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It's cheap. That's the only good thing I can say, but I guess, you get what you pay for. Have spent several $1000 here on flower over the last 2 years but the quality of the product & service has drastically dropped in the last 6 months. Bought great quality bulk stuff here in the past, but most of the "supposed" premium stuff I get from them now is low grade. Everything is dried out, impotent, tastes more like mold than skunk, and doesn't come close to the descriptions or photos in the reviews. I've often wondered if some low grade strain was substituted for what I bought. They mislead by selling from a location in CO, and then ship from OR with worthless tracking that never updates. In winter it means huge delays if you're in the Midwest or East, that result in severely damaged product that's been sitting in a frozen truck or warehouse somewhere for a week or two. It's not priority shipping as they claim. When I order from other suppliers on the East coast, it always here in 2-3 days. These fools don't have the basic understanding that freezing CBD & THC severely affects the potency, and worse don't give a damn when called out on it. I've been unable to leave a review on their site for 2 years. Think all those found there are bogus, & written by employees. I'm done being taken by these jackasses.
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