Sarah Ratliff

Sarah Ratliff

CBD Journalist


  • Name: Sarah Ratliff
  • Author with Leafreport since: Jul 2019

Education And Work Information

  • School(s) Attended: The New School for Social Research (journalism)
  • Job Title: Freelance writer and CEO, Coquí Prose
  • Company / Organization: Sarah Ratliff and Coquí Prose
  • Former Jobs: Associate Producer, WCBS Radio and Health Outcomes department, Amgen
  • Published on: Big Buds, Civilized, Merry Jane, High Times, Cannabis Tech, CBD Snapshot (along with Mother Earth News, Blavity, The Fix,, Truth-Out, Grateful, Lupus Chick and Guerrilla Feminism).


  • Area of Expertise: Cannabis, terpenes, tech side of cannabis, reported pieces, health pieces, geopolitics, policy
  • Using CBD since: 2015
  • Favourite CBD product: Dabbing wax, vaping flower, CBD oil, CBD creams


Sarah Ratliff is a corporate America escapee, turned eco-organic farmer, writer, entrepreneur and published book author. Sarah has bylines with Merry Jane, Big Buds, Cannabis Tech, Civilized, CBD Snapshot and High Times. Along with writing about CBD and cannabis, Sarah writes about gender & race advocacy, health, addiction & mental health, geopolitics and the environment. Sarah and her husband live on an eco-organic farm on the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico.

Recent Activity

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