Washington Marijuana Growers Call Synthetic Delta-9 and Delta-8 a Threat

In Washington State, MJ Business Daily reported Wednesday, marijuana growers are looking askance at hemp-derived CBD’s conversion into delta-8 THC and even delta-9 marijuana. The reason: Companies can more cheaply convert CBD extract into both delta THC-end products rather than grow marijuana as a crop
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Delta-9 is the “high”-producing molecule in cannabis that most users are familiar with. The newer, less psychoactive cannabinoid delta-8 comes from hemp, legalized by the 2018 Farm Bill.

Growers’ concern over what they call synthetic products – which they fear may put them out of business — prompted the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board to call on a panel of scientists discuss the definition of synthetic products.

The WSLCB Board, on May 12, issued a temporary halt to hemp-derived THC products, saying in a statement that, “Rules are needed to allow the WSLCB to evaluate additives, solvents, ingredients or compounds used in the production and processing of marijuana products to determine whether such substances pose a risk to public health or youth access.”

During the panel discussion, MJ Biz Daily reported, at least one grower asked why the WSLCB didn’t ban hemp-derived THC altogether because, he argued, Washington State is allowing the import of hemp, despite the state government’s controlled-substance rules. The grower emphasized the financial problems, in his opinion, ffrom the import of CBD from out of state. The grower voiced concern that these imports of cheaper hemp CBD are making one part of the supply chain wealthy but depriving the marijuana growers of a living.

From the other side of the aisle, Vicki Christophersen, who’s director of the Washington Cannabis Association, argued that while unsafe and untested delta-8 shouldn’t be sold, otherwise sourcing is fair game. “We believe all THC is THC as long as it’s derived from the cannabis plant,” she said.


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