Japan Approves CBD Sells

Japan to begin accepting the sell of CBD products. New Age Beverage Corporation, Colorado-based company, received approval from the Japanese Ministry of Health recently.
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Trista Best, Registered Dietitian.
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The cannabidiol (CBD) craze has made its way to Japan as New Age Beverages Corporation (NASDAQ: NBEV) has recently gained approval from the Japanese Ministry of Health and Narcotics Control Division to sell many of the CBD infused products. 

New Age is a Colorado-based natural and organic products company and will begin selling three of their primary products immediately.1

Those products to hit the Japanese market are from their ‘NHANCED product line including CBD Body Cream, CBD Roll-On Gel, and their original CBD Oil.

With the variety of product types, CBD consumers in Japan will be able to experience CBD’s benefits on multiple levels. At this point in CBD’s history in Japan the addition of even one product type would be welcome, but three at once is revolutionary to the industry and should be quite beneficial for Japan’s citizens.

New Age will have the benefit of selling directly to 50,000 consultants in Japan who have direct-to-consumer access. This means the company will be able to get its products into the hands of consumers who truly need the benefits of CBD. As word spreads the culture of CBD use in Japan is set to change for the positive.

The company saw a 13 percent increase in sells after the announcement of Japanese government approval was made public. This is a promising boost in sales as their local and now international revenue will both increase. Receiving this sort of notoriety will likely ensure a commitment to quality and excellence consumers expect from New Age.

In 2018 New Age, primarily focusing on general health products, saw the opportunity and benefit of CBD products. This led them to branch into the CBD industry by creating a line of CBD-infused products through a subsidiary.

CBD is legal in Japan, however, THC is not. Outside of Japan CBD can contain around 0.3% THC, especially in the US. This has led New Age Beverage to specifically designed their ‘NHANCED CBD products for sale in the Japanese market.

Japanese government regulations considered safety, efficacy, and purity as well. Standards that any CBD company should seek to meet regardless of where it is being sold. 

The managing director or R&D for New Age, Jarakae Jensen, issued the statement: “The cannabidiol in these three products is sourced from industrial hemp grown in the USA. This hemp is processed extremely carefully to remove all leaves, flowers, buds, and branches from the stem, which is then further processed to ensure the cannabidiol is pure and 100% free from tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).”1

More Than CBD Topicals?

In addition to its ‘NHANCED CBD product line, New Age also developed and finalized its proprietary blend of beverages infused with CBD as using a dietary supplement to be sold in Japan as well. This meant meeting additional standards set by the government and New Age used the same materials used in the ‘NHANCED that met previous requirements. 

This entry into the Japanese CBD market has given New Age a global goal. As additional countries become more open to the sale of CBD products New Age hopes to be at the forefront of their respective markets. 

New Age Beverage Corp. Details

New Age has developed just three short years ago in June 2016 and has attained international retail status. The company formed out of the combination of three powerful organizations; Bucha Live Kombucha, Xing Tea, and Aspen Pure along with Colorado distribution. 

The mission at New Age is to inspire and elevate the human spirit through encouraging and enabling their customers, and future customers, to live healthily. They have a unique edge in the health industry by being the only cross-channel company with access to multiple channels over 60 total countries worldwide. These channels include traditional retail, e-commerce, direct-to-consumer, and even medical.  

Giving Back

New Age touts the exclusive partnership with the 5thlargest water charity in the world; WATERisLIFE. This partnership seeks to end the worldwide water crisis by using innovative technologies.


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Trista Best
Trista Best
Registered Dietitian
Trista Best is a Registered Dietitian, Public Health Dietitian, and former college Nutrition Professor. She completed her Bachelor of Science in Health Science from Armstrong Atlantic State University in 2009, Masters of Public Health Nutrition from Liberty University in 2014, and Bachelors of Science in Food and Environmental Sciences from the University of Alabama in 2018. Her dietetic background is in Public Health, Medical Grade Supplements, and Childhood Nutrition.

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