Dr Shane McKeown

Dr Shane McKeown

Acute Internal Medicine (AIM)


  • Name: Dr Shane McKeown
  • Author with Leafreport since: Nov 2020

Education And Work Information:

  • School(s) Attended: MbChB – Cardiff University Medical School, UK


  • Area of Expertise: CBD, Rehabilitation medicine
  • Using CBD since: 2017
  • Favourite CBD product: Tinctures

About the author:

Dr Shane McKeown is a UK clinician with experience in both Medicine and Surgery. With a strong background in education, he currently teaches all grades of doctor and sits as examiner for foreign medical staff looking to work in the United Kingdom.

Working within rehabilitation and therapy, he utilizes complementary teatments like CBD to provide holistic care where it is most effective. His expertise with CBD continues to be called upon by numerous brands to optimise their product offerings.

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