CBDfx Interview at the Miami USA CBD Expo

Leafreport’s Courtney Quinn talks with Jeff Brunell from CBDfx.com at the Miami USA CBD Expo,about the company products, their manufacturing process,quality assurance and industry insights.
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Leafreport – Courtney Quinn: Hi, my name is Courtney Quinn here with Leaf Report at the USA CBD expo in Miami. I have Jeff here from CBD FX. Good. How are you?

CBDfx – Jeff Brunell: Good, thanks.

Leafreport – Courtney Quinn: So tell us a little bit about the company and its history.

CBDfx – Jeff Brunell: Sure. So CBD FX, we’ve been around for 2014. We’re one of the leading industry companies. We’re one of the first, we’re third largest privately held company and eighth largest market share. So we’re really one of the biggest and trusted brands out in the industry.

Leafreport – Courtney Quinn: Wow.

CBDfx – Jeff Brunell: Yeah.

Leafreport – Courtney Quinn: Very nice.

CBDfx – Jeff Brunell: Thank you.

Leafreport – Courtney Quinn: Tell us about the range of products you have and the highlights of each product family.

CBDfx – Jeff Brunell: Yeah, so we actually have a very wide range, as you can see behind here. We have everything from high end beauty product line, all the way down to our topicals, face masks, which are available in Urban Outfitters. Very low price point. Also, we have ingestibles or edibles, we have hemp gummies, lotions, balms.

CBDfx – Jeff Brunell: So really, our product selection is over a hundred skews, so very deep. When you look at the other range of products or competitors, were definitely a dynamic and we know how to produce the best quality products, but at the right price as well.

Leafreport – Courtney Quinn: Yeah. Wow. Sounds like you have some great products.

CBDfx – Jeff Brunell: Yeah, thank you.

Leafreport – Courtney Quinn: What’s your best selling product and why do you think it’s such a good product?

CBDfx – Jeff Brunell: You know, I would say our hemp gummies. So these are our mixed berry. These are 300 milligram gummies. These are delicious, but also I think it’s great because for the novice user, they’re really not aware of what is CBD. There’s a lot of unknowns and I think when you have an ingestible or a gummy, it’s a familiar product and I think that people… It’s not scary, if that makes sense.

CBDfx – Jeff Brunell: Right? So it’s familiar and it’s probably our number one seller.

Leafreport – Courtney Quinn: Very nice. What are your recommendations for the beginner user? Someone who has heard about CBD and is wondering where to start, is worried about legality, is efficacy, or safety issues?

CBDfx – Jeff Brunell: Yeah. I always jokingly say my mom’s a retired physician and so I always talk to people like I talk to my mom, right? And so she’s very knowledgeable. But I think the CBD space in general is really an unknown, right? So we want to keep it simple. And more importantly is we want high transparency. So we have a lab reports on every one of our products. So on the back of each of the bottles or packaging you can scan that and that shows our lab reports. So I think transparency is a huge… It makes people feel trust, right?

CBDfx – Jeff Brunell: And I think the more that we can build that trust is great. So I would say to the beginning or novice user is start with the entry level products, and also more importantly is work with a brand that you trust and you know that you’re going to get an actual valued product.

Leafreport – Courtney Quinn: Yes. Trust is everything.

CBDfx – Jeff Brunell: Yes.

Leafreport – Courtney Quinn: What makes your product unique and different from other companies and brands?

CBDfx – Jeff Brunell: Great question. I think there’s so many, right? The fact is we have a really diverse product range, but we take very meticulous and thoughtful approach to product development. We’re not one of those companies who is extremely rapid at speed to market or launching a product. And so we want to get it right the first time. So more importantly is I think, like I said before, we’ve been here since 2014, right? We’re large market share, and companies know us, and consumers know us as well. So there’s a lot of other fantastic brands out there. But I think that for us, we really pride ourselves on ensuring we give the right product to the right customer. And so I think that overall we continue to strive to educate ourselves, but also educate the public as well.

Leafreport – Courtney Quinn: And that’s great. It’s great talking with you today Jeff.

CBDfx – Jeff Brunell: Thank you so much.

Leafreport – Courtney Quinn: Thanks for sharing with us.

CBDfx – Jeff Brunell: Great, thanks.

Leafreport – Courtney Quinn: Do you want to answer some of these too?

CBDfx – Jeff Brunell: Let’s see.

Leafreport – Courtney Quinn: You can pick and choose some, or…

CBDfx – Jeff Brunell: Yeah, yeah, yeah. I’ll do… I’ll do, do you use CBD yourself? Yes.

Leafreport – Courtney Quinn: Okay, cool. So Jeff, do you use CBD yourself? And if so, which products?

CBDfx – Jeff Brunell: I do. Yeah. So I’m a big fan of melatonin gummy. So as you know, sleep, especially when you’re on the go or traveling or busy lifestyle, it’s important to get the rest you need. And I think as a consumer, as a person, I want to get the best sleep I can. So I love our melatonin gummies because it’s infused with natural botanicals. But in more importantly is it’s a soft calming effect, and you get the rest you need.

Leafreport – Courtney Quinn: Sleep is very important.

CBDfx – Jeff Brunell: Yes.

Leafreport – Courtney Quinn: Thanks for sharing your input.

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