Cannabis-Infused Mega-Brownie In Massachusetts Breaks Record For Largest Edible

Licensed bakery MariMed unveils 850-pound baked good in celebration of niche U.S. holiday
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Chris Kudialis, CBD and Cannabis Reporter.
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Bakeries across the United States traditionally celebrate the country’s annual National Brownie Day with moderate fanfare, if any. Special recipes, new flavors and the occasional discounts commemorate one of the many niche days on the American calendar.

But a licensed cannabis bakery in Norwood, Massachusetts took its Brownie Day celebration to the next level on Wednesday, producing the world’s largest-ever cannabis infused edible.

MariMed launched its new edible bakery brand, Bubby’s Baked, by unveiling an 850-pound cannabis-infused brownie, which contains a whopping 20,000 milligrams of THC. Measuring 3 feet wide and 15 inches tall, it more than triples the world’s previous largest brownie, listed at just over 243 pounds by the Guinness World Records.

The five culinary architects of the MariMed brownie used over 1,300 eggs, 250 pounds of sugar, 200 pounds of butter, 5 pounds of vanilla extract, 80 pounds of flower, two pounds of baking powder, three pounds of salt and 120 pounds of cocoa powder to concoct its masterpiece, according to MariMed spokesman Ryan Crandall. It took a full 24 hours to craft and bake, and required a pallet and extra supports to hold it up once completed because a regular table couldn’t contain its weight.

The 20,000 mg of THC is 4,000 times greater than the company’s regular 5 mg brownies, but it still falls within the legal purchase limit in Massachusetts for medical cannabis patients. So Crandall said the company plans to sell the brownie at MariMed’s dispensary, called Panacea, in the southeast Massachusetts city of Middleborough.

Wednesday’s brownie creation is the latest on the long list of cannabis specialty products to set new records in recent years. In 2018, a 24-gram marijuana cigar sold for $11,000 in Las Vegas. Earlier this year, Washington State-based growing brand Leira claimed to offer a full-ounce cannabis cigar worth $50,000.

MariMed has yet to put a price on the giant brownie, but Panacea typically charges $12 for its 5 mg THC brownie. If based solely on multiplying the price by the THC count, the giant brownie could retail for up to $48,000.


Chris Kudialis
Chris Kudialis
CBD and Cannabis Reporter
Chris Kudialis is the mainstream media’s authority on marijuana and CBD news coverage in Las Vegas. Chris began covering the beat as a reporter with the Las Vegas Review-Journal in 2015, when cannabis had been medical-only for almost two years and the first dispensaries were just opening.

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