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Marike de Jager, CBD Journalist.
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Eloise Theisen, RN, MSN, AGPCNP-BC.
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Bottom Line

Honest Paws is a very sleek brand and their products look great, but when you dig a little deeper it’s clear that this is still a young company that is ironing out the kinks in their processes. The company doesn’t have any negative mentions online, but there also isn’t a lot of information about them available. You need to contact them to find out more about their company history and their manufacturing processes, since they are quite vague on their website. They partner with an authorized grower that uses the popular CO₂ extraction method, but their manufacturing facilities are not all cGMP certified. They do claim to follow cGMP guidelines in all their facilities. They do upload their third party test results for each of their batches to their website, but you might not find the COA (certificate of analysis) that correlates with your product since there seems to be a long delay in getting those results posted. Even after contacting them, we still did not receive the correct COA and was told that it “takes a few business days”. However, the date on the batch was for more than 2 months prior, so the issue might lie somewhere else. If you are adamant about knowing exactly what is in the batch you purchased, this might pose a problem.

Since they specialize in CBD for pets, their range of products available is far more extensive than competing brands that primarily focus on CBD for people and offer pet products as well. This gives you a lot more options when looking for your preferred pet CBD product.
When it comes to pricing, they are not very clear about whether their products are currently on sale, or when their special offers will end and they will be charging the MSRP for their products. Their prices are mid-range to high for their niche, asking roughly $0.16 to $0.32 per mg CBD. Competing brands that offer pet CBD products have tinctures and other products available from $0.05 per mg CBD, with their higher priced products being no more than $0.15 per mg CBD. This is definitely not your cheapest option for pet CBD, but it’s probably one of the best pet CBD brands on the market. This is still a fairly young company and growing pains are to be expected, especially since their products are so popular and they are intently focused on providing variety to their customers. Overall, we had a positive experience and the product itself was great.

Pros: Cons:
  • CO₂ Extraction
  • Wide range of products
  • Follows cGMP guidelines
  • No questions asked refund policy
  • Free shipping for orders over $40
  • Fast shipping
  • COA results for our purchase unavailable on their website, received the results for a different batch when we contacted customer support
  • Confusing pricing
  • More expensive than other CBD pet products
  • Not cGMP certified at all facilities
  • Priced mid-range to high



Hemp Source
Hemp Source-United States
CBD Extract Method
CBD Extract Method-CO2
Worldwide Shipping
Worldwide Shipping-United States
Money Back Guarantee
Money Back Guarantee-
Military Veteran Discount
Military Veteran Discount:
Price Range
Price Range-$24.95 - $149.95
Offers Tastes
Offers Tastes-
Price mg/CBD
Price mg/CBD:$0.1 - $0.36
CBD Strength
CBD Strength-
Pets - Tinctures-125 - 1500 mg |
Pets - Edibles-120 - 200 mg |
Extract Types
Extract Types-Full Spectrum
Consumption Method
Consumption Method-Pets - Tinctures, Pets - Edibles
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HONEST PAWS products

Table of Contents

About the Company

Honest Paws don’t disclose a lot of information about their company or their story on their website. When we contacted them, they took a few days to get back to us, but were happy to answer. We reached out to them with a phone call and were referred to the VP of Customer Service, who helped us with answers to a few of our questions via email, one of which concerned how the company started:

“Honest Paws came to be when co-founder, Chelsea Rivera, experienced phenomenal success with CBD oil for her dog, Baby Rose. Baby Rose had experienced seizures for years; however, Chelsea was hesitant to use prescription medication as the vet said the meds would leave Baby Rose lethargic and low in energy. After using CBD oil for a month, Baby Rose’s seizures disappeared. Chelsea then spoke to her brother, Erik Rivera, who had experience in the internet space and Honest Paws was founded in 2018.”

The company has grown very quickly from the day they started about 18 months ago. Their headquarters are located in League City, Texas, and they have another office in Puerto Rico. They have remote workers all over the United States, and partner with manufacturing companies in several states.

Manufacturing Process

Honest Paws partners with manufacturers in Illinois, Colorado, Utah, Arizona and Indiana. All of their products are manufactured using cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practice) guidelines. Not all of their facilities are cGMP certified though, but they are currently working toward obtaining certification across the board. Their hemp is sourced from an authorized grower in Colorado who is organic USDA certified. They use the CO₂ Extraction method, which is by far the most popular method for clean CBD extraction.

A certificate of analysis from their third party lab shows test results available for each batch they produce. They test for the THC level, pesticides, heavy metals, biological contaminants such as molds, and terpenes. There does, however, seem to be a delay in putting the results on their website, as we had to contact them to get the results for a batch tested two months previously. The label and COA certificate did correlate although not perfectly. The label stated that the CBD oil for cats contains 4.2mg CBD per 1ml. The COA for a different batch of the same product that we had sent to us by customer service stated the product actually contained 4.5mg CBD per 1ml.

Range of Products

Looking at the pricing of their products, we were slightly confused. On their website, the price with a strikethrough seems to be the MSRP (Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price) with their selling price as the one displayed alongside a “Sale” badge. We were unsure whether these products are permanently on sale or not. Prices given are the MSRP listed on their website, since all products seemed to be on sale at the time this review was written. If you choose to get the products on auto-refill, you get a 15% discount off the sale price, which is lower than the MSRP. This makes for considerable savings.


Honest Paws Purity
Honest Paws Purity
CBD Amount Range
4.2 mg/ml - 16.7 mg/ml
Price Range
$33.96 - $67.96
Price Per Mg CBD
From $3
THC Concentration
< 0.3%
CBD Per Serving
4.2 mg - 16.7 mg
Time to Impact
Offers Tastes
Additional Information
Non-GMO, Organic, Pesticide Free, Vegan, Gluten Free, CO2
Extract Types
Full Spectrum
Overal Bottle Volume Range
30 ml - 60 ml

  • CBD Oil for Dogs – 30 day supply @ MSRP $49.99 – $89.99
    • Small contains 125 mg CBD for dogs up to 25 lbs
    • Medium contains 250 mg CBD for dogs between 25-50 lbs
    • Large contains 500 mg CBD for dogs that weigh over 50 lbs
  • CBD Oil for Cats
    • Purrity CBD Oil for cats up to 25 lbs – 1 ml per day
  • CBD Calming Oil for Horses @ MSRP $316.99
    • 1500 mg CBD per tincture, or 50mg per 2ml dropper

CBD Soft Chews

  • 30 soft chews @ MSRP $44.95
  • Calming Aid with L-Theanine and Tryptophan
  • Joint Support with Glucosamine, Chondroitin, and Boswellia


  • made with all organic ingredients (30 bites per bag @ MSRP $29.99)
  • Creamy Coconut Healthy Coat Restore Bites
  • Roasted Peanut Butter Calming Bites
  • Tasty Turmeric Relief Bites

CBD Infused Creamy Peanut Butter

  • (15 oz (425g) @ MSRP $36.95 with 160mg CBD per jar. 32 to 64 servings. Recommended dosage:
  • Pets under 25 lbs: ½ tablespoon per day (2.5mg per serving).
  • Pets over 25 lbs: 1 tablespoon per day (5mg per serving).

CBD Paste

Broad Spectrum Hemp Calming Paste for Horses @ MSRP $76.59

  • 500 mg CBD per syringe


Buying Experience

Overall, the Honest Paws website has a smooth user interface. Their splash page makes it very clear what the product is and who it’s for, with cute pictures of dogs and a link to their well curated Instagram account. There is a chat window pop-up on each page for immediate assistance. This does get a little annoying after a while, especially if you’re navigating to different pages to explore their products. Their contact number is immediately visible in the upper left corner in case you want to pick up the phone. There is also a handy dosage calculator link to assist with figuring out amounts to give to your pet, however, it’s not clinically approved by a vet.

In case you want to purchase their products in a store, there is also a store locator that shows which physical locations near you carry their product line.

The As Seen On bar shows immediately that they have been advertised or talked about by credible media sources, and they have a good online presence.

Honest Paws has a 30 day money back guarantee policy with a promise of “No if’s, no but’s, no disappointed pups”. A disclaimer of being all natural, non-GMO, soy free and lab tested also reminds you of what is important to this company.


All products were received intact and well packaged with paper and bubble wrap used to protect everything, especially the tincture, during shipping. The products were shipped in an attractive box with their branding on it.

Their offer of free shipping for orders over $40 is well advertised on their website. The free shipping option is standard shipping that takes 2 to 6 days through USPS or DHL. They also have a 2-day express shipping option at $9.95 for orders under $29.99, and $4.95 for orders over $29.99. Express shipping is done through UPS, and does not include Saturday and Sunday delivery. They also warn that their 2-day express shipping option cannot be selected when shipping to a PO Box. Orders are shipped from Monday to Friday, on the next business day after your order was processed, and does not include holidays. The cut off time for shipments is 1pm EST. They currently ship to all 50 states in the US, and Puerto Rico.

They have subscription orders that ship on a weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly basis. Subscription shipping times can be adjusted at any time by the subscriber on their Honest Paws account, or by contacting them via email or phone.

Customer Experience – The Quest for the COA

We scanned the QR code on the label of the Purrity cat tincture to access the COA. However, after selecting the product we did not find a matching batch number on the drop down list on their website. The batch number for our cat tincture was HP19, and the date 8/31/19. However, the closest batch COA uploaded on the site was HP16 from 6/9/19. Seems they’re running a little behind in uploading results to their website for perusal by the customer. A shame, since it’s a nifty trick to be able to scan the QR code and get access to the results through a drop down menu. The idea is great, the execution not so successful.

We clicked on the chat icon to ask about the COA for our batch. Amy from customer service engaged us immediately, but took a long time to locate our answers. We started the chat at 1:44pm. By 2pm she was still trying to locate the answer from upper management. After 45 minutes I was finally told by a different chat operator that the results for that batch had not been uploaded and that they will send the relevant information to my email address. See screenshots of our chat below:

I received an email with the results of a different batch the next day, and was told that they don’t have my batch results available yet, but that the provided results are the same as mine should be. See email for the explanation. (Email available in photo folder)

Overall we were happy they followed through and supplied us with some information, even though it’s not the information we asked for. We should have been able to access the information they did send on the website. There are definitely some kinks that need to be sorted out with their customer service. Honest Paws needs to improve service speed and provide timely analytical information for their products. Since they have remote workers all over the US and in Puerto Rico, it seems that the company is slightly disjointed. Communication between the various branches might take a little longer than we hoped but our experience wasn’t entirely negative. This is still a fairly young company and growing pains are to be expected, especially as their products are so popular. They are focused on providing value and variety to their customers.

Products reviewed

Roasted Peanut Butter Calming Bites for dogs

These chews are made from all organic ingredients with each chew containing 5mg of Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil. The product had a nice, chewy consistency and was not too brittle. The chews do not contain corn, wheat, soy, dairy or preservatives. The recommended dosage for dogs up to 25 pounds is 1 chew daily. For dogs between 25 and 50 pounds you can give two chews, and for dogs larger than 50 pounds, three chews are recommended. The price works out to $0.16 per mg CBD.

CBD Oil Tincture for dogs – wellness (small)

This product consists of a 30ml bottle containing 125mg CBD per bottle. The Tincture is recommended for dogs up to 25 pounds. The recommended dosage was 1 full medicine dropper (1ml) once daily, which works out to 4.2mg CBD per dropper. The CBD oil was colorless and odorless, with a fairly low viscosity. There were no visible impurities detectable with the naked eye. The price was $0.13 per mg CBD.

Mobility Soft Chews

These poultry-flavored soft chews were made with a 250mg THC free veterinarian grade CBD isolate blend. They had a nice, savory smell. The chews also contain Glucosamine which assists with the repair of body tissues such as cartilage, Chondroitin known as a treatment for osteoarthritis and Boswelia, an anti-inflammatory. There are 30 chews in a tub, with the daily recommended dosages being half a chew for dogs 5 to 25 pounds, 1 chew for dogs 26 to 50 pounds, 2 chews for dogs 51 to 75 pounds, and 3 chews daily for dogs heavier than 75 pounds. Each chew contains about 8.3 mg CBD. The price is $0.26 per mg CBD.

CBD Calm- Soft Chews

Each tub has 30 poultry flavored soft chews that are made with their 250mg THC free veterinarian grade CBD isolate blend. The calming chews also contain Tryptophan which assists with the (production of serotonin and melatonin along with L-Theanine, an amino-acid that increases GABA levels in the brain, leading to reduced tension. The daily recommended dosages are half a chew for dogs 5 to 25 pounds, 1 chew for dogs 26 to 50 pounds, 2 chews for dogs 51 to 75 pounds, and 3 chews daily for dogs heavier than 75 pounds. Each chew contains about 8.3 mg CBD. The price is $0.26 per mg CBD.

CBD Oil for Cats – Wellness

This CBD Oil tincture is recommended for all cat sizes. It is made with Organic Broad Spectrum Hemp oil and contains roughly 4.2mg CBD per 1ml dose. It also contains human grade MCT Oil as a carrier oil. The product was colorless, odorless and had a low viscosity, very similar to the small tincture for dogs. The price works out to $0.31 per mg CBD.

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Marike de Jager
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Eloise Theisen
Eloise Theisen
Eloise Theisen is a board certified Adult Geriatric Nurse Practitioner who specializes in cannabis therapy. For over 20 years, Eloise has worked primarily with cancer, dementia and chronic pain patients. In the last 6 years, Eloise has focused her efforts on cannabinoid therapies. Eloise has worked with over 6500 patients to help them effectively treat age-related and chronic illness with cannabis.

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