Bluum Lab Interview at the Miami USA CBD Expo

Leafreport’s Courtney Quinn talks with Sam from Bluum Lab at the Miami USA CBD Expo, about the company products, their manufacturing process, quality assurance and industry insights.
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Leafreport – Courtney Quinn: Hi, my name is Courtney Quinn. I’m here with the Leaf Report at the USA CBD Expo in Miami. I have Sam here from Bluum Lab. So Sam, tell us about Bluum Lab and its history.

Bluum Lab – Sam: Bluum Lab has been around for around two years. We’re a CBD manufacturing company based out of Hallandale Beach, Florida. Quality control and customer support is our backbone and what makes our company the best company out there.

Leafreport – Courtney Quinn: Very nice. Can you tell me a little bit about your manufacturing process? What farming methods do you use? Where is your hemp grown?

Bluum Lab – Sam: Yeah, so we source our hemp from two farms that we have very good relationships with in Oregon and Colorado. We manufacturer all the rest of our products end to end. The only thing we bring in is our raw material, our isolate powder. We do CO2 extraction in our warehouse in Hallandale Beach, again, locally, and as far as our hemp and our distillate, we bring that in as well. We manufacture all the rest of the products in the warehouse again.

Leafreport – Courtney Quinn: Great. How do you ensure the product’s quality, purity and cleanliness? What quality controls do you have in place?

Bluum Lab – Sam: So again, we have a warehouse manager, we have an HR department in house. Everything’s taken care of. I go into the warehouse, check it out. Every now and then we have the three partners go in and out, making sure that everything’s ready. And again, the warehouse manager really takes care of all that. She’s one of the best in the business.

Leafreport – Courtney Quinn: Very nice. What is your transparency policy? Do you third party test your products?

Bluum Lab – Sam: As far as third party lab tests, all of our UPC codes, all of our QR codes link to them. They’re readily available at every trade show we do. We bring a folder full of them. They’re readily accessible if you ask us for them as well through email, through the customer support department.

Leafreport – Courtney Quinn: Great. Tell us about the range of products and the highlights of each product family.

Bluum Lab – Sam: So I like to break down our products into smokables and health and wellness. As far as the smokable products, we have a one piece disposable vape that’s super popular. It’s an entry level product into the CBD market. We have a stronger one now coming to market. First one’s about 100 milligrams, second one’s 200 milligrams. We just released a couple of different items as well. We have our own battery now, so that was very important for us as a next stepping stone as a company. And then for health and wellness, we have a couple of different items. We have this organic CBD hard candy. It’s vegan, non-GMO, delicious, low dosages as well, and then we also do our sublingual tincture line, which I believe is very important. And we just released our bath bombs as well.

Leafreport – Courtney Quinn: Very nice. Nice wide variety there. What’s your best selling product and why do you think it’s such a good product?

Bluum Lab – Sam: As far as our bestselling products go, again, it’s the one piece disposable vape. It’s just something that’s a little bit different. Our design on it’s a little bit different and people really tend to like it. Pretty affordable. And then again, the organic hard candy is delicious, so people really like it and this just moves like crazy.

Leafreport – Courtney Quinn: Very nice. What would you say sets you apart from other companies and what makes your company unique?

Bluum Lab – Sam: Again, as far as companies go, our customer support, the guys we have working with us, we’re like family, but we’re growing and growing and everyone we bring in goes through a vetting process where we kind of induct them in as a family member, and as far as accounts go, as far as people that we work with and we choose to sell our product to, because it’s not really them coming to us and saying, “Hey, we want your product.” And then we just say, “Okay, yeah, take it.” It’s more of, we choose who and where we put our products because we believe the places that we go are places that can help people and that can really educate people about our product.

Leafreport – Courtney Quinn: That’s great. Well, it was very nice meeting you, Sam, and thank you for sharing with us today.

Bluum Lab – Sam: Thank you so much. Appreciate you.

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