John Legend, Kourtney Kardashian, and Mike Tyson all have this one thing in common $$$

Cannabidiol (CBD) is taking the celebrity world by storm. This past year seems to be the year of celebrities entering the CBD and cannabis fields. Whether it be beauty, health, or profit driven one thing is for sure, celebrities are seriously bought in on their chosen product. 
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Celebrities and CBD

CBD is taking the celebrity world by storm and it’s a bellwether telling many investors and consumers that CBD will be a part of more and more people’s daily routine. The past two years reveal a steady stream of starts are entering the cannabis industry. Whether they are focused on CBD for beauty, health, or sports – one thing is for sure, celebrities are trying to make CBD part o your daily routine. Most celebrities didn’t reach their status by happenstance.

A delicate combination of talent and business-mindedness has led to most of their success. It didn’t take long for many celebs to realize there is plenty of money to be made in the CBD industry.

Now, many of their faces are selling millions of dollars worth of CBD products. Thinking over all the celebrities that seem to have entered the CBD industry over the past year one might wonder; who was first? While that may be more difficult to estimate there is certainly a progression that can be seen in the CBD space.

Keep an eye here for updates on new celebrities jumping on the CBD train. We will be adding the latest celebs as we see them entering this profitable industry. At Leafreport we welcome your insights, corrections, and updates ( contact us here ) if you find celebrities entering the field before we do!

Drake – More Life Growth Company (November 2019)

  • Brand nameMore Life Growth (by Canopy Growth) 
  • Launch Date – November 5th, 2019
  • Foundation Year – 2019
  • Headquarter Location –  Toronto, Ontario
  • Stocks – Publicly Traded as NYSE:CGC
  • Social MediaFacebook, Twitter, LinkedIn
  • Details – Other Information – Drake is a Canada-born singer, songwriter, record producer, and now businessman. Unlike many other celebrates entering the cannabis industry through the realm of CBD products, Drake has followed in the steps of Willie Nelson and a few others to jump right in marijuana growth and distribution. Drake believes and desires to make a difference in this industry that is growing rapidly and needs accountability. He has stepped in and taken 60% ownership of Canopy Growth through the More Life Growth arm of the business and finds himself operating the business in his hometown of Toronto. 

“The opportunity to partner with a world-class company like Canopy Growth on a global scale is really exciting,” shared More Life Growth Company founder, Drake. “The idea of being able to build something special in an industry that is ever growing has been inspiring. More Life and More Blessing.”

John Legend – Plus Hemp (September 2019)

john legend and Plus

  • Brand name – Plus Hemp
  • Launch Date – September 2019
  • Foundation Year –  2019
  • Headquarter Location – 340 S. Lemon Ave. Walnut, CA 91789
  • Product Range – Gummies
  • Price Range –  $35.00
  • Stock – Publicly Traded via CSE:PLUS
  • Worth – Shareholder’s Equity $26.2 million, Revenue $3.57 million
  • Social MediaFacebook, Twitter, Instagram
  • Details – John Legend is an American singer, songwriter, actor, producer, and philanthropist who has branched into the wellness world by joining forces with a nearly failing CBD company and helped bring about major revival. Legend has joined as an investor and celebrity face for the company which has completely turned the company’s future around while simultaneously making it possible for the American public to continue to benefit from their CBD products. Plus Products CBD focuses on gummies alone which have been formulated to address three primary areas; sleep, anxiety, and overall mood.

“I have been a believer in the benefits of CBD for some time,” Legend said in a statement. “I was drawn to the Plus team because they’re an innovative, family-run company, and they use science to deliver a consistent, high-quality product. I appreciate that they’re committed to setting a high standard within an industry that has to date been fairly unregulated.”

Kourtney Kardashian – Poosh & Hora Skin Care (September 2019)

kourtney kardashian Poosh
  • Brand names – Poosh & Hora Skin Care
  • Launch Date – September 2019 
  • Foundation Year –  2019  
  • Product Range – At the moment only one product Derma Roller 
  • Price Range – $26.00 – $100.00
  • Social MediaFacebook, Twitter, Instagram 
  • Details – This Kardashian sister has set out with a mission to educate, motivate, create, and curate a modern lifestyle for all. Kourtney has launched a CBD serum, utilizing one of many lively elements in Cannabis for her skincare regime. Through the use of quality and reputable CBD products, she believes you can raise your mind, body, and beauty health. 

Kourtney wrote on Instagram: “I’ve develop into a fair greater fan of hyaluronic acid for my pores and skin over the previous 12 months. It has utterly reworked my texture and tone, and I’ve fallen extra in love with it throughout our inventive course of whereas the @poosh group and I’ve been testing and tweaking formulation. ‘Using the Derma Roller only enhances the effects of the serum, so the combination is magical. Ahhhhh I love this serum so much…I CAN NOT wait for you guys to try it and hear what you think!”

Kourtney wrote on Poosh website: “When I finally decided that something up to my standards just didn’t yet exist on the market, the Poosh team and I got to work formulating our collab with Hora Skin Care, the Hyaluronic Halo + CBD serum, and it’s finally ready. It’s the oil-free, antioxidant-rich, and vitamin-loaded hyaluronic serum of my dreams, and it’s packed with incredibly clean ingredients.”

Carey Hart – HartLuck (August 2019)

carey hart CBD

  • Brand NameHartLuck
  • Launch Date – August 2019
  • Foundation Year – August 2019 
  • Headquarter Location – Vancouver, BC
  • Product Range – Topicals, Tinctures, Salves, Gel Caps
  • Price Range – $65.00 – $110.00 
  • Stock – Publicly Traded via Next Green Wave Holdings Inc. (CSE: NGW) (OTCQX: NXGWF)
  • Worth – $23.4 million 
  • Social MediaFacebook, Twitter, Instagram 
  • Details – Husband of celebrity singer Pink, Carey Hart, founded HartLuck in August of this year with the phrase “Fix Yourself” as the tagline. Hart is a former professional motocross racer turned off-road truck racer and CBD company owner. Any motocross racer will admit to having their fair share of aches and pains as a byproduct of the profession and those same pains led Hart to develop HartLuck. The company seeks to give athletes a leg up on performance by decreasing pain through full-spectrum CBD products. 

“At the core, we started the HartLuck CBD line for active performance-based people. Born from the need to repair after race day or a rough practice at the track, we made things we would use ourselves. I truly believe in holistic forms of pain management and recovery,” stated Carey Hart. “Partnering with NGW has been key, we only use 100% natural ingredients in all of our products. We believe that there is a difference and it is why we never settle for cutting corners on anything we make. Nature made it best, we formulate for optimum results.”

Rob Gronkowski  – CBDMedic (August 2019)

rob gronkowski CBD Medic

“I’m excited to start a new chapter of my career as an advocate for recovery and an investor and partner with Abacus — a company that I truly believe in,” Gronkowski said. “During my football career, I pushed myself while recovering from nine surgeries and countless injuries. I was in near constant pain and needed to make a change. After retiring, I looked for better and more natural ways to recover and discovered CBDMEDIC through my dad. These products have helped me safely manage pain better than anything else I’ve tried. There is an incredible opportunity to educate people on healthier ways to recover and I’m looking forward to introducing new products with Abacus in the hope of helping millions of Americans balance their active lifestyles with healthy recovery.” 

New Companies On The Block

Here are some praiseworthy CBD companies that launched in 2018.

George Kruis and Dom Day – FourFive CBD (December 2018)

  • Brand NameFourFive CBD
  • Launch Date – December 2018 
  • Foundation Year –  2018
  • Headquarter Location – 2 Victoria Square, St. Albans, Ali 3TF
  • Product Range – Topicals (muscle rub), oils, capsules, balms
  • Price Range£29.99 – £74.99
  • Social MediaFacebook, Twitter, Instagram 
  • Details – George Kruis, a professional rugby player for England and Saracens, has partnered with Dom Day, also a rugby player, to found FourFive CBD. This UK based CBD company touts 0% THC products. It was born out of the developer’s chronic pain from sports-related injuries and vows to keep athletes active. 

“I was probably taking prescription anti-inflammatories and painkillers four or five times a week just to get to the weekend to play,” says Day. “It wasn’t where I wanted to be at all. I just don’t take that stuff now, I stick with the CBD oil.”

Kruis said: ‘While cbd has been applied to a wide range of health issues, our focus is firmly on health-conscious active people.’

Mazz Hanna – Mazz Hanna Wellness (November 2018)

Mazz Hanna
  • Brand NameMazz Hanna Wellness
  • Launch Date – November 2018 
  • Foundation Year – 2018 
  • Headquarter Location – Los Angeles, CA
  • Product Range – Beauty & Wellness, Crystals, Bundles
  • Price Range – $10 – $225 
  • Social MediaFacebook, Instagram 
  • Details – This high-end CBD company was founded by celebrity beauty expert, crystal healer, and manicurist, Mazz Hanna. They use only organic ingredients that have been lab-tested. A unique feature for this celebrity-owned CBD company is its CBD infused crystals. 

“I learned about CBD when a doctor recommended it to me. I was in a horrific car accident in my early 20s and have suffered with debilitating neck and back problems ever since. About a year and a half ago I threw my neck out and it was so awful that I couldn’t move. My husband literally had to lift me out of bed to take me to the doctor. In addition to the narcotics and muscle relaxers my doctor prescribed me, she also recommended CBD oil. Within 10 minutes of applying it to my neck and back, I could move again. It was a miracle! It worked better than any pill I had ever taken over the years. Ever since that moment I became obsessed and couldn’t stop thinking about how I could incorporate it into my work.”

Dan Bilzerian – Ignite Cannabis Co. (September 2018)

  • Brand NameIgnite Cannabis Co.
  • Launch Date – September 12, 2018  
  • Foundation Year –  2018 
  • Headquarter Location – Los Angeles, CA 
  • Product Range – CBD Vapes, Oils, Pens, Toothpicks. Best Value – Ignite ONE Rechargeable Vape Device Starter Kit.
  • Price Range – $13.49 – $109.99
  • Stock – Publicly Traded via BILZ:CN 
  • Worth – $228.661M
  • Details – Dan Bilzerian’s CBD company is as varied and unique as his career. He is best known as a professional gambler, internet personality, and actor. Bilzerian’s company, Ignite Cannabis, seeks to change the way society sees cannabis, especially in the alternative medicine field. The variety is unique in providing vapes to pens and even toothpicks. This celebrity-owned CBD company follows its products from seed to sale, ensuring safety and efficacy. interviews Jim McCormick CEO of at the Miami USA CBD Expo

Mike Tyson – Copper Gel (March 2018)

mike tyson
  • Brand NameCopper Gel
  • Launch Date – March 2018
  • Foundation Year – 2018 
  • Headquarter Location – Los Angeles, CA
  • Product Range – Roll-On, Ice, Spray
  • Price Range – $14.99 – $119.97 
  • Social MediaInstagram, Facebook, Twitter 
  • Details – Mike Tyson, a former professional boxer with 20 years in the ring, found an immense amount of relief through Copper Gel that he purchased the company. While some celebrities choose to invest or represent CBD companies as a celebrity face, Tyson went a different route and it is paying off for him and those in need of natural pain relief. Copper Gel provides its customers with CBD relief through roll-ons, sprays, and infused ice products. 

“As a retired athlete, my body has endured a lot of wear and tear.  Copper Gel has helped relieve my muscle pain, so I carry it whenever I travel just in case I need it”

“We want to be the best. That is why we signed with the smartest guys in the industry. We will have the most consistent, unique, and highest quality products on the market”

Gwyneth Paltrow – Fleur Marché (2018)

  • Brand NameFluer Marche
  • Launch Date – 2018 
  • Foundation Year – 2018  
  • Headquarter Location – 549 Rialto Avenue, Venice CA 90291
  • Product Range – Beauty & Wellness
  • Price Range – $35-$2180 
  • Social MediaFacebook, Instagram, Pinterest 
  • Details – Yes, Paltrow has two CBD product companies. In addition to Fluer Marche, Paltrow also founded Goop, a lifestyle brand company focusing on overall health and life balance with a hint of CBD. The company was founded by Paltrow in her kitchen over 10 years ago and has provided relief and support to CBD consumers ever since. 

Oldies But Goodies

These celebs understood the health benefits of CBD before the huge celebrity influx the wellness industry is seeing today.

Whoopie Goldberg – Whoopie & Maya (2016)


  • Brand NameWhoopie & Maya
  • Launch Date – 2016 
  • Foundation Year – 2016  
  • Headquarter Location – 7828 Santa Monica Blvd West Hollywood, CA 90046
  • Product Range – Soaks, Rubs, Tinctures (only available in Colorado)
  • Price Range – Prices available at retail locations 
  • Details – Does Whoopie Goldberg need an introduction? We’ll do one anyway. Goldberg’s professional resume ranges from actress, comedian, author, television personality, and now a business owner. She joined forces with Maya Elisabeth, founder of OM Edibles, to found Whoopi & Maya in 2016. She is one of the first celebrities to enter the cannabis/CBD industry.  The company sells out of Colorado and California only with products specific to those states and their products are based on the terms; Soak, Savor, Rub, and Relax. 

Brand Ambassadors – CBDistillery


  • Brand NameCBDistillery
  • Brand Ambassadors – Anthony Pettis, Sergio Pettis, Gordon Ryan,  Josh Hinger, Heather McMahan, Michelle Smith, Peregrine Performance Racing, Michelle Waterson, Chelsey Korus, Doublers Delancey, Giselle Korina, Bonnie Brazeau, Albee Layer, Sage Erickson, Cat Zingano, Garry Tonon, Angel Collinson, Johnny Collinson, 
  • Launch Date – 2015
  • Foundation Year – 2015  
  • Headquarter Location – Denver, CO. & Watford, Herts, United Kingdom 
  • Product Range – Oils, Isolates, Capsules, Topicals
  • Price Range – $19.00 – $240 
  • Details –  This CBD company is backed by over 20 brand ambassadors and companies that believe in its benefits. CBDistillery uses natural farming, Non-GMO, third party lab testing, US-made hemp, and is US Hemp Authority certified. These are just a few of the incredible aspects CBDistillery has to brag about. The company has set a mission to make CBD products and education available to everyone, without barriers.  

Montel Williams – Montel (2016)

montel williams
  • Brand NameMontel
  • Launch Date – 2016 (As LenitivLabs) 
  • Foundation Year –  2016 
  • Headquarter Location – California with West Coast dispensaries
  • Product Range – CBD & THC – Capsules, Vapes, Dabbables 
  • Price Range – $80.00 
  • Worth – $1.7 billion in revenue annually. 
  • Details – Montel Williams, tv personality and philanthropist, has lived publicly with a Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis for over 20 years. He has taken his pain management treatment into his own hands and founded Montel, a THC and CBD oil company. 


Willie Nelson – Willies Reserve (2015)

willie nelson
  • Brand NameWillies Reserve
  • Launch Date – 2015 
  • Foundation Year – 2015  
  • Headquarter Location – Seattle, Washington 
  • Product Range – Edibles, Flowers, Vapes
  • Price Range – Prices available at retail locations 
  • Details – Willie Nelson certainly needs no introduction. He is an American musician, actor, and activist known for his love for music and cannabis. In 2015 Nelson took that love a step further by founding Willie’s Reserves which is one of the first cannabis industry companies. Since its start in 2015, the company has had a focus on high quality and natural products with hemp grown by independent farmers. 

Mickey Gall – Canna Trading Co. (2014)

mickey gall

  • Brand NameCanna Trading Co.
  • Launch Date – 2015 
  • Foundation Year – 2015  
  • Headquarter Location – Atascadero, CA.
  • Product Range – Capsules, vapes, concentrates, pets, and full spectrum
  • Price Range – $19.95 – $85.45
  • Details – Mickey Gall, American MMA professional, partnered with Canna Trading as a face for their company. They, in turn, have sponsored his MMA career for years. The company started with a vape product line focus and has expanded to tinctures, capsules, lotions, and even a pet line. Canna Trading seeks to provide clean, affordable and natural CBD products for pain relief. Making pain relief through natural means a possibility for everyone is a respectable goal and Canna Trading seems to be following through. 

Celebrity-Backed CBD Brands Drive Industry to New Heights – Here’s a List Of Our Faves


Bonus – Top Celebrities in the Cannabis Industry

  • Bella ThorneForbidden Flower – The next celebrity on track to jump on the Cannabis / CBD train. 
  • Martha StewartCanopy Growth Corp. – Stewart joined forced with this cannabis company to help develop pet and food products. 
  • Post MaloneShaboink Hemp – Developing a line of hemp pre-rolls.
  • Paul PierceThe Truth – Developing an upcoming product line of CBD products. 



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Trista Best
Registered Dietitian
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