MedRX CBD Interview at the Miami USA CBD Expo

Leafreport’s Courtney Quinn talks with Christian M from MedRX CBD at the Miami USA CBD Expo,about the company products, their manufacturing process,quality assurance and industry insights.
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Leafreport – Courtney Quinn: Hi my name is Courtney Quinn, I’m here at Leafreport at the USA CBD Expo. And I’m here with Christian from Men are at CBD. So, Christian, can you tell us a little bit about your company and its history?

MedRX CBD – Christian M: Sure. I’m the founder, I created this company because I was in a motorcycle accident. A near-death experience, and the doctors, they fill you up with prescription medications. Found relief within CBD and I thought this would change a lot of people’s lives. And that’s what we’re doing now.

Leafreport – Courtney Quinn: Wow, that’s amazing. Can you tell me a little bit about your manufacturing process? Where is your hemp grown?

MedRX CBD – Christian M: Oregon of course. It’s very highly regulated to make sure the best of the best is within our products.

Leafreport – Courtney Quinn: Very nice. Are they organic and are you certified organic?

MedRX CBD– Christian M: We’re organic. Not certified yet, but we will be.

Leafreport – Courtney Quinn: Great. Do you just utilize the state requirement [inaudible 00:00:59]?

MedRX CBD – Christian M: Absolutely. 100%. Happily.

Leafreport – Courtney Quinn: Great. How do you harvest?

MedRX CBD – Christian M: How do we harvest? That’s for my COO to answer. I can’t really give you 100% on the entire process. I’m really overlooking everything to make sure all the lab reports come out as clean as possible.

Leafreport – Courtney Quinn: Great. Great. Do you harvest the entire plant?

MedRX CBD – Christian M: Absolutely. Full section through and through.

Leafreport – Courtney Quinn: Awesome. How do you extract the CBD?

MedRX CBD – Christian M: It’s a CO2 extraction method.

Leafreport – Courtney Quinn: Great. How do you ensure product’s quality, purity, and cleanliness? What quality controls do you have in place?

MedRX CBD – Christian M: Well, everything is tested twice. We test it through our manufacturing facility. And we also have Pro[inaudible 00:01:49] laboratory that is an accredited third party testing lab.

Leafreport – Courtney Quinn: Oh, very cool. And, are you FDA certified?

MedRX CBD – Christian M: Not yet. But we will be in the near future. So we’re very excited about that because it’s happening.

Leafreport – Courtney Quinn: Very exciting. Do you follow GMP?

MedRX CBD – Christian M: Yes we do.

Leafreport – Courtney Quinn: Great. What is your transparency policy? Do you third party test?

MedRX CBD – Christian M: Yes. As I said before, it’s all third party lab testing. We make sure, that if we have a batch that doesn’t come out to quality and standards that we feel that should be, we’ll throw it back out, or we’ll throw it away and we’ll fix up a whole new thing. We have a motto, it’s made by us, used by us, and sold by us. And at the end of the day, it’s about consumer and ourselves because we’re the ones using it as well.

Leafreport – Courtney Quinn: Great motto. Can you tell us about the range of products and the highlights of each product family?

MedRX CBD – Christian M: So, we really hyper focus on three main products. The oils, the [inaudible 00:02:51], and we have the three [inaudible 00:02:51] right now 750 milligrams, 500 milligram, and 100 milligram. We have a skin hydration cream which is absolutely phenomenal, especially if sunburn, anything else. And we have a CBD roll-on grease. We also have these beautiful gel capsules, I mean I take two of them just at night just to go to sleep and wake up feeling like a champion.

Leafreport – Courtney Quinn: Sounds like you have some great products.

MedRX CBD – Christian M: Yeah.

Leafreport – Courtney Quinn: What’s your best-selling product and why do you think it’s such a good product?

MedRX CBD – Christian M: 750 milligrams through and through. Honestly a lot of people out there, they don’t realize what they’re really getting into when they are taking CBD products. Most companies out there nowadays, they’ll state something on the bottle. Realistically it’s not the amount of milligrams at all, that is inside the bottle.

MedRX CBD – Christian M: So what we really try to do is exceed the amount of milligrams that we have in each bottle, have at least a few ounces

Leafreport – Courtney Quinn: Very nice. What sets you apart from other companies and brands, and what makes you unique?

MedRX CBD – Christian M: I mean, it’s made by us, sold by us, and used by us. Do you need anything else?

Leafreport – Courtney Quinn: Great. Thank you very much Christian.

MedRX CBD – Christian M: Thank you.

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