Erth Hemp Interview at the Miami USA CBD Expo

Leafreport’s Noa Gans talks with Danny Methew from at the Miami USA CBD Expo, about the company products, their manufacturing process, quality assurance and industry insights.
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Leafreport – Noa Gans: Hi everybody. I’m Noa from Leafreport here at the USA CBD Expo in Miami and I’m here with Danny, Earth Hemp founder. Hi Danny, how are you? – Danny Methew: Fantastic. This show is a quite impressive.

Leafreport – Noa Gans: Great. Okay, so please tell us about the company and its history. – Danny Methew: Ah, so Earth Hemp has been in business for two years, officially launched a year and a half. We are based out of Irvine, California. Yeah, there’s the…

Leafreport – Noa Gans: Okay. So can you tell us about your manufacturing process? – Danny Methew: Yeah, so we have… when we started the company, we had a part, the reason we started this company is we had the sourcing down. So that was the big thing, was finding quality product that we can get and guarantee that our stuff is the best you can get as well. So when we started, we had partnerships with a farm in the Netherlands. We had partnerships with the isolate manufacturers in Colorado and as of today we are about to pull our own crop in California. So we have indoor, outdoor grow outside of California. As of Thursday, two days ago we just had our extraction machine delivered so we will be doing extraction all on our own in house so it’ll be a full seed to sale manufacturer.

Leafreport – Noa Gans: How do you ensure product quality, purity and cleanliness? – Danny Methew: That’s easy. Making sure that the raw product you’re getting has all the results, all the lab tests, all the microbiological testing on it. And then since day one we’ve had QR codes on our packaging. We felt like that is the standard of the industry, being at this show we see a lot of, not a lot, but there are products that are misbranded out there and it seems to be price forward products where consumers are, oh I spent $20 on this, it says 1500 milligrams and you look at it, it’s not. So all our products have third party lab results on them and takes you directly to the lab, not to our website and you can actually find all of our products on there too. So that’s how we guarantee and try to be completely transparent with the users and make sure that we’re offering a product that can help people. And you know what you’re getting.

Leafreport – Noa Gans: Okay. So tell us about the range of products and the highlight of each product family. – Danny Methew: Okay, so we have a, I would consider a full range of products. We have soft gels, we have our tinctures, we have basically two types of tinctures. We have the full spectrum. So we are a true full spectrum company, which means our products actually do contain trace amounts of THC in them and a bunch of other cannabinoids. We also, for people that are maybe afraid of drug tests or in a professional position, we have THC free teachers as well. So come in a 500, 1,000 and 3,000. We have a really cool technology called nano emulsified or water-soluble product. We’ve had that since day one. That was kind of our product we wanted to launch with. Basically what it does is it… an oil based product has to be broken down by your stomach and your liver. This is pretty much enters your bloodstream immediately, so it’s very fast acting.

On the other side of the spectrum, we have our vape product. We have five vape flavors available in three different strengths. And then we have a full line of topicals. We have massage oil, a face serum that is incredible, that’s like our, we all use it every morning, even the guys. We have a pain stick, so our pain stick is pretty cool too. So normally you’ll see a lot of salves and balms. Ours is in a stick form so you don’t have to touch it. So a lot of these salves and balms have eucalyptus or peppermint and if you touch your eye with them or whatever they might burn. So ours is just a stick. You apply directly on, it’s really cool. And then we also a foot cream. The foot cream has a peppermint, eucalyptus, tea tree oil and 50% shea butter.

And then we have, our body butter is amazing. It’s a pure lavender scent and that also has mango butter and shea butter in it. So that’s kind of our, our full range of products.

Leafreport – Noa Gans: Great. Do you want to show us some of your products? – Danny Methew: Yeah, let’s see what we have here. So surprisingly when we launched this, they were, this is our massage oil, by the way. When we launched this, my guys were like, really? We’re doing a massage oil? I’m like, watch. It is our number one selling skew. So we, we manufacture our own formula. A lot of people, there’s a lot of private labeling here, so we hold our own proprietary formulations on this. It’s really good. It’s amazing. It’s unscented too, so no one’s going to get offended by it. This is our face serum right here. So it has hyaluronic acid in it, which is adds moisture and plumpness to the skin.

Coconut which is a collagen enhancer. Vitamin C is for complexion and it has a Rose hip oil too as well. A it comes in a airless beauty pump. So you press down a few times on that and the serum comes out. I mentioned our tinctures earlier. This is our THC free tincture that’s available in 500, 1,000 and 3,000 and then we have our full spectrum tincture as well, which is available in passion, fruit, banana and natural. I just wanna show you guys one more thing here. On this particular one, we have our QR code right there on the bottle, so someone can scan it, pull up the results immediately in the store. All of our other products that are in boxes, you’ll find a QR code either stuck on the inside of the box or on the bottle itself.

Leafreport – Noa Gans: Great. What are your recommendation for the beginner years, someone who heard about CBD and don’t know where to start. – Danny Methew: So number one is lab results are everything. Scan it, know how much you’re getting. And honestly if the price seems too good to be true, like oh my God, I got this for 10 bucks and it’s got this much in it, it’s probably not going to be that. Okay? There, as far as dosages go, there’s, there really is no rule of thumb, because it’s based on metabolism, weight, size, height, all that kind of stuff. But we kind of go with the 25 milligram is the area to go. A lot of people think that if you use more CBD that it’s going to just work 10 times better, but there is a part of your body where it, you’ll feel it and it’s going to plateau. So you find that it might actually be less than 25 so you find that point, test, learn, understand your body, how you feel. But our recommended dose is 25 milligrams.

Leafreport – Noa Gans: Okay. What sets you apart from the other companies and brands and what makes you unique? – Danny Methew: Easy. So we are a direct source manufacturers, so that means we get our raw extract and we handle all of our manufacturing in house. It keeps our costs down, it allows us to transfer that cost to the end consumer. Secondary is proprietary formulations. So these are our formulas, our recipes, unlike anybody else’s. Third party lab tested, which we went over a bunch today. And the last one is competitive pricing. Since we do it ourselves, we’re able to extend those prices that we actually just did a price drop the other day, because our raw material costs went down, because we, one of the biggest issues that I noticed in this industry is the barrier of entry with cost. You know, we all want to get help, but to what cost, right? So as these prices come down, we try to offer a product that’s priced properly and that people can afford and actually get the help that they expect or want without breaking their bank.

Leafreport – Noa Gans: Okay. Thank you very much, Danny. – Danny Methew: Awesome, thank you guys.

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