KoiCBD Interview at the Miami USA CBD Expo

Leafreport’s Courtney Quinn talks with KoiCBD at the Miami USA CBD Expo, about the company products, their manufacturing process, quality assurance and industry insights.
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Leafreport Courtney Quinn: Hi, I’m Courtney Quinn here with Leafreport at the USA CBD Expo in Miami, and I have Jonathan and John here from Koi CBD. Can you guys tell us a little bit about your company and its history?

Jonathan KoiCBD: Absolutely. We’ve been in business since 2015 so we’ve been around for four years. And Koi CBD started with the idea of the legend of the koi fish, and essentially the koi fish has to swim upstream and go through a lot of obstacles to swim up and over the waterfall in order to turn into a golden dragon. So, philosophically, it’s much similar to humans and our journey and how we have to battle overcoming obstacles and stuff like that. And so we really feel like CBD as a centerpiece to the legend of the koi fish versus the hard times of being who we are, I guess, I don’t know, really tied in together. And that’s how the vision of the company worked. And yeah. So that’s what it’s all about.

Leafreport Courtney Quinn: I love the inspiration behind that. That’s awesome.

Jonathan KoiCBD: Thanks.

Leafreport Courtney Quinn: What’s your range of products and the highlights of each product family?

John KoiCBD: Sure. Well, when we started, we originally started with a CBD-infused e-liquid. We all kind of emerged from the vape industry. It’s where most of us have our roots. So right now we’ve got six different flavors and one unflavored e-liquid, CBD-infused e-liquid. And I’d say that the centerpiece in that is the blue koi. That’s always been the fan favorite year after year. It’s a blue raspberry dragon fruit. Delicious flavor.

Jonathan KoiCBD: Yeah. Tropical Popsicle, too.

John KoiCBD: Yeah, Tropical Popsicle.

Jonathan KoiCBD: And that’s a brand new flavor that we released last summer, and then it made its way into the line. That’s like number two seller now.

John KoiCBD: Yeah. Yeah. Lately, I mean., The CBD industry is ever-evolving. For probably for the past year now, our most requested product line has been our Koi Naturals tinctures. Those are THC-free, but otherwise full spectrum. There’s six different flavors. And they’re very popular, very requested throughout the country. We also do gummies. We do a couple of different pet products, like soft chews and a pet spray. We do a balm. We do a few different sense of hand and body lotion and a prefilled cartridge. Am I missing anything?

Jonathan KoiCBD: The beverage.

John KoiCBD: Oh, yeah.

Jonathan KoiCBD: We just released the koi hemp drink. It’s 10 milligrams per drink. And we have kiwi, strawberry, mixed berry, and tangerine. Yeah, we’re pretty high on that, too.

Leafreport Courtney Quinn: Wow.

Jonathan KoiCBD: And they taste amazing.

John KoiCBD: Oh, yeah.

Jonathan KoiCBD: Yeah.

John KoiCBD: Yeah.

Leafreport Courtney Quinn: Yeah, sounds like you guys have a very wide variety and great-tasting products.

Jonathan KoiCBD: Yeah, and with the Koi Naturals, I think that’s one thing that really sets us apart, is in our extraction process we remove a lot of the things that make the hemp taste nasty. So in my opinion, I feel like objectively, I can say we have the best-tasting tincture on the market. Ah.

John KoiCBD: I’d agree.

Jonathan KoiCBD: I’ll take the Pepsi Challenge any day of the week.

Leafreport Courtney Quinn: Awesome. I’ll have to try it.

Jonathan KoiCBD: Yeah. Sure, yeah, it’s epic.

Leafreport Courtney Quinn: Thank you so much for joining us, John and Jonathan.

Jonathan KoiCBD: Awesome. Thanks for …

John KoiCBD: Of course. Thanks so much.

Jonathan KoiCBD: Thanks for having us, Courtney.

John KoiCBD: Thank you, guys.

Jonathan KoiCBD: Yep, thank you.

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