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Heather Allman, CBD Journalist.
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Eloise Theisen, RN, MSN, AGPCNP-BC.
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The Bottom Line

  • Product Variety

DOPE CBD offers a variety of premium quality full spectrum and broad spectrum CBD products that are available in vape cartridges, capsules, gummies, and topicals. Their products range from 9 mg to 600 mg of total CBD, which is extracted using a CO2 based process before being formulated with easily digestible MCT oil as the carrier for maximum bioavailability, Products are tested by an independent third party lab.

  • Transparency, Accuracy & Reputation

The accuracy variances for our DOPE CBD products concerning potency are poor, with three out of four checked products testing above the acceptable 10% variance limit allowed. All ordered capsules, gummies, and topicals passed purity testing for pesticides, solvents, microbials, and heavy metals, according to third party lab reports which are available for customer access on the corresponding product pages online. One product had no purity testing available at this time.

  • Hemp Quality

Their hemp is all ethically sourced from U.S. farms, and they offer premium full and broad spectrum CBD products that are all non-GMO, pesticide free, and all natural. The DOPE brand also promises premium quality, all natural ingredients in every product offered. In addition, their premium hemp derived CBD products are promised to be vegan and gluten free.

  • Price & Discounts

Prices range from $12.50 to $60.00 with an average price point of $.08, which is average when compared to other brands in the market that are also GMP compliant. They offer discounts for newsletter sign up, regular subscription plans, and first time buyers. Shipping is free with a $50 minimum order, and products carry a money back satisfaction guarantee.

  • Customer Experience

Their website includes professional athlete testimonials with informative CBD educational material, which corresponds to each product offered. It is easy to navigate their user friendly website, with product pages providing comprehensive product information for each item, along with dosage information, third party lab test results, and uses suggested by the company. There is a FAQ page on their website. User policies are listed for shipping and returns.

Pros: Cons:
  • Lab results directly on each product page
  • 30% Subscription Savings
  • Ethically sourced hemp & ingredients
  • High potency accuracy variances
  • No centralized lab testing hub for all products
  • $50 order minimum for free shipping


Hemp Source
Hemp Source-United States
CBD Extract Method
CBD Extract Method-CO2
Money Back Guarantee
Money Back Guarantee-
Price Range
Price Range-$7 - $60
Offers Tastes
Offers Tastes-
Price mg/CBD
Price mg/CBD:$0.05 - $0.35
CBD Strength
CBD Strength-
Gummies & Edibles-80 - 600 mg |
Capsules-200 - 200 mg |
Creams & Topicals-20 - 200 mg |
Vapes & Liquids-200 - 400 mg |
Extract Types
Extract Types-Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum
Consumption Method
Consumption Method-Vapes & Liquids, Creams & Topicals, Gummies & Edibles, Capsules
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Table of Contents

About the Company

DOPE CBD was initially established as a namesake couture clothing brand in 2007, and they plan to become a full standalone CBD line by June 2021, according to the website. During his freshman year of college, owner Rob Gough was diagnosed with a rare bone cancer and was given a 30% chance of living, so he became interested in CBD. DOPE CBD is dedicated to bringing consumers ethically sourced high quality hemp, using innovative extraction systems, and incorporating “modern counter culture influences” as their guiding principles to offer the most revolutionary CBD experience.


Independent CBD testing is a necessary quality and safety control tool to ensure that the labeled amounts of CBD and THC are very close to the contents of each final product a customer receives. DOPE CBD has no centralized lab testing link on their company homepage, but all available lab tests can be viewed under the “Click here to view the full report” link found on every product page online.

All of the products in our DOPE CBD order were third party tested for CBD and THC potency. Purity tests for foreign contaminants such as heavy metals, pesticides, microbials and mycotoxins were performed on three checked products; however, standard purity tests were unavailable for one ordered product at this time.


Using the third party lab results on each corresponding product page, it was easy to match four of the ordered products with the independent third party lab results for potency. As far as the highest accuracy variance in this order, the 200 mg broad spectrum body butter tested at 261.98 total mg of CBD, which represents a 30.9% accuracy variance, well above the acceptable 10% limit.

The lowest accuracy variance was found in the 80 mg lemon gummies that contain 20 mg of CBD each. This product tested at 20.23 mg of CBD per serving of 1 gummy, or 80.92 total mg of CBD total. This calculates out to an accuracy variance of .11%, far below the 10% variance limit allowed. All full and broad spectrum products were confirmed by independent third party testing to contain less than the legal 0.3% limit of THC, or no THC was detected.


Rob Gough is a serial entrepreneur who has built and sold multiple technology companies and is now the sole owner of DOPE, a premium couture brand that was established in 2007 and was acquired by him in 2017. Originally established as a clothing brand, DOPE CBD has a “Celebrity Sightings” link on the main menu with photos of well known consumers of the brand, such as athletes, musicians, and actors, wearing their DOPE branded clothing. On the CBD side, there are numerous customer reviews and feedback from both celebrities and current customers on the individual product pages and on the main company website. The owner Rob promises more to come throughout the coming year as they move into CBD full time by June 2021.

Manufacturing Process

DOPE CBD is a legal, authorized grower of premium U.S. hemp, sourced from farms throughout the country. Their hemp derived, full spectrum and broad spectrum CBD products are normally extracted using a CO2 based process before being formulated with easily digestible MCT oil for maximum bioavailability.

After formulation, the next step is independent third party CBD testing, which is an important safety and quality control measure utilized by DOPE CBD to ensure that the labeled potency of CBD and THC matches the contents. They conduct independent potency lab testing for all of their products and post the available results on their website on every product page for easy reference.

Range of Products

DOPE CBD offers premium quality CBD products that are available in the form of full spectrum and broad spectrum tinctures, capsules, topicals, and vape cartridges. Their products range from 20 mg to 60 mg and are average priced when compared to other brands, with an overall price point of $.08 per mg of full or broad spectrum CBD.

CBD Edible Gummies

These CBD infused, broad spectrum soft baked treats by DOPE CBD are CO2 extracted and include all natural ingredients and tasty flavors. They are 100% naturally flavored and are recommended by the company for discreet, fast acting CBD use. These are recommended for oral use only.

CBD Capsules

These DOPE full spectrum CBD capsules undergo a CO2 extraction process, and are formulated with MCT oil for greater bioavailability in the body. These capsules are recommended by the company for oral use only, and the serving size is 1 capsule.

CBD Vape Cartridges

These DOPE CBD full spectrum vape cartridges are made in a registered, GMP compliant facility. They are free of nicotine, THC, vitamin E acetate, vegetable glycol, and propylene glycol, according to the company. The company advises consumers to use the product as an inhalant. These vape products include triple distilled MCT oil that undergoes a supercritical CO2 extraction process. They are offered in several potencies and varieties: Pineapple Express, OG Kush, Blue Dream, Sour Diesel, and unflavored.

CBD Topicals

These CO2 extracted broad spectrum topicals contain CBD, blended with other essential oils for smoother application, such as olive and tea tree oils, as well as vitamin E. These products are recommended by DOPE CBD for topical use only, and are formulated with MCT oil for faster absorption. They offer several different types of topical products: lotions, creams, lip balm, and a roll-on.


  • 20% Discount Customer Code: FEELDOPE20
  • 30% Subscription Savings
  • Exclusive offers with newsletter signup

Buying Experience

Their easy to navigate website was user friendly, with each product page providing comprehensive product information for each item in that category, as well as ingredients, lab results, potencies, and suggested uses by the company.

There is a FAQ link on the main website. There is an option to shop products by category, but no link is available at this time to shop all products. As mentioned earlier, the third party potency and purity lab results available for the DOPE CBD product catalog are located under the “Click here to view the full report” link found on each product’s main information page.

Their customer support team is available via email and phone. Customer service was contacted via email regarding hemp quality and discounts, and a team member responded in about 5 days, providing the information requested. Orders get free ground shipping with a $50 minimum purchase, and a shipping confirmation email with tracking was received. The order arrived via USPS Priority Mail in a box that was discreet, and all products were securely packaged inside.

Products Reviewed

CBD Body Butter

Priced at $35.00, or $.17 per mg of CBD, this CO2 extracted, broad spectrum topical lotion is formulated with easily digestible MCT oil. Labeled at 200 mg per serving, independent lab testing confirmed the presence of 261.98 total mg of CBD. This is a variance of 30.9%, well over the 10% limit allowed. No THC was detected and all purity testing for foreign contaminants was passed. This topical body butter is white in color and has a light, whipped texture. The body butter rubs in smoothly and does not leave a residue.

Blue Dream CBD Vape Cartridge

This full spectrum vape product is formulated with CBD that undergoes a CO2 extraction process and is golden brown in color. The liquid is somewhat translucent, with an aftertaste of earthy sweetness. At $30.00 per 400 mg of CBD, this vape cartridge costs $.07 per mg of CBD. Per the third party lab results, no THC was detected, but this product had 486.03 mg of CBD. This calculates out to a 21.5% variance, which is above the acceptable 10% variance allowed. No purity tests were available at this time.

CBD Capsules

Priced at $20.00, or $.01 per mg of CBD, these CO2 extracted, full spectrum capsules are formulated with easily digestible MCT oil. Labeled as containing 25 mg per serving size of 1 capsule, the product was independently lab tested and found to contain 244.34 total mg of CBD or 30.63 mg per serving. This represents a variance of 22.1%, well over the 10% limit allowed. No THC was detected, which makes it a broad spectrum and all purity tests for foreign contaminants were passed. These softgels are white in color, typical capsule sized, and have a somewhat firm texture.

Lemon CBD Edible Gummies

Priced at $10.00, or $.12 per mg of CBD, these naturally flavored gummies are CO2 extracted, before formulation with easily digestible MCT oil and broad spectrum CBD. Labeled as containing 20 mg per serving size of 1 gummy, each gummy was independently lab tested and found to contain 20.23 mg of CBD, or 80.92 total mg. This represents a variance of .11%, well under the 10% limit allowed. No THC was detected and all purity testing for foreign contaminants was passed. These are a bit firmer than a traditional gummy and come in a fruity lemon flavor.

Vape Pen Battery

The Dope brand vape cartridges fit on this compact, handy CCell® 510 battery by screwing onto the top threads. It is a sleek vape battery in a glossy black color, with the Dope brand logo embossed into the handle grip in gold lettering. According to the company, they use a ceramic coil and glass casing in all their cartridges and “cutting edge technology” for all their batteries for a smoother hit of CBD. These are recommended by the company for inhalation only, using a vape cartridge attached to the threaded battery that is about 3 inches long for discreet use.

About The Authors
Heather Allman
Heather Allman
CBD Journalist
Heather Allman has worked in the higher education, reviewing, writing, and public speaking industries for over two decades. After earning her Bachelor and Master of Arts in English Education, she taught for 13 years at the University of West Florida in both the English and Communication Arts Departments. She also holds a Cannabis Fundamentals Certification from Green-Flower. From her current home in Pensacola, Florida, Heather works as a freelance U.S. Cannabis Journalist for the Cannabis Law Report and CBD World News, among others. She has educated and advocated for cannabis and CBD use on television, radio, and several podcasts. In May 2020, Heather was selected by the National Cannabis Information Project to be the Medical Cannabis Patient Speaker for their media briefing on "Cannabis Industry Response to COVID-19, as covered by Forbes and Bloomberg. She is a member of the National Association of Cannabis Businesses, where she holds a seat on their Sustainability National Standards Board.
Eloise Theisen
Eloise Theisen
Eloise Theisen is a board certified Adult Geriatric Nurse Practitioner who specializes in cannabis therapy. For over 20 years, Eloise has worked primarily with cancer, dementia and chronic pain patients. In the last 6 years, Eloise has focused her efforts on cannabinoid therapies. Eloise has worked with over 6500 patients to help them effectively treat age-related and chronic illness with cannabis.

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