PhenoPen Interview at the Miami USA CBD Expo

Leafreport’s Courtney Quinn talks with Eric from at the Miami USA CBD Expo, about the company products, their manufacturing process, quality assurance and industry insights.
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Leafreport – Noa Gans: Hi everybody. It’s Noa, from Leaf Report, and I’m here at the USA CBD Expo in Miami. I’m here with Erik from Phenopen. Hi, Erik. How are you?

PhenoPen – Eric: Hi Noa, I’m great.

Leafreport – Noa Gans: Great. So please tell us about your company and its history.

PhenoPen – Eric: Well, our company is an Israeli company who comes from the field of medical cannabis because it’s medical cannabis in Israel is very advanced, but recreational is much less. We opened the branch in Slovenia where we make our products and ship it to the US and to all of Europe.

Leafreport – Noa Gans: Please tell us about your manufacturing process.

PhenoPen – Eric: Well, we make a pure product, pure hemp product without any additives, without solvent, without PG, without VG, without MCT, and without terpenes. Our product is 100% cannabis.

Leafreport – Noa Gans: How do you ensure the price, quality, purity and cleanliness?

PhenoPen – Eric: All the partners that we work here with our labs in our growing facilities are all pharma companies that have GMP standards and they were very strict about it.

Leafreport – Noa Gans: Sound good. So, what is your transparency policy? Do you publish this third-party lab results?

PhenoPen – Eric: Of course, we do. Every batch we then send to independent laboratories. And the results we publish on the cover of the Phenopen with the QR code that anyone can see that we don’t make up the numbers.

Leafreport – Noa Gans: Please tell us about the products and the highlights of each product.

PhenoPen – Eric: Well at the moment we have two products. One is the starter kit of the Phenopen, which includes the Phenopen itself and the battery in the cartridge inside with our extract. And the second product is a pack of four cartridges that to go with it to for replacement.

Leafreport – Noa Gans: So what are your recommendation for the beginner user? Someone who has heard about CBD and is wondering where to start?

PhenoPen – Eric: Well this is a very important question. I would recommend for people who start to use CBD to check the CBD that they’re taking is full spectrum CBD because it is really needed for the CBD to get absorbed in the bloodstream. Second thing for people who don’t have really asthma, or a lung cancer and they can, the best way to consume CBD is through smoking or vaping. If you cannot, you do it through the digestive system. But if you can, it will absorb better in your body through vaping.

Leafreport – Noa Gans: Great tips. So what sets you apart from other companies and brand and what makes you unique?

PhenoPen – Eric: Well, what makes us unique is that we have a device that we developed strictly for the medical market. We have no buttons. We need people with a motoric problem still can change the cartridge very easily. You don’t have to press anything; you don’t have to weight anything, and it doesn’t break. And the second thing that is very unique is the high concentrate of 60% CBD of 100% cannabis in full spectrum. This is the Phenopen.

Leafreport – Noa Gans: Sounds good. Eric, thank you very much for your time.

PhenoPen – Eric: Thank you very much, Noa. Bye bye.

Medical Team
Medical Team
Leafreport's Clinician Team
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