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The Bottom Line

My review of Nirvana is good overall, based on their variety of products, company transparency, reputation, and accuracy in THC labeling. The company website is easy to navigate and arranges products by category and delivery method, for an easy customer buying experience. However, some of Nirvana’s products are referred to by interchangeable names. For example, the main product category is called “CBD Softgels,” but the product page reads “CBD Gel Caps.” The company information leaflet included with the order calls them “Hemp Gel Caps” and this inconsistent use of names can cause some confusion for consumers.

In addition, while an email and phone number are prominently posted online, Nirvana’s customer service was not readily available. A phone call was greeted by a repeated busy signal and then a recording, and my email only received a reply 6 days later. Their customer support response time to inquiries has room for improvement.

Nirvana offers quality phytocannabinoid rich broad spectrum CBD products including gummies, shots, softgels, topicals, and tinctures. All of their CBD products are 100% free of pesticides, solvents, GMO, gluten, THC, and carbohydrates, according to the company. They carry a wide range of CBD potencies from 25 mg to 1500 mg, but only offer two potency options for their flavored tinctures.

Nirvana does have a slightly higher price point than other comparable premium brands in the market, ranging from $4.99 up to $199.60, which equals a moderate $.07 price per mg of CBD for their tinctures and a $.08 price for their softgels. While their highest price point is $.15 per mg of CBD for a 33 mg, 2 ml shot, their overall prices are far from being the highest in the premium CBD market.

Pros: Cons:
  • Single and combo packs offered for most products
  • Heavy CBD education focus, including a CBD User Guide
  • Accessibility widget built into website
  • $50 minimum order required for free shipping
  • Slow customer service response
  • COA unavailable for CBD Shots
  • No regular discounts available


Nirvana CBD Specs

📍Hemp Source:United States
🥽Extract Method:CO2
✈️Shipping:United States
Money Back Guarantee:
🎖Military Veteran Discount:
🏷Coupons:Nirvana CBD Coupons and Sales


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  • About the company

    Nirvana CBD was founded in Ohio in 2017 and products are manufactured in one of California’s top cannabis laboratories. This facility specializes in CBD extract manufacturing. Nirvana CBD takes pride in offering a top of the line quality product while, per the company’s website, giving the consumer “true value at an affordable price.”

    One of Nirvana’s listed goals is for consumers to understand that CBD works differently for everyone, explaining further online and on their product labels that this is the main reason why Nirvana supports an extensive and expressive educational approach as a company. They work to promote CBD education and specific product knowledge by including a CBD User Guide and informational leaflets for each product included in a customer’s order.

    In addition, they publish the quality, potency, and all other pertinent third party lab results for their CBD products on an easily accessible page online. Their website admonishes CBD consumers that while it can indeed be a helpful wellness compound, CBD is also quite versatile and complex. For instance, on their main website, Nirvana discusses at length how the suggested dosage of CBD is dependent on several factors, including the severity of the condition being treated, the individual’s body chemistry, the weight of the individual, and the concentration of CBD.


    On their website, Nirvana has a clearly labeled FAQ section that preemptively answers consumer queries, and all third party lab results are conveniently available at the bottom of every page for viewing and downloading under their “Lab Results” link. Nirvana also has a dedicated “Contact Us” link directly tied to customer service visible on every page of their company website.

    Their website also contains comprehensive information on how each product is made, and all of the included ingredients are listed on each individual corresponding product page. On their main home page, the company clearly explains the difference between their broad spectrum CBD oil products and the full spectrum or isolate product alternatives available in the market.

    Nirvana tests for CBD potency, overall cannabinoid content, and terpene profile, heavy metals, microbes, pathogens such as E.coli, and any residual solvents leftover from the extraction procedure and distillation process. Each of these categories is important for determining the potency, efficacy and safety of CBD products for the end consumer.


    They are a legal, authorized grower of premium hemp that contains pure, high quality hemp oil. Nirvana sources top quality hemp from farms in Colorado and Oregon, United States, and manufactures their Nirvana CBD products in California, using their non-GMO hemp to ensure their products live up to the premium quality CBD brand standards.

    They use a patented nano-emulsion technology during formulation and use a clean CO2 extraction process for all of their products, witnessed in the absence of ethyl alcohol on labels and lab reports and the purity results.

    The lab results are provided on Nirvana’s readily available “Lab Results” page on the main company website online. It was easy to match my products to the COA lab reports using the batch numbers on my product labels and the scannable QR codes.

    As far as the lab results for the 25 mg gummies, I found that this product had 29.37 mg of CBD per serving (1 gummy), which adds up to a larger quantity of CBD than the 500mg listed on the label. The bottle contained 587.48 mg total CBD. This is well over the acceptable 10% variance at 17.49%, but this product exhibits a reported level of 0% THC. This product also passed testing for microbes, pesticides, chemicals, and all other contaminants.

    The independent third party lab report for my batch of their 750 mg softgel bottle had an 8.8% variance 684 mg total mg of CBD. A serving of their 25 mg product is 1 softgel. The lab lab results showed each softgel had 22.8 mg CBD and a total of 0% THC per dose.

    The lab report for the 1000 mg vanilla incture had a CBD variance of 2.15% with 978.5 mg of total CBD. This is well below the acceptable 10% variance limit. THC was not detected.

    Their 150 mg topical CBD roll on had a 3.4% variance with 144.9 mg of total CBD on the third party test results. Both the tincture and the topical product were under the 10% CBD variance allowed. This product, like all others in the order, tested under the legal 0.3% THC limit with 0% detected, as Nirvana advertises on their labels.


    Nirvana CBD was founded in 2017 and is more than just a marketing company. According to the company, Nirvana consists of a team of talented individuals and a family, who deeply care for the well being of others and who aim to provide natural relaxation for their CBD consumers. This is illustrated by the personal photos and company story available for everyone to view on the “About Us” tab.

    Over the years, Nirvana has grown stronger as a team, according to the company, and their goals are to help give people the ability to choose an alternative therapy to treat and maintain the healthiest state of wellness individually possible. These company goals have tangibly translated into an expansive customer base of satisfied, repeat buyers who not only find value in the Nirvana premium CBD product line, but who also regularly post positive impact reviews for the company.

    Leafreport’s market reports score

    Edibles report – Nirvana CBD received an «А» score in our edibles products report where we tested 40 different edible products in an independent lab.

    Manufacturing Process

    They are a legal, authorized grower of premium U.S. hemp that contains pure, PCR, or phytocannabinoid rich CBD oil. Nirvana sources their raw materials from Colorado and Oregon farms, and they formulate and manufacture their CBD products in California using a patented nano-emulsion technology and a clean CO2 extraction process, as confirmed by the corresponding lab reports posted online.

    To the best of our knowledge, Nirvana does not operate in a GMP certified or GMP compliant manufacturing facility. The company’s hemp is advertised as being organic, but Nirvana is not USDA certified organic.

    Nirvana has a primary goal prominently located on the website, which is to provide customers with an option for natural relaxation and wellness. They strive to accomplish this goal by certifying that their products are gluten free and non-GMO, in addition to being absolutely carbohydrate free, THC free, and solvent free.

    Their products are also free of any contaminants, including harmful pesticides and herbicides —claims that are all verified by their third party lab test reports, and all products were verified to contain 0% THC. Their gummy and softgel products, however, are not vegan and use animal derived gelatin during formulation.

    They offer a premium quality line of broad spectrum CBD, available in tinctures, gummies, softgels, topicals, and liquid oil shots.

    All of their products offer maximum bioavailability through their clean CO2 extraction. According to the company website, Nirvana uses all natural, non-GMO, organic plant product ingredients to manufacture all of their CBD products. These products are also gluten, chemical, and carbohydrate free, and they contain organic essential oils, including MCT oil.

    Additional quality assurance of Nirvana products can be confirmed by consumers by quickly viewing any of their lab reports posted clearly on the company website. No irregularities or other contaminants were detected in any of the product samples or batches. All Nirvana products promise to contain absolutely no THC, and all samples tested noted a 0% THC result, which is well under the legal limit of 0.3%. An FDA disclaimer is included on every product page.

    Nirvana CBD Tinctures Overview

    Nirvana tinctures are available in four natural flavors that range from sweet to tart, including grapefruit, peppermint, strawberry, and vanilla. Using a hemp oil CO2 extraction that removes all THC, these phytocannabinoid rich Nirvana CBD products provide customers with a dose of premium cannabinoids, blended with organic essential oils and MCT, or Medium Chain Triglyceride, oil for easy digestion.

    The company recommends that customers start by shaking the tincture bottle well before filling the dropper. They further direct users to empty the dropper under the tongue, or sublingually, and hold the liquid under the tongue for 1 full minute before swallowing. The company also suggests adding these tinctures to your favorite food or beverage.

    According to the posted lab report, this Nirvana 1000 mg vanilla tincture had 978.5 mg of total CBD, but was well under the allowed 10% at a 2.15% variance. It measured a non detectable amount, or 0% THC.

    Learn more by reading our Best CBD Oil buying guide.

    Nirvana CBD Softgels / Gel Caps Overview

    These broad spectrum CBD gel caps or softgels are touted by the company as being travel friendly, fast acting, and for oral use. Each bottle contains 30 softgels, which contain 25 mg each, for a total of 750 mg per container. Nirvana also sells these in single and double packs, if customers aren’t ready to buy an entire bottle.

    Each CBD softgel includes their phytocannabinoid rich hemp oil, which has been formulated using nano-emulsion technology which leaves 0.0% THC in their products. This product is not vegan nor all natural, however, as Nirvana uses bovine gelatin and artificial coloring.

    The Nirvana CBD Melatonin softgels contain 1 mg of melatonin, in addition to 25 mg of their broad spectrum CBD. This product is formulated for sleep and to be taken at bedtime, according to the company’s suggested use. Their curcumin, or turmeric, CBD softgels contain 25 mg of PCR, broad spectrum CBD. These are designed to aid recovery, according to the company’s product page, and contain 10 mg of curcumin per softgel.

    Learn more by reading our Best CBD Softgels buying guide.

    Nirvana CBD Gummies Overview

    Nirvana CBD brings their PCR hemp derived cannabinoids to an edible product with these tasty, fruit gummies, in a unique variety of pineapple, grape, green apple, strawberry, and watermelon flavors. As CBD gummies have become very popular within the last few years with CBD consumers, Nirvana has adapted their assorted fruit gummies and produced a larger, more flavorful CBD edible product. Beyond containing the company’s quality, CO2 extracted hemp oil, this product allows consumers the ability to discreetly take a daily dose of CBD.

    Learn more by reading our Best CBD Gummies buying guide.

    Nirvana CBD Shots / Drams Overview

    These 2 ml drams or CBD shots, are sugary sweet and small in content; however, Nirvana CBD brings out the best in hemp derived cannabinoids with their strawberry, peppermint, grapefruit, and vanilla flavored shots. Each 2 ml liquid shot contains 33 mg of CBD, and these are sold individually or in bundles that include a 4 or 40 variety pack. These average $.15 per mg of CBD, regardless of which size bottle ordered.

    To use the CBD shot, the company recommends that consumers start by shaking the shot well. Nirvana then advises that users empty the shot under the tongue, or sublingually, and hold the liquid for 60 seconds before swallowing normally. In addition, the company suggests adding these CBD shots into your favorite food and beverage to enhance any edible item. There is no grassy aftertaste, but the added flavoring is potent to the taste buds.


    Nirvana CBD Topicals Overview

    Nirvana has done the research on topicals and their effectiveness, according to the company’s online description of these topical products. They describe these topicals as being infused with their premium, CO2 extracted CBD oil.

    • CBD Muscle Recovery Lotion

    Nirvana CBD has developed a broad spectrum CBD ‘Muscle Recovery’ lotion which contains 600mg of CBD in a 100 ml bottle. This topical CBD lotion can easily be applied to small or large areas of the skin, and the company advises that the lotion can provide soothing and targeted pain or inflammation relief.

    This organic, vegan lotion is extracted using a clean CO2 process and is formulated with Nirvana’s PCR hemp and organic coconut MCT oil. It also includes capsicum, menthol, camphor, ginger root, aloe vera, and lavender, which have all been scientifically proven to have beneficial effects on the body’s inflammatory response. They also infuse other essential oils into this product, such as chamomile, spearmint, juniper, and lemongrass to maximize CBD bioavailability in the body.

    • CBD Body Lotion

    Like their ‘Muscle Recovery’ lotion with different ingredients, this broad spectrum CBD Nirvana topical body lotion also contains 600 mg of CBD in a 100 ml container. It is easy to apply with no greasiness, using a base of glycerin and emulsifying wax that’s CO2 extracted and formulated with their organic MCT and PCR hemp oil for targeted application.

    This organic body lotion also contains aloe vera, chamomile, geranium, and orange essential oils.The company’s suggested use is to moisturize and replenish skin.

    Learn more by reading our Best CBD Creams buying guide.

    Nirvana CBD Roll-On Overview

    Additionally, Nirvana CBD has developed a broad spectrum, award winning CBD Roll On which contains 150 mg of CBD in a 30ml bottle. This product has a typical roll-on applicator which can easily be applied to targeted, smaller areas of the skin with no mess or sticky, oily hands. The company recommends this convenient product for soothing pain relief use, but this is only a suggested use by the company.

    Nirvana Discounts, Coupons, and Bundles

    Sale Icon
    black friday 35% discount coupon
    Scissors Icon

    • Sleep Package, $140:

    – Curcumin Soft Gel Bottle x 2

    – Muscle Repair Lotion x 1

    – 4 pack of CBD Shots FREE

    – T- Shirt FREE

    – Hat FREE

    – Pop Socket FREE

    – Tote Bag FREE

    • Recovery Package, $140:

    – Curcumin Soft Gel Bottle x 2

    – Muscle Repair Lotion x 1

    – 4 pack of CBD Shots FREE

    – T- Shirt FREE

    – Hat FREE

    – Pop Socket FREE

    – Tote Bag FREE

    • Nirvana Vanilla 500 Bundle, $39.99:

    – 5 pack of CBD Gummies x 1

    – Vanilla Tincture x 1

    – Pop Socket FREE
    <h2″>Buying Experience

    The ordering process was quick and user friendly on the Nirvana website. Their online catalog has product categories listed that were easy to navigate. Each product page provides comprehensive product information for each item in that category, as well as suggested uses. All of the third party lab results for the Nirvana CBD product line, as mentioned earlier, are posted under the “Lab Results” link at the bottom of each page on the main website.

    Customers can easily find key information, and this helpful quick link menu appears at the bottom of every webpage on the Nirvana site to facilitate a better customer experience:


    Their website also has built in extra accessibility features that can be accessed at any time throughout the ordering process by clicking the blue icon that floats at the bottom left of every page. If a customer has any accessibility issues when viewing the site or ordering, one click on the wheelchair icon brings up the following screen of options available to individuals requiring further assistance:


    If consumer questions arise after viewing the comprehensive, organized website, Nirvana’s customer service team is advertised to be available to answer questions about orders, products, shipping, and returns, as noted on the company website. However, customer support was contacted by email concerning two things: missing third party lab test results for my liquid CBD shots and the company’s physical location.

    There is a California physical location listed for Nirvana online, but the address listed on the “CBD User Guide” is in Nevada. For this order, the California location does appear directly on the actual package received in the mail and on the product labels and boxes themselves. A reply was sent 6 days later that helpfully answered my questions.

    Shipping costs at Nirvana are dependent on the products ordered. If your order is over $50, then your CBD order is eligible for free shipping. The order was processed in about 2 days before being shipped via Priority Mail. The company promises to ship the same or next business day from the time order is placed. A shipping confirmation email with a tracking number was received to follow its progress. The order arrived in a white box within 5 business days.

    The package received from Nirvana was indeed discreet, and others would not be able to see the CBD company name on the outside of the plain, white Priority Mail package. The products were somewhat securely packaged with brown packing paper and contained several individually boxed items. However, the outer cardboard product boxes were dented on receipt. Removed from the corresponding product boxes, Nirvana CBD products come in dark colored, light resistant glass or plastic containers. Each individual product and box is clearly labeled with the colorful prismatic logo of the company, as well as all ingredients, CBD potency, and suggested uses.

    Products Reviewed

    Vanilla CBD Tincture, 1000 mg, 30 ml review

    This product is clearly recommended by the company for oral and sublingual use. It is easy to measure out a precise dose with the visible black measuring marks found on the dropper. It has an advertised potency of 1000 mg of CBD, and lab reports confirmed that there were 978.5 mg of CBD in the actual contents. That is a minimal variance of 2.15%, which is well under the acceptable 10% variance allowed. The THC content was non detectable, measuring at 0% which is far under the legal 0.3% limit.

    This tincture was almost clear in appearance and had a somewhat thicker viscosity than other comparable tinctures in the premium CBD category. It doesn’t run down the sides of the bottle or the dropper, and was easy to administer one single drop at a time. This vanilla tincture had a slight pale yellow tint, and the natural vanilla flavoring was pleasing to the palette and easily digestible.


    CBD Shot (Dram), 4 pack, 33.34 mg, 2 ml each review

    These 2 ml liquid shots of flavored CO2 extracted CBD oil come in 4 sweet and savory flavors, but I tried the grapefruit, strawberry, and peppermint choices. They are almost transparent and clear with a slight pale yellow tinge of color. The flavors are distinctly tasted with no grassy or herbal aftertaste.

    The liquid in each single CBD dram has a much thinner viscosity than the Nirvana tincture, and only a minimal amount of product is contained in each small, opaque, dark brown glass bottle. The label advertises approximately 33 mg of CBD per shot with 0% THC. No contaminants were reported.

    CBD Gummies, 500 mg, 25 mg each, 20 count review

    These tasty, juicy gummies come in an assortment of grape, pineapple, strawberry, and watermelon flavors. They are large and square in shape, and the texture is a bit more firm than a traditional soft gummy product; however, they are easy to chew and swallow. These gummies come in opaque, bright colors with no added sugars sticking to your fingers. This product is not vegan as they use gelatin, but it is gluten and GMO free.

    These have an advertised potency of 500 mg of CBD, but the lab reports confirmed that there were 587.48 mg of CBD in the actual contents. That is a large variance of 17.49%, which is above the acceptable 10% variance allowed. This product contained the highest CBD variance in the order, although the THC content was non detectable, measuring at 0% like all the other CBD products from Nirvana.

    CBD Roll On, 150 mg, 30 ml review

    This product was not messy or oily and applied very easily and evenly on the skin. There is vitamin E oil in the ingredients. It left a slight residue which dissipated within a couple minutes. This Roll On product has an advertised potency of 150 mg of CBD, and lab reports confirmed that there were 144.9 mg of CBD in the actual contents. That is a slight variance of 3.4%, which is well under the acceptable 10% allowed, and the THC content was non detectable, measuring at 0% per the results.

    This product had a pleasant aroma when applied, due to its other ingredients, such as sweet almond and ylang ylang essential oils. This Nirvana product also contains organic lavender, chamomile, and geranium oils, as well as frankincense which accounts for the more noticeable scent.

    CBD Melatonin Softgels, 750 mg, 25 mg each, 30 count review

    The Nirvana CBD + Melatonin Sleep CBD softgels contain 25 mg of broad spectrum CBD and 1 mg of Melatonin per softgel. They are designed to aid sleep, as advertised by the company, who strongly advise consumers to take this product two hours before bedtime and directly state that individual results may vary for consumers. Each bottle contains 30 gel capsules for oral ingestion, for a total of 750 mg of CBD advertised per container. These softgels are also sold in single and double packs, if a new consumer is unsure about purchasing a whole bottle.

    The lab results for this product showed 22.8 mg of CBD per softgel, for a total of 684 total mg of CBD out of the labeled 750 mg. This is an acceptable variance of 8.8% out of the 10% variance allowed. THC content was a 0% non-detectable amount for this product as well.

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