any product bundles or special discounts at this time.

Buying Experience

PlusCBD updated their website in January 2020, and it shows in the smooth buying experience. Everything is made incredibly clear and easy: simply choose your products, apply any promo codes, enter shipping information, and you’re set.

PlusCBD also provides free U.S. shipping on all orders over $75. Our order took four days to arrive and the shipment box and its contents looked sturdy and well made. The CBD products came inside two bags and the package also included several documents with useful information about PlusCBD and CBD in general. New CBD users will find this info particularly useful.

All in all, the buying experience with PlusCBD was simple and hassle free.

We emailed the company with questions about their hemp source. The customer service team quickly responded and also provided us with a detailed PDF file explaining PlusCBD’s complete process from seed to shelf.

Products Reviewed

We reviewed eight separate products from PlusCBD: the CBD oil Gold drops, CBD oil capsules, Gold softgels, Total Plant Complex softgels, gummies, Gold balm, Gold hemp stick, and the Raw balm.

We were impressed by the accuracy and quality of these products. All of them came with expiration dates and QR codes to easily look up the third party test results and other detailed product info online. Check out the detailed reviews below.

PlusCBD Oil Gold Drops

The CBD oil Gold drops are PlusCBD’s flagship product. We received the company’s medium strength tincture, which has a potency of 12.5 mg per ml for a total of 750 mg CBD.

This oil contains PlusCBD’s Gold full spectrum hemp formula and has a yellowish color. The appearance is due to the removal of all plant material and the resulting concentration of the main active ingredients: cannabinoids, terpenes, and fatty acids. The full spectrum CBD is dissolved in extra virgin olive oil.

Although we reviewed the unflavored tincture, it still had a pleasant, slightly sweet taste because of the addition of monk fruit, a zero calorie sweetener. Also, it didn’t have the grassy, earthy state you often get with unflavored CBD tinctures, since this formula removes excess plant material.

PlusCBD recommends taking 15 drops per serving (½ a dropper), which provides 5 mg of CBD. Price-wise, this tincture costs $0.12 per mg of CBD, which is considered average for CBD oils. Overall, we were happy with this tincture.

PlusCBD Oil Capsules

Whereas most CBD brands offer either capsules or softgels, PlusCBD has both.

These capsules contain PlusCBD’s Total Plant Complex formula: the most common form of full spectrum hemp extract. Here, the hemp extract has been gently heated to convert the CBDA into CBD.

Each vegan friendly capsule provides 15 mg of full spectrum CBD. The capsules were light in color and looked like the regular capsules we see in most supplements.

PlusCBD recommends taking one capsule at a time. We agree as this 15 mg dose should be plenty for most people.

In terms of price, this 60 count bottle had an affordable cost of $0.08 per mg of CBD. Relative to other CBD capsules on the market, this price is below average. We like these capsules for their straightforward, effective formula and affordable price.

PlusCBD Oil Gold Softgels

The Gold formula softgels are PlusCBD’s most popular product, and it’s not difficult to see why. This offering provides the company’s Gold CBD oil in the convenient form of softgel capsules.

Each softgel contains 15 mg of full spectrum CBD dissolved in extra virgin olive oil, with 60 caps per bottle. This product uses PlusCBD’s Gold formula, which removes excess plant material and concentrates the cannabinoids and other active ingredients.

As a result, these vegan friendly softgels have a clear yellow-orange color much like the Gold oil drops we also reviewed.

According to PlusCBD, the softgels are intended for “critical and high intensity support,” which means they’re ideal for people who require a serious, concentrated dose of CBD. The company recommends starting off with a single capsule dose.

These capsules cost $0.10 per mg of CBD. Relative to other full spectrum capsules on the market, this price is close to average. Alongside the Gold oil, these softgels are one of PlusCBD’s most impressive products.

PlusCBD Oil Total Plant Complex Softgels

We also tried the Total Plant Complex version PlusCBD’s softgels. This full spectrum formula contains all of the cannabinoids, terpenes, and other natural phytochemicals present in hemp.

Each vegan friendly softgel contains a 10 mg dose of full spectrum CBD. These softgels had a dark color likely due to the presence of chlorophyll and other plant components. They were also surprisingly small in size, which is great since they’re easier to swallow.

PlusCBD recommends taking one softgel at a time, which seems reasonable. We received the medium (30 count) bottle, which costs $0.11 per mg of CBD. This price is a little higher than the average for capsules.

All in all, these softgels are a great option for people who prefer convenience.

PlusCBD Oil Gummies

PlusCBD’s gummies provide full spectrum CBD in the delicious form of edible treats. These gummies are made with PlusCBD’s Gold formula, which concentrates the active ingredients but removes all other plant compounds.

Each gummy contains 5 mg of CBD and 1.5 g of organic cane sugar. The gummies are completely free of artificial ingredients and flavored with either cherry mango or citrus punch.

PlusCBD recommends taking one gummy at a time, but given the relatively small dose, we think taking two or more will work best for most people.

The gummies were quite large in size. As expected, they tasted delicious. We tried both flavors and we recommend them to people who prioritize convenience and taste. We received the 30 count bottles, which provide CBD at a cost of $0.20 per mg. Compared to similar products, this price is about average.

PlusCBD Oil Gold Balm — Extra-Strength Gold Formula

According to PlusCBD, its balms support the skin’s health and are particularly great for dry skin. This extra-strength version of the balm uses the company’s Gold formula, which is a full spectrum extract that removes all unwanted plant material, such as chlorophyll and phenols.

With a total of 100 mg of CBD in a 37 ml container, this balm has a potency of 2.7 mg per ml. It is formulated with multiple skincare ingredients aside from CBD, including sweet almond oil, vitamin E, and beeswax. It also contains peppermint oil and white willow bark; two herbs used for their anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties.

The balm had a pleasant, light eucalyptus smell and a light color. When applied to the skin, it didn’t feel greasy and absorbed quite nicely. Per mg of CBD, this balm costs $0.40, which is more expensive than the average price for similar products.

Although we’d like this balm to have a higher potency, on the whole, it’s a solid product for getting started with CBD topicals.

PlusCBD Oil Balm — Original Raw Formula

We also tried the original Raw formula of PlusCBD’s balm. Unlike the Gold version, this formula undergoes minimal processing and contains all of the materials produced by the plant.

As such, it contains high levels of CBDA, the original form of CBD made by the hemp plant. As PlusCBD notes, CBDA is a separate cannabinoid that has health benefits just like CBD.

This balm has a lesser CBD potency than the Gold version; 1.4 mg per ml, for a total of 50 mg of CBD and CBDA in the 37 ml container. However, its other ingredients are identical to the Gold variant.

The balm is dark green in color, likely because of chlorophyll and other compounds present in the raw formula. It had a mint smell and absorbed well without feeling greasy. This balm costs $0.50 per mg of CBD, which is somewhat expensive when compared to similar products.

Although this balm felt and smelled great, we think it could be improved with a higher CBD potency and we would appreciate a lower price.

PlusCBD Oil Balm — Hemp Stick Gold Formula

PlusCBD’s hemp stick is the more convenient version of the company’s balm. It also uses the full spectrum Gold formula and contains similar ingredients.

One major difference, however, is the higher potency of this product. This stick contains 5.4 mg of CBD per ml, for a total of 150 mg of CBD. PlusCBD says this stick is great for supporting healthy skin and is particularly useful if you need a portable, hands free way to apply CBD.

Similar to the regular Gold balm, this product felt light and non-greasy on the skin and seemed to absorb well. It also had a pleasant herbal smell.

PlusCBD’s hemp stick costs $0.19 per mg. This price is much lower than the two balms and slightly below average for other similar CBD topicals.

Out of the three PlusCBD topicals we tried, the hemp stick was certainly the best due to its higher potency, better price, great smell, and ease of application.

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