Joan Oleck

Joan Oleck

Cannabis Journalist


  • Name: Joan Oleck
  • Author with Leafreport since: May 2020


Education And Work Information

  • School(s) Attended: B.A., Liberal Arts, University of Michigan; M.A., Journalism, University of Wisconsin
  • Charters and certifications: CFA Charter holder
  • Honors and distinctions: B.A., with Honors; Jesse Neal Award for Trade Press Series in Restaurant Business magazine; GLAAD Award for Online Essay, Salon
  • Published on:, Business Week, Bloomberg, Forbes



  •  Area of Expertise: Cannabis


Joan Oleck is a freelance writer currently specializing in the cannabis industry and cannabis tech. She has been an editor and reporter on staff for such publications as, Business Week, Newsday and The Detroit News, covering such topics as the tobacco industry, southern agriculture, business, movies, books and parenting. She won the Jesse Neal Award for best feature series in a trade publication, Restaurant Business, and a GLAAD Award for a Salon story about discrimination in adoption against single and gay parents.

Recent Activity

With Trump on His Way out, and Biden Coming in, the 2021 U. Cannabis Market Is Looking Good, a New Report Predicts

The news remains dismal on many fronts: the raging pandemic, America’s deep political divisions and the continuing fallout from the violence at the Capitol fomented both by Donald Trump’s presidency and potential impeachment conviction.

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2020 CBD
How Was 2020 for Cannabis/CBD Companies? Actually, There Was Some Good News

Companies seeking to innovate have been strapped for funds this difficult pandemic year, and startups in the cannabis category are no exception.

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CBD holiday
The CBD Industry Receives Two Big Holiday ‘Gifts’ in This Otherwise Bleak Pandemic Year

Talk about happy holidays! The global CBD industry received two welcome gifts at the start of December: On Dec. 4, the U.S. House of Representatives voted 228-164 to support the Marijuana Opportunity Reinvestment and Expungement Act (MORE Act), which aims to legalize cannabis at the federal level.

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Legal Cannabis
U.S. House Vote on Ending the Federal Prohibition on Cannabis Is Expected This Week

A U.S. House bill which would decriminalize cannabis and end its prohibition at the federal level will come before the House membership this week, likely some time between Wednesday and Friday.

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‘Legal’ List for Recreational Marijuana
The Election Just Added Four More States to the ‘Legal’ List for Recreational Marijuana, So, Just How Much Tax Revenue Does That Mean?

The 2020 election exacerbated America’s already bitter political divisions. But one thing on which voters seemed to agree was … cannabis.

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Woman on cannabis
If You’re a Woman in Cannabis, Can an Accelerator Help You? The Pros and Cons.

It’s Women’s Small Business Month. And in the cannabis business, women entrepreneurs need help to prime their startups. That’s where accelerators come in

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2020 Election
What the Cannabis Industry Really, Really Wants This 2020 Election Season

The 2020 election season is loudly, sometimes alarmingly, in play. But whom and what to support? Biden/Harris? Trump/Pence? The Democrats or Republicans running for Congress in your state (with 35 seats Senate seats being contested and 435 in the U.S. House)?

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Morris Beegle
Are America’s Hemp Farmers Being Unfairly Penalized Because of the Government’s Worries Over THC?

With the arrival of September, America’s approximately 17,000 hemp farmers are getting ready to harvest their half-million-acre 2020 crop. And in so doing, they’re besieged by multiple problems: the pandemic, of course, but also extreme weather, natural disasters … and politics.

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Millennials vs gen Y
Boomers vs. Millennials: Who Uses Cannabis More? A New Study Tells All.

Boomers (born 1946-64) and Millennials (born 1981-96) have long engaged in an off-and-on culture clash, each airing generational complaints against the other for two decades now: Which group comes across as more entitled? Which takes work (especially attire) more seriously? Which is hopelessly inept at technology?

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Did the EU Just Move to Decimate Its Legal CBD Industry?

The European Commission about to kill the hemp sector: preliminary view states natural hemp extracts are a drug, against all reason, the latest scientific literature and the EU green ambitions. Catherine Wilson, EIHA vice president refer to those matters on Leafreport’s interview

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New Report: Canadian Cannabis Companies Are Falling Short on Distinguishing Their Brands to Consumers

For any Americans looking north these days to Canada to learn how cannabis startups in the Land of Maple Leaf are faring there two years into national legalization, a data-rich new report offers insight.Turns out that Canadians, in several important respects, are … just like us.

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Seth Rogan
Comedian Seth Rogen Speaks Passionately About the Racial Realities of the Cannabis Industry He’s Now Part of

Actor-Comedian-Writer Seth Rogen shared support for expungement of criminal records for cannabis crimes in a recent panel discussion ‘Reimagining Justice’

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Excelsior College
‘Cannabis U’ Initiatives Gain Yet Another Graduate-Level Program Designed to Deepen Big-Business Skills

The evolution of the cannabis industry from stoners tending clandestine backyard plots to multimillion companies operating legal, industrial-size operations has grown the need for professionals steeped in supply-chain, financial, management and agricultural skills

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New Frontier data on CBD
Hemp Has Been Legal in the U.S. for Two Years. So Why Isn’t the Food Industry Selling It?

Two years after the legalization of hemp via the 2018 Farm Bill, a feeling of antsiness prevails among companies manufacturing products containing cannabidiol, or CBD, the active ingredient in hemp

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Angelos, third from left, with Snoop Dogg, second from left, along with two Koch Industries executives.
‘Black Lives Matter’ Has Significance Beyond Police Violence: It Also Applies to Cannabis Arrests

While George Floyd’s murder put the spotlight on police brutality and racism, What people may not know, however, is the related issue of police and justice-system discrimination against those same minorities, especially black Americans, for minor offenses involving cannabis.

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CBD Market
For Cannabis Companies, the Future for CBD Looks Strong, According to a New Report

While many Americans still feel skittish about using THC-infused marijuana because of legality issue, the sky’s seemingly the limit for companies offering hemp-derived CBD products. That’s the message of a new study from New Frontier Data study.

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House of platinum
This ‘Band of Brothers’ Works Together to Channel Cannabis Profits to Wounded Veterans

For many Americans, today, Memorial Day, is a time to honor our nation’s fallen military personnel. But for George Sadler and Brian Buckley, both leaders of Southern California-based cannabis companies, the day holds something more: a close partnership aimed at helping returning veterans with the difficult transition to civilian life.

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Legal Cannabis
Even As Congress Fights Over Cannabis, People in Adult Use ‘Legal’ States Seem Pretty Happy With That Legalization

Even as Democrats and Republicans in Congress spar over whether cannabis businesses should be eligible for COVID-19 federal loans, most Americans in adult-use legal states already view legalization as successful.

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