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Stephanie Nichols, Naturopathic Physician.
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Leonard Haberman, MD & Chemist.
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The Bottom Line

There are many impressive aspects of NuLeaf Naturals. Their focus on offering the best CBD at fair prices is evident when looking at their farming and growing practices as well as their third party testing standards. They use licensed hemp farms in Colorado, growing only industrial hemp which has been bred to yield high levels of CBD. Most importantly, they use third party testing to ensure their CBD oils are free of contaminants and contain the amount of CBD and THC they state on their bottle. Plus, their prices are about average in the field, ranging from $0.09-$0.16 per mg CBD. We commonly see anywhere from $0.07 to $0.20 from other brands which offer CBD oil.

If you are looking for CBD edibles, vape products, capsules, or creams, you will have to look elsewhere. At this point, NuLeaf only offers one product, oral CBD oil for people and pets.

Purchasing from the NuLeaf website is quick and easy.They offer free 2-3 day shipping for all of the USA. NuLeaf’s customer service is accessible through phone or email. They have agents available 7 days per week which allows people to get in touch with them even on weekends.

Pros: Cons:
  • Stellar reviews across all platforms
  • Fast shipping (2-3 day) within the USA
  • Thirdparty testing for every batch
  • Narrow product range (no edibles, vape products, or topicals)
  • Does not appear to be any licensed health specialists or pharmacists on their team

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Hemp Source
Hemp Source-United States
CBD Extract Method
CBD Extract Method-CO2
Worldwide Shipping
Worldwide Shipping-United States
Money Back Guarantee
Money Back Guarantee-
Military Veteran Discount
Military Veteran Discount:
Price Range
Price Range-$38.5 - $439
Offers Tastes
Offers Tastes-
Price mg/CBD
Price mg/CBD:$0.07 - $0.13
CBD Strength
CBD Strength-
Capsules-300 - 1800 mg |
Tinctures & Drops-300 - 6000 mg |
Pets - Tinctures-300 - 1800 mg |
Extract Types
Extract Types-Full Spectrum
Consumption Method
Consumption Method-Tinctures & Drops, Creams & Topicals, Pets - Tinctures, Capsules
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Table of Contents

About the Company

NuLeaf Naturals was founded in 2014. When looking into them online, you will find nothing but rave reviews about their high quality CBD products. Their average star rating on media like Facebook, as well as their product reviews online are between 4.5-5 stars.

It is hard to find any information about the team that founded NuLeaf. On their website, they refer to themselves as “health-conscious plant medicine aficionados.” Although we appreciate their passionate, we would have been more impressed if there was at least one licensed health care specialist or pharmacist on their team.

Although NuLeaf has an excellent reputation and is known for their quality CBD products and stellar growing practices, the area that is lacking is information about the people behind the scenes. When looking at their profiles on Facebook and their website, they mention very little about their company team. If we knew more about the team members, we likely would have given them a top grade in for Transparency, Accuracy & Reputation.

Their website has an extensive FAQ page where you can find information about everything from their shipping and return policy, more about CBD itself and the proposed benefits, as well as the extraction methods they use (CO2 extraction).

It is easy to find information about their shipping (free 2-3 day priority) and return policy (30 day full refund) on both their FAQ page as well as their shipping and return page.

Under the Buy CBD page, each product has a clear price marked, amount of CBD per bottle and serving, directions on how to use the product, bottle size, servings per bottle, and ingredients. Here, you can also find clear information about their third party results. Under the third party test results you will easily find information about the actual amount of CBD per ml, THC content, and information concerning any contaminants like solvents, microbes, organic residues and the general cleanliness of the product.

Manufacturing Process

When evaluating CBD companies and their products, it is essential to assess quality, purity, and consistency. It is clear that this company prides themselves on their commitment to offering only the finest CBD products, and here is how we know:

NuLeaf’s CBD comes from the industrial hemp plant, which is grown in their organic, licensed farms in Colorado, watered by the Rocky Mountain Springwater. It should be noted that they do not have a USDA certification. NuLeaf reports using only the finest hemp, which has been selected and cross bred to produce a high output CBD plant. These plants also yield CBC, CBG, and CBN. CBC, CBG, and CBN are other cannabinoids that are currently being researched for their potential benefits to human health. You could say by ensuring to include these cannabinoids, NuLeaf is ahead of the game.

Aside from the high quality CBD NuLeaf farms create, the company is also strict regarding farming practices to protect the environment. Only sustainable and organic farming is used.

Unlike CBD isolates, you may find in other products, the full spectrum CBD used to formulate NuLeaf products provide the “entourage effect.” This means the multiple cannabinoids, as well as terpenes, work synergistically and enhance one another. Working together, these plant constituents provide the largest benefit. A full spectrum product requires an extraction method that preserves the plant constituents and cannabinoids so they can remain intact. NuLeaf uses CO2 extraction, which does not require any heat or harsh solvents. This way, the plant parts are not damaged and can be extracted to create high quality, full-spectrum CBD while still including less than 0.3% THC as required by law.

Another important point to consider is the consistency of the product. If you receive a CBD product and love the benefits, you want to ensure that the next product you order has the same level of quality. NuLeaf has answered this concern. Their use of plant engineering allows them to create near identical strands of the hemp plant time and time again, so you are getting the same CBD product every time.

To ensure their CBD products are high-quality and free of THC, chemicals, microbes, or heavy metals, NuLeaf sends all their products for third party testing. They use FDA registered labs, including Steep Hill in Berkeley, California, and ProVerde in Milford, Massachusetts. They take additional steps to ensure the laboratory is compliant by having it inspected by the Colorado State Department of Public Health and Environment.

There are third party lab results available for every batch of product. When you look at the product page, you will have access to the current batch. However, if you want to look at a previous batch, you will need the batch number which is found on the bottle. You can quickly look it up on their website on the “Batch/Lot Lookup” page which you can find at the very bottom on the website in the footer. When we looked at the lab report from the 725ml 50mg/ml CBD product that they are currently selling, they passed with flying colors. The bottle actually contained a bit more CBD than what was listed (52.27mg/ml) and only 0.14% THC. This gives us a variance of 4.54% for CBD which is within the general acceptable limit of 10%. Also, the results for microbes, fungi, pesticides, and other contaminants indicated that all of them were not detectable.

We also looked up the batch number for the actual CBD oil products we received. The Full Spectrum Pet CBD Oil, High Grade Hemp Extract (50mg/ml) contained 55.64mg/ml of CBD and 0.16% THC. This gives us a variance of 11.65% for CBD, which is a tad above the general acceptable limit of 10%.

For the 4850mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil, High Grade Hemp Extract which I received, the lab report showed that there was 54.72mg/ml of CBD and 0.15% THC. The CBD variance of 9.44% is within acceptable limit of 10%. Reports from both lot numbers showed that there were no detectable microbes (E coli, yeasts), pesticides, solvents, or other contaminants in the products. Also, the THC for all the lot numbers we assessed was well below the 0.3% legal limit.

It is vital to have access to these results to ensure that the product you are consuming does not have more THC than what is allowed and is free from any harmful pesticides or chemicals. Allowing customers to see the results adds another bond of trust between the company and their customers and demonstrates their transparency.

Range of Products

NuLeaf focuses on one product; CBD oil. That being said, the range of products that NuLeaf offers is quite narrow. They do not offer any edibles, vape products, coffee, teas, lotions, or anything besides pure CBD oil. In total, they offer five different sizes of their CBD oil, which all contain 50mg of CBD per ml. All of the CBD oil products are intended for oral consumption.

CBD Amount Range
Up to 50 mg/ml
Price Range
$38.5 - $439
Price Per Mg CBD
$0.09 - $0.16
THC Concentration
< 0.3%
CBD Per Serving
From 24 mg
Time to Impact
Offers Tastes
Additional Information
Non-GMO, Organic, Pesticide Free, Kosher, Vegan, Gluten Free, CO2
Extract Types
Full Spectrum
Overal Bottle Volume Range
5 ml - 100 ml

In all of their CBD oils, the only ingredient is hemp oil; no fillers, binders or synthetic ingredients. No extras, just pure, high potency, full spectrum CBD. This means that there are no flavor options either. In addition, their CBD oil is 100% organic and non-GMO. However, NuLeaf does not have a USDA organic certification, so it is unclear who, if anyone, has certified them as organic. They use a CO2 extraction method for all their CBD oils.

Product Name Size (mL) Potency Price Price/mg CBD
240mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil, High Grade Hemp Extract 5mL 240MG / 50 mg CBD per 1 ml serving $38.50 $0.16
725mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil, High Grade Hemp Extract 15mL 725MG / 50 mg CBD per 1 ml serving $99.00 $0.14
1450mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil, High Grade Hemp Extract 30mL 1450MG / 50 mg CBD per 1 ml serving $179 $0.12
2425mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil, High Grade Hemp Extract 50mL 2425MG / 50 mg CBD per 1 ml serving $239 $0.10
4850mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil, High Grade Hemp Extract 100mL 4850MG / 50 mg CBD per 1 ml serving $434 $0.09

In addition to their CBD oil for humans, they also offer CBD oil for pets. Like their CBD oil for humans, the oil is 100% hemp oil without any other binders, fillers, synthetic ingredients, or flavors. This is in contrast to some other brands of pet CBD oil that flavor their products with bacon flavors, or different tastes pets may like.

Product Name Size (ml) Potency Price Price/mg CBD
Full Spectrum Pet CBD Oil, High Grade Hemp Extract (50mg/ml) 5ml 240MG / 50 mg CBD per mL serving $38.50 $0.16
Full Spectrum Pet CBD Oil, High Grade Hemp Extract (50mg/ml) 15ml 725MG / 50 mg CBD per mL serving $99 $0.14
Full Spectrum Pet CBD Oil, High Grade Hemp Extract (50mg/ml) 30ml 1450MG / 50 mg CBD per mL serving $179 $0.12


NuLeaf Bundles:

  1. 6-pack of 15mL 725mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil, High Grade Hemp Extract for $434. This works out to $74.33 per bottle and a 27% savings.
  2. 2-pack of 30mL 1450mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil, High Grade Hemp Extract for $264. This works out to $132 per bottle and a 26% savings.
  3. 2-pack of 50mL 2425mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil, High Grade Hemp Extract for $439. This works out to $219.50 per bottle and an 8% savings.
  4. 6-pack of 50mL 2425mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil, High Grade Hemp Extract for $1053. This works out to $175.50 per bottle and a 27% savings.
  5. 3-pack of 50mL 4850mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil, High Grade Hemp Extract for $1053.60. This works out to $351.20 per bottle and a 19% savings.
  6. 6-pack of 50mL 4850mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil, High Grade Hemp Extract for $1953.40. This works out to $325.57 per bottle and a 25% savings.

Based on the percentage of savings, the 6-pack of 50mL 2425mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil, High Grade Hemp Extract for $1053, is a great deal. This is especially true because as you purchase larger sized bottles, the cost per CBD decreases. For example, the 2425mg CBD bottles cost $0.10 per mg of CBD. For the most part, the majority of the NuLeaf bundles offer significant savings. The only bundle that is somewhat of a let down is the 2-pack of 50mL 2425mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil, High Grade Hemp Extract for $439, an 8% savings.

NuLeaf offers a discount of 20% when you first visit their site. You will see a pop up that asks for your name and email. They do not offer any samples with a purchase. From time to time, there may be other sales, such as on Black Friday, when they offer 35% off all of their products.

Buying Experience

NuLeaf’s website is easy to use and intuitive. The product page is clearly titled “Buy CBD,” and all of their different CBD oil options are clear. There is a picture of each product, which also highlights that the CBD is organic and non-GMO, as well as how many mg of CBD is in the bottle. After clicking on a product you are interested in, you will have access to more information about the CBD oil, including the third party lab results produced for each and every batch. For oils that have multiple buying options, such as a bundle of 2, 3, or 6 bottles, there is an option on the side of the page. You can compare the prices of a single bottle and bundle this way.

Once you have added all of your product to the cart, you can click a button which will bring you to the checkout page. Here, it is easy to add a coupon code as well as see all of your items listed and the price for each item. The great part about NuLeaf is that they offer free priority shipping so you can begin using your NuLeaf CBD within 2-3 business days. If you really want your product soon, you can select the express shipping option, which takes 1-2 days, and costs $25 extra. We were completely satisfied with their standard free priority shipping.

Once you are satisfied with your product options, shipping options, and have put in any coupon codes, it is time to pay. NuLeaf gives you the opportunity of creating a profile for the next time you shop with them as that way, all of your information is saved, or you can check out as a guest. Everything is straightforward and transparent in terms of checkout.

We reached out to the company via the phone number listed to ask about how the box would be delivered. The person on the other end of the phone was pleasant, informative, and answered promptly. They assured us that the box would not indicate what products were inside and would arrive at the front door and require a signature. As it turns out, everything they said was true. Aside from a phone number, which is available during regular business hours from 9 am to 5 pm as well as on weekends, they also have a contact email as well as a mailing address listed.

We received our products promptly after ordering. They also supplied a tracking number, so we knew exactly when to expect our order. The products arrived in a discrete brown cardboard box. Inside, the products were all individually wrapped with a generous amount of bubble wrap to protect the product from getting damaged or cracked. Since all the bottles are made from glass, this is important!

If you are not happy with your order or you received the incorrect products, NuLeaf offers a full refund within 30 days. The shipping process was fast, easy, and we felt they took care to package the products to ensure they arrived in one piece.

Products Reviewed

We received 3 products:

1. 5mL 240mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil, High Grade Hemp Extract (50mg/ml)

$38.50 ($0.16/mg CBD)

2. 100mL 4850mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil, High Grade Hemp Extract (50mg/ml)

$434 ($0.09/mg CBD)

3. 15mL 725mg Full Spectrum Pet CBD Oil, High Grade Hemp Extract (50mg/ml)

$99 ($0.14/mg CBD)

The only difference between these was oiss the container size. For all three, each mL contains 50mg of full spectrum CBD. There is just one ingredient, hemp oil, which is non-GMO, organic, and extracted through the use of CO2. This means no pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, or other additives are in NuLeaf’s CBD oils.

When assessing the third party lab results, all three of the oils passed and even surpassed what is listed on the bottle. There were two different lot numbers for the oils we received. According to the third party results, the 4850mg and 240mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil, High Grade Hemp Extract contained 54.72mg/ml of CBD and 0.15% THC for a CBD variance of 9.44%. The Full Spectrum Pet CBD Oil, High Grade Hemp Extract (50mg/ml) contained 55.64mg/ml of CBD for a CBD variance of 11.65% and 0.16% THC. All the other test results, such as microbes, heavy metals, and pesticides, were negative. A clean outcome.

As we mentioned, the only difference is the bottle size, so the CBD oil inside is essentially the same. NuLeaf recommends taking ten drops of the CBD oil under the tongue and holding it for 30 seconds. They do not list any conditions for which their CBD is recommended. It is up to the user to know and understand the benefits of CBD. However, they do have a FAQ page, which does go into detail about how CBD affects the body and the conditions that may be improved which include: anxiety, aches and pains, and other everyday ailments. They are careful not to make any health claims about CBD.

For the Pet CBD, the bottle has a guide on how many drops to give to your pet based on his/her weight. For example for pets under 25kg, 2 drops are suggested while pets above 75kg can get 8+ drops. The bottle also states to give your pet 1-2 servings per day. The NuLeaf website does not make any recommendations concerning the use of Pet CBD. As a consumer, you will have to use available information to determine if CBD may help your pet.

The taste of this CBD oil is aromatic, earthy, and pungent. There is no sweetness or flavor, as with some of the other CBD oils available. You will notice that the oil is extremely clear and consistent. There was no cloudiness, suspended solids, or particulate matter in NuLeaf oils. Visually, the CBD oil appears exceptionally pure. The oil is a deep yellow-green color, similar to a high-quality olive oil. It smells just like it tastes; earthy, pungent, and aromatic.


About The Authors
Stephanie Nichols
Stephanie Nichols
Naturopathic Physician
Dr. Stephanie Nichols is a practicing, licensed Naturopathic Physician in Arizona. In her practice, she helps her patients resolve their health concerns through an integrative, functional medicine approach. Her focus is on digestive issues, mental health, autoimmunity, and hormonal concerns. Dr. Stephanie utilizes a combination of herbal therapies, such as CBD, lifestyle, and dietary changes to help people transform their health. She knows first hand the efficacy of herbal treatments. She graduated with honors, from the highly esteemed Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Tempe, Arizona.
Leonard Haberman
Leonard Haberman
MD & Chemist
Dr. Leonard Haberman is a physician and chemist who has been involved in solving chemical and medical problems for 43 years. He graduated from New York University as a dual major in chemistry and biology and went on to obtain a PhD in chemistry from the University of Minnesota where his focus was synthetic methods. He spent 18 years with the Shell organization, working in a mixture of technical and business roles. He returned to the university in 2005, graduating with an MD degree in 2009. He has published in the open literature and in the proprietary literature of the Shell organization. He holds two patents and currently works as a consultant, assisting clients with projects within the disciplines of medicine and chemistry that have potential business applications.

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