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Katelyn Lutz, Pharm.D (Clinical Pharmacist).
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Leonard Haberman, MD & Chemist.
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The Bottom Line

Farmacy bliss is a California based company dedicated to providing high quality, solvent free CBD products. Farmacy Bliss offers products that range from $0.07/mg to $0.14/mg, which is the market average pricing. The buying process is quick, convenient and the customer service representatives are readily available to answer any questions consumers may have. While the company excels in providing quality products and customer service, the company could improve in providing easily accessible educational content that is unique to the product itself and not general third party information.

Pros: Cons:
  • Competitive pricing
  • True to strength quality products backed by batch specific COAs
  • Excellent customer service
  • Some shipping information unclear
  • No QR for COA on vape pens



Hemp Source
Hemp Source-Netherlands, United States
CBD Extract Method
CBD Extract Method-CO2
Worldwide Shipping
Worldwide Shipping-United States
Money Back Guarantee
Money Back Guarantee-
Military Veteran Discount
Military Veteran Discount:
Price Range
Price Range-$12.99 - $119.99
Offers Tastes
Offers Tastes-
Price mg/CBD
Price mg/CBD:$0.07 - $0.18
CBD Strength
CBD Strength-
Creams & Topicals-500 - 500 mg |
Tinctures & Drops-87 - 1500 mg |
Capsules-120 - 900 mg |
Vapes & Liquids-350 - 500 mg |
Extract Types
Extract Types-Full Spectrum
Consumption Method
Consumption Method-Tinctures & Drops, Vapes & Liquids, Capsules, Creams & Topicals
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Table of Contents

About the Company

Farmacy Bliss is a CBD company based out of Walnut Creek, CA. Founded in 2017, Farmacy Bliss aims to provide pure CBD for consumers looking for a product that is high quality and solvent free.

Farmacy Bliss received an overall rating of 9/10 on transparency, accuracy, and reputation. Transparency is one of the weaker aspects of the company (sub rating 7/10). At the foundation, the company supplies adequate information on company leadership, means of communication, and contact information. When looking at the product information on labels and on the website, the company does provide information on strength of CBD, the amount of CBD per serving, consumption method, and use instructions.

However, Farmacy Bliss falls short on providing a sufficient amount of educational content. Farmacy Bliss does not have a dedicated FAQ page. Additionally, the company uses many references to external links and articles, as opposed to having original content specific to Farmacy Bliss products.

Farmacy Bliss excels in accuracy (sub rating 10/10). Each product’s advertised CBD content specified in the COA was extremely close to the marketed strength. Additionally, all products were free of heavy metals, pesticides, and below the thresholds set for various microbial species.

All in all, Farmacy Bliss has a solid reputation (sub rating 10/10) thanks to their tenure in business and loyal customer base. The company has many recommendations and several reviews from customers who wholeheartedly believe in the company and the products.

Manufacturing Process

All hemp sourced for Farmacy Bliss products comes from either Holland or various areas of the United States. It is unclear if the company or the grow sites adhere to GMP or USDA standards. However, Farmacy Bliss asserts all products are non-GMO, created from organic hemp, kosher, and free from any allergens or additives. All Farmacy Bliss products are considered full spectrum and utilize CO2 for extraction. CO2 can adjust its natural solubility with pressure changes, allowing for the extraction of various cannabinoids (CBD, CBG, etc.) along with terpenes from the hemp plant. Additionally, compared to other substances that may be used for extraction, CO2 has a lower thermodynamic threshold required to achieve its supercritical state. Because of this, the risk of retaining unwanted components intended for extraction is reduced.

The company uses the third parties Anresco, Pixis Labs, Infinite Chemical Analysis Labs (ICAL), and Cannabis Testing Laboratories of America (CTLA) to test all products. With the exception of CTLA (which is in the process of receiving accreditation), all labs are ISO 17025 accredited, meaning the lab can produce accurate and precise data results. ISO 17025 is considered the gold standard in testing laboratories and any products with legitimate results from an ISO 17025 company are reputable. When shopping for CBD products, it is important for brands to provide a COA to consumers.

The most recent COAs can be found under each product on the company’s site. Additionally, the majority of Farmacy Bliss products (with the exception of the vape pen) contain a QR code that can be used to see the COA for the exact batch of product received. All products that contained a QR code successfully scanned and pulled up the COA. Each product was very close to the advertised strength of CBD and well within the 10% variance that is considered the acceptable industry standard. For example, the oral tincture contained 1510.53 mg of CBD (compared to the marketed 1500 mg of CBD). Each product was free of heavy metals and pesticides, and below the thresholds set for various microbial species.

After reaching out to Farmacy Bliss, I was able to obtain the COA for the specific batch of vape pen I purchased. Like the previously mentioned products, the vape pen contained close to the advertised amount of CBD and was within the 10% variance considered to be acceptable by industry standards.

Range of Products

All Farmacy Bliss products are created from full spectrum CBD oil. Consumers can select from vaping products, and oral products. A breakdown of products offered by Farmacy Bliss can be found below.

  • CBD Softgels: CBD Softgels are available in 30 pack containers that contain 450 mg of CBD (15 mg/softgel) or 900 mg of CBD (30 mg/softgel). The product retails from $39.99-$65.99 depending on the strength of product selected (or $0.07-$0.09 per mg of CBD).
  • CBD Vape Pens: Disposable CBD vape pens are available in a 350 mg strength and retail for $49.99 (or $0.14 per mg of CBD). Consumers can choose from Melon Gum or Blueberry flavors.
  • CBD Oral Drops: CBDosing drops are available in an unflavored oral tincture containing 1500 mg of CBD per 30 mL. The CBDosing drops retail for $119.99 (or $0.08 per mg of CBD).

CBDOSING™️ Drops - 1500mg CBD
CBDOSING™️ Drops - 1500mg CBD
CBD Amount Range
From 50 mg/ml
Price Range
From $119.99
Price Per Mg CBD
From $0.08
THC Concentration
< 0.29%
CBD Per Serving
12.5 mg - 50 mg
Time to Impact
5 minutes - 10 minutes
Offers Tastes
Additional Information
Non-GMO, Organic, Pesticide Free, Vegan, Gluten Free, CO2
Extract Types
Full Spectrum
Overal Bottle Volume Range
From 30 ml

Farmacy Bliss has a variety of bundle packages for consumers who wish to try multiple products or for consumers who want to stock up on one particular product. Combo products available include CBD Softgels + Oral Drops, 2-pack vape pen (one of each flavor), Vape pen + Softgel, and two or three packs of the Softgels. Each combo product is available for roughly 15% off of the standard retail price (SRP).

Consumers purchasing Farmacy Bliss products can receive 10% off upon signing up for email communications. Additionally, Farmacy Bliss offers a valuable rewards program. The rewards program is structured to give consumers 1 point for every $10 spent. Additionally, consumers receive 2 points (a $20 value) just by signing up for the program. Overall, the program offers consumers ~10% savings on products. Of note, rewards must be used within one year of receiving points. Farmacy Bliss does not appear to offer discounts to any specific populations, such as senior citizens or members of the military.

Buying Experience

The purchase process itself was easy and hassle free. Free shipping is available on orders over $74.99. For orders that do not qualify for free shipping, consumers can choose to pay $3.75 for USPS Priority Mail (3-5 business days) or $12.00 for FedEx Express Saver. The website notes FedEx Express Saver delivers in 5-7 business days; However, the standard shipping time for FedEx Express Saver is within 3 business days. Immediately after ordering, Farmacy Bliss will send an order confirmation to the email provided, including a detailed order summary, payment, billing information, shipping information, and an order confirmation number.

The products are neatly packaged in a visually appealing white and purple “wellness box”. Upon opening the box, there is literature explaining the background of the company, a tri-fold detailing each product offered by Farmacy Bliss, potential benefits of CBD, and education on the purity of the products. Each product is packaged in sleek, green to purple ombré boxes

and appears to be a high quality product. I found myself thoroughly enjoying the unpacking process. Before testing the products, I was given the impression that Farmacy Bliss is focused on providing high quality products and educational materials designed to support the perception of quality associated with their brand.

Customer service can be reached via a contact page or by directly emailing the company at I reached out to customer service to learn more about the manufacturing process and to see if I could receive a COA for the disposable vape pen that was shipped. A member from Farmacy Bliss quickly responded to my requests and was able to provide a thorough and detailed response that exceeded expectations.

Products Reviewed

All Farmacy Bliss products are created from full spectrum CBD. Farmacy Bliss notes the products should only be used by consumers 21 years of age and older. Additionally, all products indicate they may help relieve pain, anxiety, chronic conditions, reduce stress, and enhance an overall sense of well being. Please note, the potential benefits listed above are only assertions made by Farmacy Bliss and have not been evaluated by the FDA and/or endorsed by any third parties. A detailed review of all products tested can be found below.

  • CBD Softgels: CBD Softgels are available in 30 pack containers that contain 450 mg of CBD (15 mg/Softgel) or 900 mg of CBD (30 mg/Softgel). The product retails from $39.99-$65.99 depending upon the strength of product selected (or $0.07-$0.09 per mg of CBD). TheSoftgels are created from hemp oil, gelatin, and glycerin. Farmacy Bliss suggests consumers take a Softgel one to three times daily or as directed by a healthcare professional. Additionally, Farmacy Bliss notes the products are best taken on an empty stomach, specifically 20-30 minutes before eating. The Softgels are smooth and can be easily administered. When testing the product, I had no difficulties swallowing the product.

  • CBD Vape Pen: Disposable CBD vape pens are available in a 350 mg strength and retails for $49.99 (or $0.14 per mg of CBD). The product is created from CBD oil and other terpenes associated with the hemp plant. Farmacy Bliss suggests consumers take 1-3 four second puffs. Furthermore, Farmacy Bliss explains each 4-second inhalation delivers approximately 1.4 mg of CBD. Farmacy Bliss does a great job of explaining the dose of CBD per inhalation (which is often absent from similar products offered by competitors). However, Farmacy Bliss could improve directions concerning the frequency of use. It is unclear if the 1-3 puffs suggested by Farmacy Bliss are to be administered throughout the day or if a consumer should utilize 1-3 puffs on an as needed basis throughout the day, potentially resulting in the consumer taking more than 3 puffs per day. The pen comes with a sleek charging device. Consumers can choose from Melon Gum or Blueberry flavors. I tested the blueberry product and found the flavor to be fresh, distinct, and consistent with each puff. Additionally, the flavor remained strong with consecutive puffs and the pen never created a hot or burning sensation in the throat.

  • CBD Oral Drops: CBDosing drops are available in an unflavored oral tincture containing 1500 mg of CBD per 30 mL. The CBDosing drops retail for $119.99 (or $0.08 per mg of CBD). The oral drops are created from full spectrum CBD, MCT oil, and has trace amounts of CBG and THC (0.2%). Farmacy Bliss instructs users to shake the bottle well with each use. After shaking, consumers can take either half of the dropper (0.5 mL) or a full dropper (1.0 mL) once a day, or as directed by a healthcare professional. When administering the oral drops, the user should place the drops under the tongue (sublingually) and hold the drops under the tongue for 20-30 seconds before swallowing. Of note, the dropper is calibrated in 0.25 mL increments to assist users in administering a precise dose. When testing the product, the clear liquid easily pulled up into the dropper and was observed to have a nice viscosity. The liquid was odorless, flavorless, and lacked any aftertaste. I was surprised at how well masked the CBD flavor was in the drops. Typically, a flavorless CBD oral tincture has an earthy flavor. At the time of this review, Farmacy Bliss has the most neutral/flavorless tasting oral drop I have had from any company.


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Katelyn Lutz
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Leonard Haberman
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