Charlotte’s Web Team up with Colorado Firms on CBD Safety Study

A joint venture of seven Colorado CBD brands will participate in a large-size scientific study on the impact of isolate and full-spectrum CBD on the human liver.
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Luca Marani, Cannabis Educator.
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According to Newsbreak, a month ago, Charlotte’s Web went public about its involvement in the ValidCare’s scientific study. The initiative was promoted in order to provide answers to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s doubts in regards to CBD use and human health.

The CEO of Charlotte’s Web, Deanie Elsner, made it clear that this is a strategically relevant move, in relation to the company’s interests. The research is meant to generate the necessary clinical data that the FDA has required from the industry, while as well provide guidance to the industry itself. Vice President of Innovation for Charlotte’s Web, Tim Orr, underlined how much of an important time it is to research the scientific aspects of CBD, most importantly given how many companies crowd the market today today, and the health claims that are currently out there in regards to cannabidiol. For Charlotte’s Web, participation in this study is synonym of fostering consumer trust and transparency.

The ValidCare Study

The main goal of this study is to assess CBD isolate and full-spectrum CBD, and evaluate which of the two has any impact on the human liver. The research team will include two third-party physicians who will be in charge of peer-reviewing the research. The data will be collected between July and September, and results should be available by early 2021. The desired sample size is quite unseen in a cannabis-related scientific study, as of now. In fact, ValidCare is seeking to involve a minimum of 700 US citizens who have ingested CBD on a daily basis for at least 2 consecutive months. These subjects will be required to consume cannabidiol for an extra 30 days for the study’s purposes.

The Companies taking part in the ValidCare Study

Besides Charlotte’s Web, study participants will be Columbia Care, Boulder Botanical & Bioscience Labs, Distillery, CBD American Shaman, HempFusion and Kannaway.

Rosemary Mazanet, chief science officer at Columbia Care, declared in the press release that they “hope to reveal real world evidence that supports daily CBD use in healthy adults and with the advancement of this study, we will better equip the cannabis community about its health benefits.”

Overall, this study will redefine how the way one perceives the CBD and cannabis industries as well as its overall operations. These are crucial information needed to introduce appropriate regulations that protect both consumers and suppliers among several other players.

As to the press release, CEO of ValidCare Patrick McCarthy declared that “after inviting and screening over 100 brands to participate in this water-shed research, seven companies have chosen to demonstrate real leadership, collaboration and commitment to consumer safety. With over 3,500 brands vying for market share, these brands put a premium on science, data and consumer safety over just marketing and revenues. ValidCare is proud to sponsor this research and help answer important questions for the industry, while preserving intellectual property and rights to re-use this data with FDA for individual product submissions at a later date.”

Luca Marani
Luca Marani
Cannabis Educator
Luca Marani is an educator and content creator from Italy. He graduated in 2017 from Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona, Spain, with a Master of Arts in Political Philosophy, writing a dissertation on what was the state of the medical cannabis legislative framework in Spain at the time, and how it affected the rights of the Spanish medical cannabis users community to dignity and quality of life.

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