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The bottom line

Dixie Botanicals offers a wide range of products, including CBD tinctures, isolate, capsules, edibles including gummies, topicals and vape oils. All of their products can be purchased via the Dixie Botanicals site or through the parent site, Medical Marijuana, Inc. This firm is notable for being the first publicly traded U.S. cannabis company in 2009. Medical Marijuana calls itself a “company of firsts”, claiming to be the trailblazer in many areas of the CBD industry.
My overall rating of the Dixie Botanicals gummies (which I ordered and tested) was just fair. I thought the product was good but at $20 for 10 gummies ($0.20 per CBD/mL), also a bit high priced.

Dixie Botanicals as a company is backed by parent company Medical Marijuana, a publicly traded company (OTC:MJNA), but for such a trailblazing company, I expected the QR codes to work. They didn’t. They had been disabled so I couldn’t get to the lab reports. I had really expected to be able to go right to lab tests on their website. Neither of those things happened which was more than a bit disappointing. The website has lots of great information, but again, the lack of lab reports was disappointing and left a big informational gap. Likewise, the buying and shipping experiences were great. Product pricing is high compared to other companies.

Pros: Cons:
  • Wide variety of product offerings
  • Lots of educational information about CBD and hemp
  • Prices are the market average ($ 0.12/mg CBD)
  • Appearance is that they only cater to athletes
  • No veteran discounts
  • Lack of transparency, QR codes disabled, so lab tests are not available

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Dixie Botanicals Specs

📍Hemp Source:Netherlands
🥽Extract Method:CO2
✈️Shipping:United States
Money Back Guarantee:
🎖Military Veteran Discount:
🏷Coupons:Dixie Botanicals Coupons and Sales


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  • About The Company

    Dixie Botanicals has been around since 2012. Expert cultivation and scientific extraction methods as well as an excellent team of scientists and nutritionists tending to their hemp oil are foundational elements of the company per claims made on their website. The company prominently highlights that its CBD products like tinctures, oils, capsules, salves and even sunscreens contain no measurable amounts of THC.

    The company prides itself on the use of natural elements, like using stevia to sweeten its various tinctures and gummies. Dixie Botanicals is geared towards providing CBD for athletes and other physically active people. Dixie Botanicals states that CBD use provides natural benefits for athletes, so the company highlights the use of CBD to achieve peak performance and enhance muscle recovery for everyone from professional athletes to weekend warriors. The company clearly caters to more physically active patrons, but they might be missing out on a larger customer base by doing so.

    Dixie Botanicals has a parent company, Medical Marijuana, Inc., notable for being the first publicly traded U.S. cannabis company in 2009. Medical Marijuana calls itself a “company of firsts”, claiming to be the trailblazer in many areas, including:

    • first company to have CBD products listed in U.S. Physicians’ Desk Reference to provide healthcare professionals with guidelines on recommending CBD products to their patients
    • first company to address the United Nations and the World Health Organization about CBD
    • first company to offer government subsidized cannabis based products
    • first to deliver prescription CBD to patients with diseases like epilepsy, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and chronic pain
    • first company with a license to commercialize the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) patent “Cannabinoids as Antioxidants and Neuroprotectants”
    • first to create a mainstream natural CBD brand
    • first to introduce cannabinoid enriched foods and supplements to the mainstream marketplace
    • first to establish a global CBD pipeline to make products available to people all over the world

    With a parent company reputation like this, Dixie Botanicals is a hallmark brand that has a lot going for it. The company is widely respected in the industry and has built one of the fastest growing and most recognized brands in the CBD marketplace today.

    The Dixie website (dixiebotanicals.com) has a really simple, clean design and is very easy to use. The products are clearly listed, and I like the fact that the website has a blog with more information. They also have a CBD Resource Guide, which helps the consumer distinguish between oil, vape products and isolates among others. This is great because so many consumers have questions about the various products and which one is right for their intended use. Dixie also provides a way for consumers to tell their stories about how Dixie CBD products have helped, so it’s nice to see how everyday people use the products.

    One of the sections of the website that I really liked was the explanation of the hemp plant. Dixie distinguishes it from the marijuana plant even though both plants belong to the Cannabis sativa L family of plants. They explain the history of hemp dating back to ancient China and its history and uses in early America as well. Dixie explains that hemp is a highly sustainable crop that has been cultivated for centuries, and discusses its modern commercial harvest as well as its importance as a source of legal CBD.

    The website further explains that hemp plants naturally contain less than 0.3% tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the psychoactive compound in marijuana. The website elaborates on how CBD is extracted from hemp plant stalks and talks about the benefits of phytocannabinoids in general, including those from other plants like flax, cloves and hops. It is a very interesting section. Such information is not usually found on competitor sites.

    Leafreport’s market reports score

    Edibles report – Dixie Botanicals received  an «А» score in our edibles products report where we tested 40 different edible products in an independent lab.

    Manufacturing Process

    It was a bit difficult to find information about its manufacturing process at first. Once I found it, I realized that Dixie Botanicals CBD products are made from non-GMO hemp grown in the Netherlands. I like how they describe the family owned farms. These farmers definitely know their cultivation; they grow the hemp without pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers using farming techniques that are literally centuries old. That gave me some comfort that the source plants are very healthy and pure. They grow unique cannabis varieties that are CBD-rich and naturally low in THC.

    Per information on the company’s website, the extraction process does the rest to remove any remaining THC, yielding a pure and highly concentrated CBD oil. Dixie Botanicals uses a CO2 extraction process to produce their CBD, but it is a specialized extraction process used to safely yield highly concentrated CBD oil in a non-toxic manner. Amazingly, the process allows other beneficial elements, like amino acids, vitamins, terpenes, iron and essential fatty acids, to remain in the extract, which is a full spectrum CBD product. The full spectrum line also contains other beneficial phytocannabinoids, including cannabichromene (CBC), cannabigerol (CBG) and cannabinol (CBN), among others. The base CBD oil is then used to compound many products like oils, tinctures, liquids, and salves.

    Dixie Botanicals also makes an isolate that is further refined to be 99 percent pure CBD isolate, a powdered product that is used in dabs and edibles.

    Lab Testing

    Dixie Botanicals prides itself on its triple lab tested philosophy. The company states that it tests their products three times: (1) when the oil is extracted from the hemp plant (2) when the oil arrives from the Netherlands source and clears U.S. Customs and (3) after product formulation. The company also tests for safety to ensure that the products contain no solvents, heavy metals, or other harmful agents or contaminants. The triple lab testing is prominent on the product label, and each package has a QR code to trace the product back to the original batch from the manufacturing process. However, the QR codes did not work. I got a message saying the QR functionality had been disabled.

    The company says that ProVerde Laboratories, based in both Massachusetts and Maine, provides all the testing. This lab is considered to be a very reputable, independent third party lab that regularly tests their products for CBD purity. The lab also screens for other contaminants like molds, pesticides and even heavy metals that can sometimes be found in inferior CBD products.

    However, none of this can be verified since the QR code on the back of both of my gummies packages that I ordered was disabled. My QR app on my phone was working just fine, though. So, I started an online chat on the Dixie website. Although my chat was well within their business hours (about 4pm), the chat was not live. I did send a message, but thought I would call the customer support line. They answered, and the wait was not long, but I was disappointed and frankly a little surprised at the answer I got when I asked about the lab testing. I explained that I was looking for the lab test that corresponded to the gummies I had ordered. The customer service representative said that obtaining the lab test was possible, but could take up to three weeks to be sent to me.

    So it wasn’t possible for me to compare the lab reports because I couldn’t even see a lab report, and that was a big disappointment.

    Dixie Botanicals offers a wide range of products, including CBD tinctures, isolate, capsules, edibles including gummies, and topicals.

    In general, CBD products can be isolates, broad spectrum or full spectrum products, and Dixie Botanicals offers all three. Isolates provide pure CBD which has been isolated during the extraction process, broad spectrum offers CBD and other cannabinoids without THC, while full spectrum products contain not only CBD and THC (0.3%) but other cannabinoids, terpenes and beneficial compounds found in hemp. Many of these other compounds offer antioxidant and anti-inflammatory capabilities.

    Typical full spectrum cannabinoids include THC, cannabichromene (CBC), cannabigerol (CBG) and cannabinol (CBN), and Dixie advertises that their products have all three. Scientists know that cannabinoids work together; it is called the entourage effect. Unfortunately, one of the biggest issues in the cannabis market right now is the glut of inferior products that have flooded the market. Some oils don’t contain the ingredients or the dosage they claim to contain, and some tests conducted on CBD oils have revealed high THC levels or even toxins and pesticides.

    The company does follow the ISO standards for both manufacturing and lab testing. ISO is certified by a third party, but Dixie Botanicals lab tests are not available online and the company is not USDA certified or GMP certified, at least as far as I could tell. Obtaining such certifications would give the company more credibility as an organic hemp grower and would enhance consumer confidence in their manufacturing practices.

    However, they are certified by the U.S. Hemp Authority™ Certification Program, an industry initiative designed to provide high standards, best practices and self-regulation mechanisms. Certification by such an authority does give consumers confidence that hemp products are safe and legal.

    Dixie Botanicals Capsules Overview

    Capsules are available in a bottle of 30 capsules with 25mg CBD each for $76. The CBD in these capsules is full spectrum hemp oil containing 25mg of CBD with medium chain triglyceride (MCT) coconut oil used as a carrier oil to boost absorption. The capsules are easily taken orally with water.

    Dixie Botanicals Capsules Products

    CBD Amount
    Price mg/CBD
    750 mg
    25 mg/unit

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    Dixie Botanicals Isolate Overview

    Isolate powder is a 99% pure CBD isolate product and is sold in a 1g (1000mg) jar for $50. This product is derived from hemp oil and is a pure isolate that can be dabbed, mixed with foods or beverages or added to vape liquid as a CBD infusion. The product is decarboxylated, meaning it can easily be blended into foods and beverages or vape liquid without further heating required.

    Dixie Botanicals Edibles Overview

    Dixie offers gummies in 10mg/gummy strength. A 10 count bag is $20 while a 30 count bag is $44.99. These come in either watermelon or new mango flavors and are made from all natural, hemp derived CBD isolate.

    They also offer a product called Kicks, which is a 5mg/serving CBD energy chew available in chocolate, mango or sour apple flavor. Kicks are infused with CBD isolate, B vitamins, 100mg of caffeine and 60 mcg D3. The product consists of bite-sized chews.

    Dixie Botanicals Edibles Products

    CBD Amount
    Price mg/CBD
    100 mg
    10 mg/unit
    300 mg
    10 mg/unit
    150 mg
    5 mg/unit

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    Dixie Botanicals Topicals Overview

    Dixie offers two topical products. The first is a 50mg CBD topical cream called Salvation Balm and the other is a CBD infused SPF50 sunscreen that is marketed in a 4-ounce tube. Each tube contains 100mg of CBD formulated into a cream that is water-resistant for up to 80 minutes.

    The Salvation Balm is a blend of CBD oil, camphor oil, cedarwood oil, lavender oil and beeswax, all paraben free with a cocoa butter texture.

    The sunscreen has SPF50 protection and also contains other nutrients to nourish the skin. The company advertises it as a vegan product with a fragrance of coconut, mango and guava. Even better, it is water resistant for up to 80 minutes, providing broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection.

    Dixie Botanicals Topicals Products

    CBD Amount
    Price mg/CBD
    100 mg
    0.83 mg/ml

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    Dixie Botanicals Tinctures Overview

    The company offers a CBD isolate tincture with 200 mg of CBD per 1 ounce bottle which contains 60 servings per dropper bottle. MCT (medium chain triglyceride) coconut oil is used as a carrier oil for faster absorption. The product is infused with natural orange flavor.

    Dixie Botanicals Tinctures Products

    CBD Amount
    Price mg/CBD
    250 mg
    8.33 mg/ml
    250 mg
    8.33 mg/ml
    250 mg
    8.33 mg/ml
    500 mg
    8.33 mg/ml

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    Dixie Botanicals Discounts, Coupons, and Bundles

    Sale Icon
    get 15% off your purchase at dixie botanicals
    Scissors Icon

    The company offers five CBD product bundles ranging from $49.99 to their highest priced bundle item, a three bottle tincture or vape liquid bundle priced at $269 each.


    (1) CBD GEL CAPSULES + SALVATION BALM BUNDLE $127, $101 on sale


    The company offers several vape or vape/vaporizer bundles:

    (3) CBD VAPE LIQUID 30ml + KANDYPENS RUBI VAPORIZER BUNDLE $129.99, $103 on sale


    (5) CBD VAPE LIQUID BUNDLE: 3-Pack Bundle of Dixie Botanicals CBD Vape Liquid Refill 30mL Bottles $269.99

    Buying Experience

    The buying process was very easy and straightforward with a convenient online sales process. Dixie Botanicals ships using either overnight or standard 7-10 day shipping to all 50 U.S. states. The company offers free shipping for orders over $100. They don’t ship to U.S. territories or outside the U.S.

    Even though I ordered standard 7-10 day shipping, my product box arrived quickly. I ordered it online, my payment was processed quickly, and shipped immediately. The company reliably ships via UPS and processes most orders the same or next business day.

    The company has a pretty clear return policy, basically a 30 day risk free trial on all CBD products. The full details are at the bottom of each web page, but they say that no strings are attached. If any product doesn’t meet your expectations for any reason they will exchange it for something else or issue a refund as long as you send the product back within the first 30 days after delivery. They’ll even accept unused and unopened vaporizer products but obviously cannot accept returns of any used products of this nature for hygienic reasons.

    I ordered both flavors of the 25mg CBD gummies, watermelon and mango. Actually, the company just introduced the new mango flavor in September. The two gummy packages were nicely boxed.

    At Leafreport, we order and test the products ourselves

    Products Reviewed

    Dixie Botanicals CBD Gems 100mg review

    Dixie Botanicals CBD Gems 100mg

    Quality Assurance
    Hemp Quality
    Extract Type
    Additional ingredients
    Ranking updated:
    Product Review
    $19.99  $0.2 per mg CBD
    Visit Site

    As mentioned, I ordered only the gummy products. I ordered two 10 count packs, one watermelon and one mango. You can also get a 30 count jar but I just ordered the smaller packs to try them out. Both are identical products except the flavors are different. Each gummy has 10mg of CBD per gummy, from CBD isolate. The taste was very fruity and delicious. I was surprised to see that each gummy had 2 grams of added sugar which to me was a lot. The sugar came from corn syrup despite the company’s claims about using natural sweeteners like stevia, so I was a bit confused there.

    Dixie Botanicals CBD Gems 300mg

    Quality Assurance
    Hemp Quality
    Extract Type
    Additional ingredients
    Ranking updated:
    Product Review
    $49.99  $0.17 per mg CBD
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    We checked Dixie Botanicals CBD Gems 100mg.
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