Jason Monti (USA CBD Expo founder) Interview at the Miami USA CBD Expo

Leafreport’s Noa Gans talks with Jason Monti from USA CBD Expo at the Miami USA CBD Expo, about the company products, their manufacturing process, quality assurance and industry insights.
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Leafreport – Noa Gans: Hi, I’m Noa from Leafreport. I’m here at the USA CBD Expo in Miami. Here with me is Jason, the show founder. Hi Jason.

USA CBD Expo – Jason Monti: Hello, how are you?

Leafreport – Noa Gans: I’m great, thanks for asking. How are you?

USA CBD Expo – Jason Monti: I’m great. I’m great, we’re just coming off a great weekend, we’re just wrapping up our first inaugural event here in Miami, South Beach. USA CBD Expo.

Leafreport – Noa Gans: That was indeed a successful event. Did you expect such a huge attendance?

USA CBD Expo – Jason Monti: We was very nervous on our first show, what the attendance would look like, so we’re presently pleased with the amount of people that showed up for this event. It’s a really good turn out for a show in Miami, especially a first show in Miami, so yes, we’re very pleased.

Leafreport – Noa Gans: And why did you choose to host a show in Miami?

USA CBD Expo – Jason Monti: Couple reasons. We do some events internationally, we do South America, Latin America, Europe and I’ve actually lived in South Florida for 15 years, I’m back in New York now though. So Miami’s just always been very near and dear to us. It’s such a great city. Florida itself is a breeding ground right now for a lot of CBD companies, so it made sense for us to choose a location where we thought that we’d have a good time, because Miami’s always a good time.

Leafreport – Noa Gans: Yeah.

USA CBD Expo – Jason Monti: And an area where we thought that our exhibitors would want to come, and just a really fun city and that’s Miami.

Leafreport – Noa Gans: Indeed. So, what are your plans for the future?

USA CBD Expo – Jason Monti: So our plans are to host more of these events in the United States. We’re looking at some locations in Las Vegas, Oklahoma City, Connecticut, Texas, Denver. So we’re looking into a couple of other locations. We’d like to do four shows a year, that’s our goal for right now. We’re in the planning stages of our next show, which will be February in Vegas.

Leafreport – Noa Gans: Cool. So, how do you see the future of the CBD industry?

USA CBD Expo – Jason Monti: So I think sky’s the limit for this industry. I think it’s very positive, the news right now, the feedback. I think the class of people that use the product, the sophistication, the amount of uses for CBD and hemp based products. I think it’s very exciting to be involved in this industry, and I really do think that sky’s the limit when it comes to CBD and hemp based products.

Leafreport – Noa Gans: Do you use CBD yourself? And if you are using, which product do you use?

USA CBD Expo – Jason Monti: So yes, I do use CBD. I actually use two different types of CBD. I use a vapable, I was a smoker for many years. I started vaping many years ago, so it was an easy switch to vape CBD products. Helps with some sleeping, and some anxiety and stuff like that. And I also use a topical. Actually one of our exhibitors here, one of our vendors here, Hempagenix, great product, and has really helped my lower back pain. So I’m really excited about it.

Leafreport – Noa Gans: Thank you so much for your time Jason.

USA CBD Expo – Jason Monti: Thank you so much, you guys are great. Appreciate it.

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