Radicle Science Announces the Launch of Longitudinal Study of CBD Efficacy Based on Consumer Data

Radicle Science will gather insights from almost 3,000 demographically diverse CBD users to better understand use patterns and gauge the efficacy of the cannabinoid to treat conditions such as pain, sleep disturbances, and anxiety
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Emma Francis Stone, Ph.D.
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Radicle Science, a health-tech B-corp, has just announced the launch of the world’s largest longitudinal real-world evidence study to evaluate the efficacy of CBD products. The study, which is named Radicle ACES (Advancing CBD Education and Science), will include almost 3,000 participants. It will aim to capture comprehensive real-world evidence on how and why consumers use CBD, the perceived efficacy of CBD products, dosing and usage patterns, predictors and modifiers of treatment responses, and user characteristics.

ACES will be led by specialists in the field, with cannabis expert Dr. Ethan Russo M.D. acting as Scientific Expert for Radicle Science. Five universities, including the University of Washington and UCLA, will collaborate with data analysis. Thirteen U.S. CBD brands including Charlotte’s Web, Healer, Lord Jones, and MD Farma will be included in the study, which will last for four weeks. Study participants will use the Radicle Science platform to track consumption of orally-ingested CBD products and their perceived efficacy in promoting well-being and quality of life, and reducing pain, sleep disturbances and anxiety.

The study will utilize standardized health indices to collate the outcome data. According to the study’s organizers, participants were intentionally selected to encompass a diverse demographic of ethnicities, age groups, geographical locations, behavioral tendencies and pre-existing health conditions.

The scale of the data collected and the diversity of the participant population will provide real-world evidence and insights into how CBD is used for the treatment of common conditions, and its efficacy across different user profiles. Russo also points out that the study will endeavor to answer questions such as who should take CBD, how much and for what conditions, and patterns regarding dosage.

Radicle Science expects to release anonymized aggregate results in October 2021. Further information on the Radicle ACES methodology can be found on the Radicle Resources pages.

Dr. Emma F. Stone is passionate about plant medicine and the potential it holds in transforming the current medical paradigm. She has written extensively for Leafly, Weedmaps, Flowertown, Psychedelic Science Review, and contributed to industry reports and fact sheets detailing cannabis medicine, dosage, and delivery methods for diverse conditions. She’s currently working on a book exploring plant medicine and its uses.

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