Kimberly Sharpe

Kimberly Sharpe

CBD Journalist


Name: Kimberly Sharpe
Author with Leafreport since: October 2019

Education And Work Information

School(s) Attended: Central Oregon Community College
Former Jobs: Veterinary Technician, Freelance Writer
Published on: USA Today, Maximum Yield, Weed Republic, Green Valley Nation, Medical Marijuana Inc, The Toddle


Area of Expertise: CBD, Pharmaceuticals, Medical Marijuana
Using CBD since: 2017
Favourite CBD product: Topicals, gummies, oils.


Kimberly Sharpe was born and raised in Oregon where she became a strong advocate for the legalization of medicinal and recreational marijuana. now, living in the sunshine state of Florida, she continues to push for nationwide cannabis reform and federal legalization. Through her writing, she strives to educate and enlighten readers about the cannabis plant and its many uses.

Recent Activity

Diamond CBD Review 2021

The Bottom Line The first time that you visit the website of Diamond CBD, you might become overwhelmed by the sheer volume of cannabidiol products. They sell not only their own Diamond brand but also a wide array of others. Diamond emerged on the market several years ago at the start of the CBD legislation […]

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HempMeds Review 2021

The Bottom Line HempMeds made its debut in 2012. The company was the first to introduce hemp based CBD oils to the market in America. In fact, they were also the first company to gain the okay from the federal government for importation of CBD. The countries used were to farm hemp were Brazile, Paraguay, […]

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Minted Leaf Review 2021

The Bottom Line Although mintedLeaf CBD has a nice website that is powered with an online chat feature where you can ask questions if the representatives are available, it does not provide very much information about the company. You can visit the ‘about’ page but the origins of the company remain very vague. However, a […]

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Karibo Review 2021

The Bottom Line The experts at Karibo are focused on the beauty that is enhanced through the use of CBD products. All of their affordable CBD-infused skincare products have been specially formulated for the face and body. Their motto is ‘skincare for every day’. They want each one of their products to become a valued […]

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Half Day CBD Review 2021

The Bottom Line Half Day CBD is reputed to have emerged as a result of its founders Kameron Norwood and Dave DiCosola seeking a more natural way to gain relief from pain and stress. They started to research CBD as a viable and holistic solution. Their search took them to local hemp farmers and they […]

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Elixinol Review 2021

The Bottom Line Elixinol has the reputation of being a true seed to sale company. They grow their own hemp in Colorado or Northern European fields using only sustainable, organic farming techniques. They are not USDA certified. All the hemp undergoes CO2 extraction to ensure purity. In-house laboratory testing further helps to guarantee that all […]

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Nanocraft CBD Review 2021

The Bottomline NanoCraft CBD uses science to offer quality CBD products to the public. Their products have been formulated using state of the art NanoTechnology which encapsulates the active ingredients by suspending them in nanoemulsions or nanospheres. Nanotechnology makes NanoCraft CBD products more bioavailable so that fast absorption occurs, and all the product is used […]

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Fab CBD Review 2021

The Bottom Line   In 2017, FAB CBD made its debut. The CBD brand was founded by a team of authentic ‘fitness junkies’ and ‘health nuts’ who had one goal; to help people avoid over the counter medications which are often harmful. Instead, they wanted their customers to try natural plant based cannabidiol (CBD) and other […]

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Endoca Review 2021

The Bottom Line In 2006, the online CBD giant Endoca was founded. It was the first CBD brand to ever be sold online. The company quickly grew by leaps and bounds due to the exceptional purity of its cannabidiol merchandise. They offer a quality guarantee, extensive transparent laboratory testing, and worldwide shipping. Without a doubt, […]

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Savage CBD Review 2021

The Bottomline Savage CBD does not provide a great deal of information on their website about the brand or formation of the company. However, they do offer a large variety of CBD products such as tinctures, topicals, epsom salts, pet products, and more. They are dedicated to helping as many people as possible with a […]

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Sunday Scaries Review 2021

The Bottom Line Sunday Scaries was officially founded in June of 2017. The goals of the founders were a little different than other CBD companies. They wanted to be completely transparent, offer easy dosing of all their products and i inject a little humor into the almost clinical realm of CBD brands. CBD is often […]

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